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Func dyn title_set.c


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Func dyn title_set.c

  1. 1. func_dyn_title_set.c#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h>#include "constant_definition.h"#include "case_constant_definition.h"#include "case_constant_sql_stmt_def.h"#include "constant_oracle_versions.h"extern vaciar_cadena();char *func_dyn_title_set (int version, int sentencia ) { static char dyn_title[MAX_VAR_SIZE]; vaciar_cadena (dyn_title,MAX_VAR_SIZE); switch ( sentencia ) { case CASE_ORACLE_VERSION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Oracle Version 0"); break; case CASE_ACTIVE_PARAMETERS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Active Parameters 0"); break; case CASE_USERS_CONNECTED: strcpy (dyn_title,"User conected0"); break; case CASE_WAIT_STATISTICS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Wait Statistics0"); break; case CASE_DATAFILE_I_0: strcpy (dyn_title,"Datafile I-O 0"); break; case CASE_DATAFILE_BLOCKS_R_W: strcpy (dyn_title,"Datafile Blocks R+W 0"); break; case CASE_WAIT_EVENTS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Wait Events 0"); break; case CASE_INSTANCE_STATUS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Instance status 0"); break; case CASE_TEMPORAL_SPACE_BY_USER: strcpy (dyn_title,"Temporal Space by user 0"); break; case CASE_TOT_FREELIST_WAIT_PERCENT: strcpy (dyn_title,"Total Freelist Wait Percentage 0"); break; case CASE_LAST_CHECKPOINT_TIME: strcpy (dyn_title,"Last Checkpoint Time 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_TABLESPACES: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Tablespaces 0"); break; case CASE_ACTIVE_TRANSACTIONS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Active Transactions 0"); break; case CASE_LATCH_DETAILS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Latch Details 0"); break; case CASE_RESOURCE_LIMITS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Resource Limits 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_DATAFILES: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Datafiles 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_DATAFILES_NEW_9I: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Datafiles New 9i 0"); Página 1
  2. 2. func_dyn_title_set.c break; case CASE_LIST_TABLESPACES_NEW_9I: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Tablespaces New 9i0"); break; case CASE_ACTIVE_SESSIONS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Active Sessions 0"); break; case CASE_SESSIONS_WAITS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Session Waits 0"); break; case CASE_DEFAULT_STORAGE_SETS_TABLESPACE: strcpy (dyn_title,"Default Storage Settings - ByTablespace 0"); break; case CASE_ALL_TABLES_STORAGE_SETTINGS: strcpy (dyn_title,"All tables Storage (Except SYS andSYSTEM) 0"); break; case CASE_ALL_NON_SYS_TABLES_SETTINGS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Non-Sys Tables 0"); break; case CASE_ALL_NON_SYS_INDEXES_SETTINGS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Non-Sys Indexes 0"); break; case CASE_USER_DEFINED: strcpy (dyn_title,"User Defined 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_DATAFILE_REDO_CONTROL_FILES: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Datafiles, Online Redo Logs,Control Files 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_DATAFILES_USED_BLOCKS: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Datafiles and their Used Blocks0"); break; case CASE_LIST_SORT_BY_USER: strcpy (dyn_title,"List sorts by user 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_LOCK_STATUS: strcpy (dyn_title,"List lock status 0"); break; case CASE_LIST_USER_BY_CPU_USAGE: strcpy (dyn_title,"List Users by CPU Usage 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_STATEMENT_BY_THIS_USER: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sql statement by this user 0"); break; case CASE_REDO_LOGS_STATUS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Redo Logs - Status 0"); break; case CASE_ARCHIVED_LOGS_HISTORY: switch (version) { case VERSION_ORACLE_816: case VERSION_ORACLE_817: case VERSION_ORACLE_920: strcpy (dyn_title,"Archived Logs History - by first TimeStamp 0"); break; case VERSION_ORACLE_734: strcpy (dyn_title,"Archived Logs History - by first TimeStamp 0"); break; } break; case CASE_REDO_LOG_RECOVERY_REPORT: strcpy (dyn_title,"Redo Log Recovery Report - CURRENTOnline Redo log info 0"); Página 2
