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Tv schizophrenia dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Tv schizophrenia dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. Actually the title/s should be; “Can excessive electronic and print input; (through mobile phones, TV, compact disc (CD) player etc, cinemas, drama) in various forms; including the talks, jokes, commercials, news, movies, serials, reality shows and other “entertainment”; cause “borderline schizophrenia like disorder”, in which there could be milder symptoms of dissociation from one’s likes and dislikes, preferences, feelings, concerns and in short one’s innate personality?” “Can there develop a multiple personality disorder like syndrome due to such massive input added with noise and light (flickering and mixing images) pollution?” In view of the massive unproductive employment, massive profit margins and massive monetary gains involved in this field, a brave and honest finding after through research of this phenomena is a big thing to expect! But I am sure there are many scientists, lawyers, activists
  3. 3. and NGOs all over the world who would think of this dangerous possibility and also the imminent threat to the healthy value system in the world, and starts working to protect the mankind. TV, MOBILE, COMPUTERS, LAP TOPS, I PODS, CD PLAYERS and so on and so forth should be used; BUT we should not get misused by and destroyed by the business involved in their production, marketing, sale and promotion in every possible way! The best way to enjoy these things without the threat of schizophrenia and multiple personality syndrome; is not to buy them and not to spend time on them! But since this next to impossible, it is preferable to get involved in NAMASMARAN and group singing of prayers, hymns, bhajans etc apart from playing sports!!