Proyecto Tecnologos del futuro en Ingles


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Proyecto Tecnologos del futuro en Ingles

  1. 1. RESEARCH QUESTION How can we show young people in an educational way condom use to learn to use it? GENERAL OBJETIVE Build a hydraulic put of condoms for teaching the young people of the Educational Institution Industrial Technician Simona Duque of the municipality of Marinilla, the way of using the condom and thus preventing diseases of sexual transmission (D.S.T) and pregnancies to early age.
  2. 2. Specific objetive Apply the electrical, hydraulic, technological and computing knowledges in the construction of the project. Using the hydraulic put of condoms for teaching the young people how to use the condom. Inform about the main diseases of sexual transmission and the way of preventing them. Research and socialize about the use of the condom like one of the ways for reducing the rate of pregnancies to early age.
  3. 3. Justification This project is realized in order of showing how to use the condom because teenagers and youth are begining their sexual life to very early ages and of way irresponsible, not knowing so many risks which they are exposed. The project involves moreover knowledges acquired in the diferent areas (spanish, english, mathematics, natural sciences, technology and computing. It is a application and technological construction that will allow us to show in d idactic way young people the use the condom for that they learn to use it.
  5. 5. PROCEDURE We built the wooden forearm complete, then make the electronics and hydraulics attaching the engine to give the respective movement. There was a false penis wood and covered with porcelanicrom. She puts the condom to the penis are going to build false.  It decorates the hydraulic hand and penis.
  6. 6. TOOLS Screwdriver Screws Scissors Nails Hacksaw Motor Hammer Glove Drill Wood Broca Condom Rule
  7. 7. REFERENCES Encarta2008, Encarta 2009 Preservativos Masculinos: una guía para los adolescentes www.wikipedia/hidraulica/.com