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Fap (fraternity action plan)


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Fap (fraternity action plan)

  1. 1. Fraternity Action Plan
  2. 2. Agenda ①Changes that E-board pledges to implement 1. Bylaws 2. Meeting structure 3. Pledge documentation ②Open discussion 1. 1/6 rule 2. Anonymous voting 3. Role of the PAP
  3. 3. Bylaws • Constitutional Convention next semester for all brothers Education on content and how to change them After next semester, include in new brother orientation Update for existing brothers • Either MOR or standards committee/chair
  4. 4. Meeting Structure • All pledge-related discussion comes LAST  Will increase the weight put on non-pledge matters • Detailed minutes shall be sent out after meetings • Improve access to attendance records  Records should include the reasons for excused absences • Bring back the gavel  Meetings need to run more efficiently • Bring back chair reports
  5. 5. Pledge Documentation • For midcourt and 3/4 • Quantitative – MOR shall prepare the following: Quiz scores Signature count • Qualitative – PM shall prepare the following: Assigned tasks and performance • Powerpoint format (like bid selection)
  6. 6. 1/6 Rule • Pros Supports the notion that “it’s better to miss out on a good brother than let a bad brother in” With full attendance (approx. 60 members) 1/6 is a significant number of brothers Upholds brotherhood unity • Cons Not rule by majority Potential for alienation of those who vote no
  7. 7. Anonymous Voting • Pros No swing voting The minority would not feel alienated • Cons Can’t hold people accountable for their votes Encourages uninformed or impulse voting AKPsi should be an open forum where all brothers’ decisions are respected
  8. 8. Role of the PAP • Originated to “cover our ass” with nationals • Role of the PAP is tied to what we want for the future of AKPsi • Is it just an excuse not to drop somebody at midcourt? Is it equivalent to a maybe vote? • If we want to evaluate pledges at ¾ according to the strict standards set by the PAP, why isn’t every pledge getting one?
  9. 9. Future of the Fraternity? • Open discussion • Take down notes • Follow-up presentation by E-board • Major questions: Professional vs. social Allocation of attention between pledge and non- pledge process matters How to increase motivation/participation Trust within the brotherhood (Seth’s comment) How to treat past classes (Rhos, Xis)
  10. 10. Thank You