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Objectivity And Holistic Health Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Objectivity And Holistic Health Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. Shriniwas Kashalikar
  3. 3. If we follow advice of seers and practice the measures advised by them such as NAMSMARAN; to gain objectivity, then it becomes easy to see and appreciate facts without any kind of vested interest, bias and prejudice. This is because even the best of talents are not immune to the disturbing and distorting influence of their emotions, instincts, background, surroundings and thoughts and worries about future; in short the influence of their own others’ petty self!
  4. 4. This is essential in every study but especially in Holistic Health i.e. welfare of universe! The languages such as Sanskrit form the basis of vast ocean of wisdom conducive to Holistic health i.e. Health in every aspect of life for the whole universe, described in Vedas, Upanishads, Ayurveda, Siddha and Yoga, besides several other systems of healing!
  5. 5. It is in the best interest of everyone that one heeds the presence of this wisdom and respectfully studies it! Many words in Sanskrit can be shown to be the roots of English words by virtue of their close similarity e.g. Manas = mind Pitru = Pita = paternal = Father Matru = Mata = maternal = Mother Sharkara = sugar Bhrata = brother Sut = son Nisarg = nature
  6. 6. Taru = Tree Phul = flower There are many more fitting examples, which a Sanskrit scholar can provide. The basic humble message is: Search the truth to the best of your satisfaction as objectively as possible! Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar