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Yajnya, sacrifice and namasmaran dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar


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Published in: Education
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Yajnya, sacrifice and namasmaran dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. Are Yajnya, sacrifice and namasmaran are synonymous? Yajnya is offering, sacrifice is also offering and NAMASMARAN is also offering! Yajnya involves offering of different materials with a specified procedure. Sacrifice also involves offering of possessions including the near and dear objects and entities. The NAMASMARAN is a gradual process (of Yajnya and sacrifice) that involves the offering of thoughts, emotions, passions (instincts); and even the physical needs and existence. Through NAMASMARAN one realizes in the course of time, the subjective nature of one’s thoughts, emotions, instincts and material needs resulting from the internal and external environment and drops them at the lotus feet of the objective consciousness i.e. guru.
  3. 3. The individual thus gets freed of all exasperating vacillations and agonizing burden of subjectivity; and enters into eternal freedom by merging with NAMASMARAN. There onwards he or she is more than convinced that all his or her life mission is being carried out by objective consciousness, cosmic consciusness, Almighty i.e. Guru. The mission no more remains “his” or “her”! The mission thus gets freed from the subjective attachment and resulting fanaticism. It gets freed from subjective infatuations and frustrations. It thereby blossoms into the aspirations of mankind (and cosmic will) in true sense and continues far more effectively and accurately than what the subjective considerations could foresee. Does this really happen? At least at present, I am convinced that it does. But it is best for the readers to verify and tally my conviction with their experience.