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Teen pregnancy statistics


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Teen pregnancy statistics

  1. 1. MY CHINESE BIRTHCALENDAR Teen Pregnancy Statistics
  2. 2. Teen Pregnancy Statistics in the United States Teen pregnancy is one of the major social issues today. In fact, the United States has more teen pregnancies than any other developed nation in the world. Studies have shown that over 30 percent of women will have a child before the age of 20. Over 800,000 girls teenage girls become pregnant each year. 80 percent of the girls who became pregnant as teens did not intentionally do it.
  3. 3.  Seventy-nine percent of girls who get pregnant as teens do not marry the father of their child. During the 1990s, teen pregnancy rose sharply. However, in recent years it has declined. Becoming pregnant as a teen has many financial and emotional consequences so there has been increased awareness made about this issue.
  4. 4. What Can Be Done to Lower the Teen Pregnancy Statistics? Teen Pregnancy Statistics is such a grave issue that has no easy solution. Sex education has caused teen pregnancy to decline slightly, but it still remains controversial. Many people believe that teenagers should be taught to remain abstinent until they are married. Abstinence is indeed the best solution, but it something that many teens do not want to follow. Others believe that educating teens about the various birth control methods will prevent teen pregnancy. Many birth control methods are 98-99 percent effective, but the use of contraceptives still remains controversial. Some people believe that teaching teenagers about contraceptive will lead to promiscuity. Others believe that if teens are not taught about contraception, they will end up putting themselves in a position to get pregnant.
  5. 5.  The media has also become more sexualized. Movies, music, magazines and television shows are flooded with suggestive content. Studies have shown that teens who watch highly-sexualized television shows are more likely to have sex. Additionally, these teenagers are more likely to get pregnant because the media rarely talks about responsible sexual behavior.
  6. 6.  It is possible to shield teens from some sexual images, but it not possible to shield them from all provocative images. Additionally, parents and educators are encouraged to educate teenagers about what they see on television, movies and what they read in magazines. Teen Pregnancy Statistics can be alarming, but there are things that people can do to prevent people from becoming pregnant as teens. Educating children about abstinence and contraception if they choose to engage in sex is the best way to lower teen pregnancy statistics.
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