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Vision of global blossoming dr shriniwas kashalikar


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Vision of global blossoming dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. The millions of different needs, wants, likes, dislikes, virtues, vices, actions, interactions, contradictions, dialogues, hopes and despairs of billions of living beings of different ages with different geographical, political, social, economic, cultural and historical backgrounds have one thing in common, which is voluntary or involuntary and conscious or subconscious tendency for individual and global blossoming! The visible hallmarks of this individual and global blossoming is, or would be,  Universal Practice of NAMASMARAN right from childhood, according to the particular tradition.  Availability, upholding and promotion of vegetarian food in electronic and print media  Redefining the holistic health in terms of “Optimal intellectual, emotional, instinctual and physical actions towards individual and global blossoming, in one’s field”.  Practice and promotion by every one of (holistic medicine) the art, science and skills of employing everything effective; in regaining and promoting HOLISTIC HEALTH.
  3. 3.  Holistic Education with emphasis on productive domain in addition to affective, cognitive, psychomotor domains. All educational institutions would combine the prayerful empowerment, practical productive progress and self sufficiency and research and teaching in different fields conducive to holistic health. Even the specialized institutions would not be exception to “earn and learn”, “produce and progress”, “practice and pass” principles. The written examinations would be replaced by actual assessment of the skills.  All religious temples and places of worship would voluntarily incorporate educational and productive activities conducive to holistic health.  Getting up early, drinking of water in morning, rubbing the teeth, gums and palate in morning and using herbs conducive to dental, oral and general health, would be promoted as essential element for holistic health.  By hearting of hymns of different religions and common prayers, would be practiced and substantially sponsored by all, but especially multinational companies
  4. 4.  Laws would be devoid of vindictiveness and conducive to holistic health. The worst possible criminals also would not be treated with vengeance. In general, the laws would be formative, e.g. the persons soiling the public property would me made to clean the same for 1 month, corrupt person would be made to work double the duty hours, cheating commercials such as (98% stoppage of hair fall, double increase in height) would be made to produce health foods and participate in research, training and practice of holistic medicine. The production of bicycles, and vehicles of mass transport being echo-friendly, would have minimum or no tax.  Sanskrit would be researched and taught for the benefit of mankind.  The unifying elements and enlightenment in the lives of saints, seers and other reformers would be integral part of the curriculums. (To be continued and revised if and when necessary)