  3. 3. func_dyn_title_set.c break; case CASE_ARCHIVE_LOG_HISTROY: strcpy (dyn_title,"Archive Log History 0"); break; case CASE_SESSION_LATCH_WAITS_SQL: strcpy (dyn_title,"Session Latch Waits - SQL 0"); break; case CASE_SESSION_PROGRAM_RUNNING_SQL: strcpy (dyn_title,"Session and Program Running - SQL0"); break; case CASE_PRIVILEGES_BY_USER: strcpy (dyn_title,"Privileges by User 0"); break; case CASE_DETAILED_LOCKING_CAUSES: strcpy (dyn_title,"Detailed locking causes 0"); break; case CASE_CURRENT_STATISTICS_VALUES: strcpy (dyn_title,"Current Statistics Values 0"); break; case CASE_TABLE_DESCRIPTION_USER_TABLENAME: strcpy (dyn_title,"Table Description del Usuario[<OWNER>] [<TABLENAME>] 0"); break; case CASE_CURRENT_ACTIVITY_REPORT: strcpy (dyn_title,"Current Activity Report 0"); break; case CASE_DICTIONARY_TABLE_COMMENTS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Table Dictionary Comments 0"); break; case CASE_DICTIONARY_TABLE_COLUMNS_DESCRIP: strcpy (dyn_title,"Table Dictionary Columns Description0"); break; case CASE_SGA_STATISTIC_GENERAL: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sga Statistic General 0"); break; case CASE_SGA_STATISTIC_MEMORY_USAGE: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sga Statistic Memory Usage 0"); break; case CASE_SGA_STATISTIC_INFORMATION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sga Statistic Memory Information0"); break; case CASE_ROW_CACHE_INFORMATION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Row Cache Information 0"); break; case CASE_PERFORMANCE_DISK_I_O: strcpy (dyn_title,"Performance Disk I-O 0"); break; case CASE_RECURSIVE_CALLS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Recursive Calls 0"); break; case CASE_SYSTEM_EVENTS: strcpy (dyn_title,"System Events 0"); break;/* -------------------------------------------------------------- */ /*#define CASE_SQL_AREA_ALL_ENTRIES 52 */ case CASE_SQL_AREA_ALL_ENTRIES: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sql Area All Information 0"); break; /*#define CASE_SQL_AREA_CPU_USAGE 53 */ case CASE_SQL_AREA_CPU_USAGE: Página 3
  4. 4. func_dyn_title_set.c strcpy (dyn_title,"Sql Area Cpu Usage 0"); break; /*#define CASE_SQL_AREA_MEMORY_USAGE 54 */ case CASE_SQL_AREA_MEMORY_USAGE: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sql Area Memory Usage 0"); break; /* /*#define CASE_SQL_AREA_BUFFER_GET_SUM 55 */ case CASE_SQL_AREA_BUFFER_GET_SUM: strcpy (dyn_title,"Sql Area Buffer Get Sum 0"); break; /*#define CASE_INIT_PARAMETERS_VALUES_STATUS 56 */ case CASE_INIT_PARAMETERS_VALUES_STATUS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Init Parameters Values - Status 0"); break;/* -------------------------------------------------------------- */ case CASE_TABLESPACE_FRAGMENTATION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Tablespace Defragmentation 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_NLS_PARAMETERS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Show Nls Parameters 0"); break; case CASE_CONTROL_FILES_STATUS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Control File Status 0"); break; case CASE_SORT_SEGMENTS_USERS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Show Sort Segments - Users 0"); break; case CASE_ORACLE_QUOTAS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Quotas by TableSpace - User 0"); break; case CASE_TABLE_GENERAL_DESCRIPTION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Tables General Description 0"); break; case CASE_TABLE_COLUMN_DESCRIPTION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Tables Column Description 0"); break; case CASE_TABLE_CONSTRAINTS: strcpy (dyn_title,"Tables Constraints 0"); break; case CASE_INDEX_GENERAL_DESCRIPTION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Index General Description 0"); break; case CASE_AUDIT_DEFINITION: strcpy (dyn_title,"Audit Definition 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_SEGMENTS_EXTENTS: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Segments - Extents 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_EXTENTS_INSIDE_DATAFILES: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Extents Inside Datafiles 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_USER_LISTS: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Users Lists 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_ROLES_PRIVILEGES: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Roles - Privileges 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_PRIVILEGES_COLUMNS: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Privileges by Columns 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_LOCKS_VIEWS: Página 4
  5. 5. func_dyn_title_set.c strcpy (dyn_title," Show Locks Views (Another Way )0"); break; case CASE_GRAPH_LOCK_WAITS: strcpy (dyn_title," Graph Session Lock Waits 0"); break; case CASE_OBJECT_ACCESS_SESSION: strcpy (dyn_title," Object access by Sid 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_LATCHES: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Latches 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_STATISTICS: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Statistics 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_TRANSACTIONS: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Transaction Status 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_DATAFILES_STATUS: strcpy (dyn_title," Datafile Status 0"); break; case CASE_SHOW_DB_OBJECT_CACHE: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Database Object Cache 0"); break; case CASE_TABLE_ALERT_EXTENT_USED: strcpy (dyn_title," Table Alert Extent Used 0"); break; case CASE_INDEX_ALERT_EXTENT_USED: strcpy (dyn_title," Index Alert Extent Used 0"); break; case CASE_USER_TIME_WORKING: strcpy (dyn_title," User Active Program Working 0"); break; case CASE_IS_USER_WORKING: strcpy (dyn_title," User Time User Working 0"); break; case CASE_VER_SQL_PROGRAM: strcpy (dyn_title," See SQL*Plus/Other Programs 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_SESS_IO: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Session I/O Activity 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_SESSION_EVENT: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Session Event Times 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_SESSION_WAIT: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Session Wait Reasons 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_SESSION_LONG_OPER: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Session Long Opers 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_LOCKED_OBJECTS: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Locked Objects 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_TRANSACTION_DETAIL: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Transactions Details 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_LOCK_MEDIUM_INFO: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Lock Medium Details 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_LOCK_FULL_INFO: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Lock Full Details 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_LOCK_BY_SESSION_ID: strcpy (dyn_title," Show Lock Session by SID 0"); break; case CASE_SQL_WHO_IS_WAITING_FOR: strcpy (dyn_title,"Locking for who is waiting ? 0"); Página 5
  6. 6. func_dyn_title_set.c break; case CASE_SQL_WHICH_SQL_RUNNING: strcpy (dyn_title,"Which Sql is Running 0"); break; case CASE_WHICH_OBJECTS_LOCKED_BY_USER: strcpy (dyn_title,"Which Object Locked By User 0"); break;/* ------------------------------------------------- *//************* Agregado 25-Agosto-2005 ***************/ case CASE_BUFFER_CACHE_DEFINED: strcpy (dyn_title,"Show Buffer Cached Defined 0"); break;/* ------------------------------------------------- */ case CASE_BUFFER_CACHE_TOTAL_SIZE: strcpy (dyn_title,"Show Buffer Total Size 0"); break;/* ------------------------------------------------- */ case CASE_OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ_ESTIMATE: strcpy (dyn_title,"Estimate parameteroptimizer_index_cost_adj 0"); break;/* ------------------------------------------------- */ case CASE_OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING_ESTIMAGE: strcpy (dyn_title,"Estimate parameteroptimizer_index_caching 0"); break;/* ------------------------------------------------- *//* ------------------------------------------------- */ default: strcpy (dyn_title,"Oracle Version 0"); break; } return dyn_title; } Página 6