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Stress and blessings dr shriniwas kashalikar


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Stress and blessings dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Some years back “stress” was not heard of. We were never taught “stress” in our undergraduate and postgraduate medical curriculum. In contrast, these days everybody is talking about or rather hyping the “stress”. In stead of identifying and healing the stress like any other problem, the “stress” is being used as a weapon to threaten and exploit us. The so called Stress Management experts, godmen and godwoman are mercenarily selling and “pumping in” and “forcing down” the so called “stress relaxation and stress management” full of false promises; through our throats! In stead of providing holistic solutions, hollow sermons and impotent advices are being poured! Actually stress is normal and inseparable part and a hallmark of life. It is a physio-gnomonic symptom of life! In other words; presence of stress indicates
  3. 3. normalcy and liveliness. If we don’t have stress, it means we are dead! Stress is like fire; if not managed (channelized) properly it can burn us and if managed (channelized) properly it can enliven and enlighten us! But if it is absent then we are cold, clammy and dead. When we are stressed we go to godmen god women and counselors and long for blessings or advices. They give blessings and advices. The meaning of the word BLESSING and KALYAN; incorporates simultaneous blossoming of an individual and the universe. It incorporates every development and gain that helps in such blossoming. The blessings are not just wishes given for our mere monetary profit or some such mundane gains; they are meant for fulfillment in
  4. 4. our life. They are meant for the holistic blossoming of us and the society! However many of us think that our stress would go away if we get material gains as often promised by mercenary “stress management experts” and "godmen and godwomen” . So we expect their “blessings” to provide petty gains and when we don’t get those gains, suffer miserably. If a godman/godwoman (or any one whom we approach for relief from stress) is properly trained and adept in stress management he/she would never give false promises and/or guarantee. He/she would know how to bless you and also actually catalyze your blossoming and fulfillment in life. Hence if we are free from petty expectations, it would help us gain more from the blessings and protect us from bogus stress management professionals or godmen; who guarantee and promise many things other than holistic fulfillment!
  5. 5. If we practice NAMASMARAN, it can help us grow stronger and immune to the basal temptations of deceiving and exploiting as well as getting deceived or exploited.