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What Is Timed Freedom Dr Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle
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What Is Timed Freedom Dr Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. The embryo or fetus does not seek freedom to break open womb “the prison” in which they live. The fish does not seek the freedom to fly. A bud does not seek to blossom instantly into flower. A seed does not seek freedom to become a tree instantly. A musician does not seek freedom to express rhythm and melody instantly.
  3. 3. Freedom is a vague term given to innate urge or restlessness without knowledge of what you want. The freedom of unrestricted indulgence and exploitation or Abstinence and deprivation in sexual and other physical pleasures leaves you empty and pitiable at the end. Freedom is therefore being one with the nature’s innate melody and timed harmony.
  4. 4. Freedom is excelling in realizing, expressing or manifesting yourself as a genus, a specie or an individual! You have FREEDOM to verify if NAMASMARAN can help you in this! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR