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Past perfetct


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Past perfetct

  1. 1. Past perfetct
  2. 2.  WHEN THE TORNADO CAME SHELLEY’S DAD HAD TRAVELLED. Which action happened first. The tornado came. Shelley’s dad travelled .
  3. 3.  THEY WENT TO A NEIGHBOUR’S HOUSE BECAUSE THE TORNADO HAD DESTROYED THEIR HOUSE. which action happened first? The tornado destroyed their house. They went to a neighbour’s house
  4. 4.  AFTER THE STORM HAD FINISHED, THEY WENT BACK TO THEIR HOUSE. Which action happened first? They went back to their house. The tornado finished.
  5. 5. Function  We use the past perfect for an action that happened before another action in the past  Usamos el pasado perfecto para una acción en el pasado que sucedió antes de otra acción en el pasado.  AFTER THE STORM HAD FINISHED, THEY WENT BACK TO THEIR HOUSE
  6. 6. Form  We form the past perfect with had and a past participle.  HAD FINISHED  Formamos el pasado perfecto con had y el verbo en el pasado participio.(tercera columna)