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Stress and selfishness dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Stress and selfishness dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Right from the birth; “I” begin to need! I need food, protection, nursing, shelter, clothes, entertainment, pampering and so on! Gradually my “needs” begin to get converted into “wants”! I start “wanting” better food, better protection, better nursing, better shelter, better clothes, better entertainment, more pampering and so on! Soon, all these “wants” necessitate the physical, political and monetary power and thus “craving” for power is produced! The “craving” leads to all actions directed at fulfilling the “craving”
  3. 3. irrespective of; or rather at the cost of others! But why should there be stress? Strange it may appear, but; even if every craving of mine is fulfilled, still I remain restless and unsatisfied (stressed); unlike the animals and plants! The reason is; the plant and animal life is apparently almost free from choices and hence almost free from conflicts (and stess)! I am however; evolved to get the “freedom” to make choices and “condemned” to get conflicts (and stress) due to dilemmas!
  4. 4. Barring the infancy, the choices begin to hover around and conflicts begin to emerge, producing stress and erosion! Satisfaction of physiological needs, instincts, emotions, thoughts and behavior are influenced variably by ethics, rules, regulations, laws, conventions, traditions, religious precepts, commandments and so on! They all cast their influence and create conflicts and stress! The stress is especially marked; because, neither can I; further revert back to animal behavior and feel satisfied, nor can I cope with the preaching of selflessness! Even if I begin to forego my cravings, wants and even needs, the subtle
  5. 5. desires that I should be loved, respected, admired, cared for, served and so on; still remain active; though in dormant form! The feelings that “my” desires are fulfilled, “my” advice be obeyed, “my” concepts be practiced, create stress! The human life is apparently very short to transcend from selfishness to selflessness! The stress therefore; does not get managed, either in “me” or in the society! One way of expediting this stressful, strenuous and tardy transition from physio-pathological and animalistic selfishness to conscientious selfless cosmic consciousness; is getting involved in the
  6. 6. practice and propagation of NAMASMARAN! Why should I (not merely practice, but) propagate NAMASMARAN? It is because, “the love of NAMASMARAN” is not as physiological and as strong as the various needs, wants and cravings described in the foregoing; and hence the hype of selfishness can burn; the selflessness and cosmic consciousness; budding in my (and everyone’s) heart! It is also because, if I do not propagate and promote NAMASMARAN, it would amount to boosting, promoting and passively propagating the dehumanizing forces that hinder the process of selfishness to selflessness; by crushing the selflessness and cosmic consciousness
  7. 7. blossoming; not only in my mind but also; in the social psyche!