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Total stress management and supertransactions dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Total stress management and supertransactions dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Stress is universal! With increasing awareness or rather anxiety about of stress (due to inadequate and inappropriate understanding of the concept); the offers, advertisements, marketing and demand for the enticing, exotic and often escapist ways of stress management, stress relaxation and stress relief; have grown exponentially. This phenomenon is neither condemnable nor abnormal. This is a natural and somewhat insecure reaction of the businessmen and the consumers! Only thing is; this phenomenon has added to the stress; rather than helping us in reducing or managing it! This has made the marketing of stress management; very easy and profitable! The business of stress management is flourishing! All the Stress Management workshops, lectures, counseling and other exotic
  3. 3. stress buster products such as drugs; and the facilities/amenities such as spas and other equipments and accessories are sold quickly and extensively! This is partly because of their “easy to purchase and practice” nature and their tangible personal benefits! But these personal benefits are deceptively short lasting and most of the times counterproductive. Because of this mercenary nature; this highly hyped “marketing stress management”; fails miserably in solving the root causes of stress and managing the stress effectively. As a result; the vast majority of people in the world, the buyers, consumers or customers of stress management and also the delirious “stress Management professionals and businessmen” become miserable!
  4. 4. The Total Stress Management, Superliving or Holistic Health; on the other hand; involves “simultaneous blossoming of individual and global conscience” and hence, “the marketing of this genuine and Total Stress Management” is quite difficult or rather impossible! Total Stress Management (Superliving or Holistic health) involves a rather “Non- glamorous” “Non-tempting” and “Uphill” transition from pettiness to profundity! Further, the core of this progress viz. NAMASMARAN is freely available to anybody and everybody at no cost whatsoever and hence; is un-saleable and un-buyable! Total Stress Management (Superliving or Holistic Health) is thus; beyond the concept and practice of marketing!
  5. 5. Well! The Truth need not be and can not be marketed; it manifests universally through NAMASMARAN itself and the resulting SUPERTRANSACTIONS! The corollary also is true that whatever is vehemently hyped, marketed and sold is not Truth; and not Total Stress Management!