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  1. 1. The biggest barrier to creating content lS time. and the lack of it. Top 200 also la way behind in usingthis me Ium, having fewer than 360,000 Twitter followers between them. With all evidence suggesting that firms that regularly share thou ht provoking insight and know edge on social media. .. 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media and 60% of large corn anies have acquired customers t rough Twitter. Having a good ap roval process is critica in making people feel relaxed about creating commentary. Thankfully, sharing insightful commentary quickly and efficiently is where social media comes into its own. i T T Share knowledge in less time than it would take to think of the heading for a new article. Generate a greater amount of leads — it could be_ said they are missing a trick. What is shared must. of course. Come from those with the right experience and insight. Sometimes when the uicker your target audience is armed wit the right knowled e, the better it will be for them, so socia media is the perfect way to get that message out, and fast. Create competitions, which can be a great way _to_ ll'1]eCl a competitive spirit. Choose one platform for experts to reduce the amount of time doing romotion. The insight can then e replicated again and again on all the platforms. Use your own style of language, have the flexibility of a good amount of words and use full and proper language, and that includes punctuation. At the end of the day, being able to respond to topical issues and share further insight quickl , effectively and widely is where socia media comes into its own, and offers the ogportunity to build profiles, establish rands and win business. SOURCE: http: //www. globallegalpost. com/ blogs/ management-speak/ content—is—king—87S60S38/