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Oral Health And Hygiene (The Holistic Way) Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Oral Health And Hygiene (The Holistic Way) Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  1. 1. Oral Health & Hygiene The Holistic Way Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
  2. 2. Oral hygiene is well known but its practice and advantages can be improved if it is conceptualized from physiological point of view. Hence some well experienced steps are given to improve oral hygiene. Steps Please understand that oral hygiene is not merely meant for dental health. If practiced in a way given below it can improve health of brain, salivary glands, sinuses, taste buds, gums and teeth. After getting up in morning gargle mouth with plain water or slightly salted water. Salt makes it antimicrobial. Rub you palate with your thumb. This may appear clumsy. But rubbing of the whole palate stimulates
  3. 3. the undersurface and floors of the sinuses and presumably helps improve the circulation in the sinuses. This can prevent congestion and stagnation of blood and prevent infection in he sinuses. It can also help cure of infection. This is important because mere antibiotics may not penetrate [even if they are powerful] the sites of infection in the sinuses. Rub your upper gums from inside and outside with either your thumb or fingers. This would be useful to improve the blood supply to your upper gums and upper teeth. Rub the inner and outer aspects of your lower gums. This would improve the circulation of lower gums and lower teeth. Rubbing of inner and outer aspects of upper and lower gums can improve the health of salivary ducts and their openings from parotid and submandibular glands and sublingual
  4. 4. glands. Rub the undersurface of your tongue. This will improve the health of sublingual salivary ducts and their openings. Rub the upper surface of your tongue. This would improve the health of taste buds and taste receptors. Oral cavity, oral structures and tongue have large representation in sensory homunculus (Representation of the body in the brain) and hence rubbing of oral cavity would stimulate these parts of brain. This is a unique and desirable stimulation not possible by any other means! Using tooth powders containing ayurvedic herbs have added advantages. Hence one can use Kaat (catechu), Tirfal (tomar seeds), Halad (turmeric), Amala (emblica officinalis), Harada (terminalia chebulia),
  5. 5. Neem (azadiracta indica) etc. You may use tooth brush and tooth paste of your choice in addition to the steps described above. Tips The steps described are totally harmless. It is better not to believe or disbelieve blindly. It is better to provisionally accept the steps, try out and then develop conviction about their utility or otherwise. Prayer For those who like to pray, following is a Sanskrit prayer offered to the herbs used in the tooth powder. AYURBALAM YASHO VARCHAS PRAJA PASHUNWASU NI CHA BRAHMA PRAJNAN CHA MEDHA CHA TVAN NO DEHI VANASPATE
  6. 6. This prayer is a request for long life, physical strength, success, sharp intelligence, good progeny and above all creativity and universal perspective. The details of the meaning can be searched with help of Sanskrit into English dictionary. Prayerful attitude makes every activity sublime and oriented towards one's own and global welfare. Warnings There are no clinical trials known to the author, regarding the authenticity of these steps. Hence these steps have to be if at all, followed by one's choice, at one's own risk. One should be careful if there are ulcers, lesions etc., though by using fingers you are safer than while using brush. Because, you
  7. 7. can feel and judge small boils, abscesses etc with fingers, which you can NOT feel with brush! Hence, brushing in fact can be far more damaging than using fingers. Things You'll Need You need nothing if you want to only rub your oral cavity. You need a tooth powder if you aim at additional oral health promotion and hygiene. Sources and Citations Conceptual Stress: Understanding and Management: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar