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Mediese tourism


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Mediese Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. offers Medical Tourism in India for best treatment for various illness and medical complications like Organ Transplant, IVF and Dental Tourism . Mediese gives medical tourism india and it is an ISO certified medical service provider in India and abroad.

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Mediese tourism

  1. 1. MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTD your choice for healthy futureWebsite-
  2. 2. COMPANY’S PROFILE  Mediese tourism Pvt Ltd is a ISO certified medical service provider in India and abroad.  we provide customized health services to our client starting from consultation to full medical treatment  In addition to our one stop service offering we provide world class care to our clients in coordination with support services of accommodation and transportation
  3. 3. WHAT IS MEDICAL TOURISM?Medical tourism can be broadly defined asprovision of ‘cost effective’ private medicalcare in collaboration with the tourismindustry for patients needing surgical andother forms of specialized treatments MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTD Website-
  4. 4. THE CONCEPTCost of medical treatment equalsA tour to surrounding tourist destination + medical treatment + savings MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTD Website-
  5. 5. COST EFFECTIVE“FIRST WORLD TREATMENT’ AT THIRD WORLDPRICE”. Treatment cost in developing countries is only one fifth and sometimes even a tenth of the cost in the west/ other countries. MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTD Website-
  7. 7. WHY DO THEY COME HERE?DOMESTIC MEDICAL TOURIST Security reasons Qualified doctors Cost factorsINTERNATIONAL MEDICAL TOURIST:- THE US- High cost, Insufficient insurance cover- cosmetic surgeries are not covered at all. THE UK- Long waiting time  GULF COUNTRIES- Lack of advanced treatment facilities.
  8. 8. Services we offer MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTD Website-
  9. 9. Services we offerHEART: Coronary angioplasty, Coronary artery byepass graft, Heart valve repair/replacement, correctionof congenial abnormalitiesEYE: Cataract and refractive and vitreo- retinalsurgeries, diabetic retinopathy, corrective surgery forglaucoma.SKIN: Treatment of vitiligo, botulium toxic treatmentfor facial wrinkles.
  10. 10. Services we offerEAR, NOSE and THROAT: Restoration of Hearing, NoseReshaping, Sinus Surgery, Snoring and Obstructive SleepApnea, Laryngeal Cancer.TEETH: Ceramic Crowns and Bridges, Teeth Whitening,Implantation and Root Canal TherapyJOINTS: Joint Replacement Surgery, Hip JointResurfacing, Artroscopic Surgery.INFERTILITY: Assisted reproduction.
  11. 11. Services we offerTRANSPLANTAION: Kidney, liver, bone marrow,peripheral stem cell.COSMETIC SURGERIES: Face lift, BreastAugmentation/ Reduction, Waist Reduction,LiposuctionTRADITIONAL THERAPIES AND TRAETMENT:Ayurveda, Yoga, natural therapy
  12. 12. WHY IS INDIA IS A PREFERRED DESTINATIONCost AdvantageInternationally recognized Healthcareprofessionals.Holistic Medicinal Services.Exotic Tourist Destination.
  13. 13. MEDICAL TREATMENT COORDINATIONCarefully select accredited hospitalsCarefully select highly qualified andexperience physicians and surgeonsCoordinate with hospitalsArrange for medical consultationAccompany to all surgeryappointments
  14. 14. TRAVEL AND STAY COORDINATIONProcure the best cost estimateFacilitate visa processBook flightArrange for accommodationMake all necessary booking
  15. 15. India is one of the most visitedTOURISM IN INDIA countries of the world and on top of all travelers wish list. Its vastness and diversity with the right blend of traditional and modern influences makes it an intriguing destination for tourists from every corner. At one side India boasts of the mighty Himalayas while on other side it humbles itself with the touch of the ever changing ocean in the south. From Deserts to Oceans, Rainforests to mountains - India is a land of extremely diverse experiences which just cant be missed.
  16. 16. Whenever people in the world thinkabout tourism or vacation, then Indiastands to be the number one position. Itis because; tourists find prosperousculture, rich cultural heritage, rich flora &fauna and more over generous peopleduring traveling in this country. India isthe seventh largest country in the worldby area and with over a billion people it issecond only after China in population. Ifyou are planning for holiday or tourism inIndia then you are have just taken a rightstep. The country offers you a lot ofattractions and interesting places oftourist interest. Being a major touristdestination, the country also offers MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTDexcellent tourist facilities in forms of Website-http://www.mediese.covarious hotels, resorts and guest houses.
  17. 17. WHY MEDIESEstop of the line treatment for patientsState of the art hospitals (JSI/ ISOaccredited)World class, accredited medicalexpertiseReasonable cost
  18. 18. OUR NETWORK We are well connected in India and Abroad
  19. 19. Mediese Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd let us be your guide…….. Website-