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Stress and respect dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar


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Stress and respect dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. It is true that we should learn to rise above the disturbing influences from inner and outer environment. But it is also true that in the process of such rising; one gets the urge to respond to the surroundings as well! The misery, depression, frustration, hopelessness, melancholy and helplessness infect and inflict us from inside and outside and compel us to respond to them! While trying to focus; on the all time bounty of NAMASMARAN; I often realize that the inadequacy of faith, conviction and practice of NAMASMARAN; has lead to our degeneration or degradation to such an extent that we are unable to
  3. 3. recognize, appreciate, respect and obey the wisdom and enlightenment. We are dragged by barbaric values! We are swallowed by our meekness, lethargy, dullness, selfishness, exploitativeness, crookedness etc from inside and we are devoured by the pettiness, glamour, glitter, hooliganism, temptation of quick (even if it is fraudulent) money from outside! We are blinded by values which take us away from our true selves and make us miserable! We; in our lowered state of consciousness seem to “enjoy” this deliriousness and spread the stupefaction far and wide and mislead others, including the younger generation to the abyss.
  4. 4. NAMASMARAN can open our inner eyes of wisdom and help us recognize, appreciate, respect and follow the wisdom and enlightenment so that we can blossom together! In absence of NAMASMARAN; we would keep on getting dragged by barbaric elements, basal forces, vicious conspiracies, malevolent transactions or suicidal acts (inside and outside); and keep on respecting, appreciating, promoting and empowering them knowingly or unknowingly! Through the practice of NAMASMARAN it is possible to open our inner eyes and “see” the global unity; overcome influences of the pettiness and superficiality; and focus
  5. 5. on and respect the melodious source of the global orchestra and participate in orchestra of global harmony! Unless such orchestration ensues, there can not be consensus on globally important issues and hence the agonies and/or perversions can not be abated or curbed.