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"How to parent"? many peoples are seeking answer for it. Being a parent is not a big deal, but being a good parent is always be a problem for many parents.

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How to parent

  1. 1. How to Parent – Best PositiveParenting Tricks to Be a Good Parent“How to parent?” many people of USA are looking for the answer. Having a child or being aparent is easy, but being a good parent is not so easy. You should be having good parentingskills if you want to be a good parent. If you want to become a good parent, you should givetime to your child. There are many parents in United States of America who are looking for tipsand tricks to be a good parent. Here, I’m going to share the best parenting tips and tricks withyou. Orignal Article is here: Frank to Your ChildThe first thing you should keep in mind is to be frank with your child in order to be a goodparent. If you know your child He’ll definitely love you and be good to you. Appart of this, if youdon’t meet your child a week or your child is suffering from the absence of his parent then he’lldefinitely not become a good child and may get tended to bad habits. You can find more infohere: Try to learn what does your child loves to do. For example if your child likes to play footballthen you should play it whenever you get free or on weekends.2. Learn what are your child’s desire for anything you’re about to do. As if he want to play orsleep.3. Become a part of his life as he plays or eat.4. Know where is your child, when he’ll return and who is he with. Try to be engage with him.Show Your Love
  2. 2. It is important for you to let your child known that you love him. I’ve seen many people whoshow their children that they love them, and children love them as well. If you want to keep pacewith your child you should always remind them that you lover them, use “papa loves you”, etc.words.If your child is not listening to you, don’t give up. Try again and again. Eat meals with your child,let them play with their friends, don’t show pressure, be responsible.More info is here: MonitoringIt is said that a mother is the first teacher of a kid. Because when a child gets birth, there is noone to teach him, father is busy in his work and there is only a mother who teaches his child.And child learns what’s happening to its around. You should do good things, don’t smoke beforeyour child, don’t abuse, don’t do anything you don’t want your child to make done.Try to do the things which are you expecting from your child. As they will do the things whichthey would learn from you. So keep it in mind that you don’t have to abuse or do any wrongthing. You should also keep it in mind that:1. Whenever your kid finds you doing any wrong thing, say sorry before him. This will teachhim to say sorry when you’ve done any mistake.2. Chew your food thoroughly when you are taking meal with your child, this will lead him tochew food properly.3. Don’t share family problems before you child, this will create a negative impact on his mind.4. Speak politely before your child in order to correct his behaviour.
  3. 3. Be ResponsibleAlways be responsive to your child to let him know that you are a good one. This will help youwhen you’re aged, and your child has become an adult then he may left you when you’re oldand need them most. So always show them that you’re a responsible person. Here are sometips:1. Do your work regularly, so your child will be knowing that you’re a responsible person.2. Give time to your child for playing, reading books, going outside or dinning etc.3. If you promise to him for something, fulfilling your promise should be the first priority.4. Always keep an eye on your child, know what is your child doing, what does he likes mostetc.5. Pay attention what your child needs most. You should give him things what he needs, if heis demanding something which he shouldn’t own, don’t deny in rude, tell him disadvantagesand give him something else.More info is here: Things1. Give your child hugs and kisses.
  4. 4. 2. Giving time by reading stories or singing songs especially before going to bed.3. Praising him in anything he has done.4. Teaching him manners when he is happy. Don’t teach when he is upset.5. Admire his artwork.6. Answering to the cries of him.7. Go out for trips on each weekend.8. Encourage him to interect with others.9. Cellebrating events and festivals with your child.At the end I’d conclude that if you want a good child you should follow the steps I’ve told you.Always be responsible to him. And there is just one thing to tell that “Your child should be yourfirst priority“. Thanks for rading my article I hope you found this helpful. Don’t shy to givefeedback at Guide me About