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Stress religion and rationality dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Stress religion and rationality dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. In one of the interviews; a rationalist said that the discoveries of science should be used for “good” purpose! The obvious question; “How to define what is good?” was however not asked! The science and technology reduce the discomfort in every walk of life (excepting in case of frauds and errors) and thus add to our comfort and pleasure (though temporarily). So, the meaning of “good” for science is; anything that can increase comforts and pleasures; resulting from and dependent on material surroundings. However, is this “good” enough? Can such a “good” purpose be really good for the whole mankind and the other inhabitants of the world? Is the depth of human life only this much? Is not there any place for values such as freedom, unity, harmony, love, tolerance, mutual
  3. 3. respect, justice, openness, fearlessness and so on? To this question; the science and technology DO NOT address, though the “rationalists” do try to voice their (ad hoc and subjective) views; about what is “good” and what is “bad”! This is because; the science and technology were not adequately applied to address the human values and the value crises that produce universal stress! They were largely restricted to solution of physical problems. The religions (and ethics, ideologies, philosophies and other creative literature) have addressed this question and tried to answer it; with some degree of accuracy and some degree of acceptability, even though NO written text as such; can guide the whole mankind completely i.e. in every issue and at every moment; with
  4. 4. hundred per cent accuracy. The answers provided were largely egalitarian and driven emotionally without going to the root of the problems with the use of right brain! The solutions to human problems were largely in the form of commandments for organized, disciplined and orderly behavior and charity. The problem of rationalists (driven predominantly by left cerebral cortex) and religious (driven predominantly by right cerebral cortex); is that they do not have the anatomical and physiological foundation to understand, grasp and appreciate the point of the other. On this background it would be easy to understand, why even as most of the solutions to the isolated physical problems of the mankind; are known to many people; there is NO motivation and correct direction to provide solutions!
  5. 5. This is often referred to as lack of political will! Thus there is only high activity of left brain; with the right brain being silent. In contrast; there are many religious people emotionally charged and motivated for service (thus engaged in philanthropic activities), but do not have correct perspective for solutions; because of the high activity of right brain; with left brain being redundant. Hence from time immemorial there have been efforts to evolve and unite these two sides of mankind, through simultaneous; scientific (rational) and religious (conscientious); thinking, using both sides of brain! This is holistic approach to get the answer to; “What is the definition of good?” Thus “good” is that; which rejuvenates, revitalizes, inspires, empowers, unites, harmonizes, fulfills;
  6. 6. and enables every one for self realization i.e. true freedom, through NAMASMARAN, (besides other techniques and ways for self development)! Rationality and religions (left and right brain) are two inevitable and inseparable parts of our life. The ills and evils present in each in isolation; can be eradicated through holistic perspective, thinking, feelings and actions and blossoming from inside and outside can be ushered in! This is exactly what is embodied in the practice of NAMASMARAN!