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Stress and hypocrisy dr shriniwas janardan kashalikar


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Stress and hypocrisy dr shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. When we are trapped in the dilemma of what we expect from ourselves; and what we actually feel and do; we get stressed. We try to overcome such stress by “assuming to be” “what we think we should be” rather than being what we are, (which is very difficult)! This is hypocrisy! Similarly when we get “pulled” between what others should think or believe us to be and what we believe we are; we get stressed! We try to manage such stress by hiding things which we think people would not approve; and show, exhibit and advertise things which we think people would appreciate!
  3. 3. This is also hypocrisy! Often we condemn others for being hypocrites. But most of us are hypocrites. This is because we do not understand ourselves and we do not understand whether others understand us not! Actually it is impossible to “know” ourselves and also other selves! The “self” of every one of us is beyond intellectual definition and concrete and constant identity. It is not even possible to understand our own and others’ perceptions, because they are not too subtle and changing! The phenomenon of assuming to be somebody and phenomenon of posing to be somebody (hypocrisy) further add to our stress; rather than freeing us from stress!
  4. 4. The fact that hypocrisy; thus actually makes us miserable; becomes clear, through the process of absorbing or recollecting our essence (self); trapped in our subjective thinking, feeling and needs; through the practice of NAMASMARAN. One need not believe in this but verify for oneself if one desires to do so.