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Ice Cold Water No Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Ice Cold Water No Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. KASHALIKA R His experience of drinking ice cold water is catching cold sometimes, but not always and not immediately after drinking ice cold water. This can begin with sneezing. He gets pain in sensitive teeth and this may be involved in stimulating the exposed nerve
  3. 3. endings and further making them sensitive. He has not found direct correlation of drinking ice cold water with the incidence and severity of infections. But theoretically; it can reduce the blood supply of the surfaces of mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus and stomach. This may; in the long run; contribute to infections. Recently, his joint pains seemed to have considerably reduced. Since he is not taking any pain killers or any other treatment and since there is no change in the life style or any other
  4. 4. factors, NOT DRINKING ICE COLD WATER is responsible for relief from joint pains. It is said that drinking ice cold water can contribute to joint pains by virtue of increasing what is called VATA and KAFA principles in body in a variable manner depending upon one's constitution. KAFA principle is a tendency to be heavy, aggregated, solidified, gravitated etc. and its aggravation manifests into diarrhea, increase in urine, dullness, stiffness, expectoration [sputum]
  5. 5. formation, running of nose, lack of appetite and indigestion etc. VATA principle if aggravated; causes asthmatic problems, constipation, joint pain, neural problems etc. Whether ice cold water as such can reduce acidity or not, is not clear. But it seems likely that it can reduce the secretions of the surface with which it comes in contact. It is thought by some that drinking ice cold water can reduce the dissolution of
  6. 6. ingested food particles and thus lead to: a. Reduction in digestion. b. Absorption of partly or completely undigested material [probably akin to what is called AAMA in Ayurveda], which may be responsible for allergy, joint pains and other harmful effects of what is called AAMA in Ayurveda. Whether drinking of ice cold water can cause "cold pressor effect" i.e. increase in sympathetic nervous stimulation and increase in blood pressure, is not clear.
  7. 7. But cold as such is known to have "cold pressor effect" i.e. increased sympathetic activation and blood pressure. But, one thing is certain. Avoiding ice cold water has no bad effects at all! It is absolutely safe to drink water of room temperature. This opinion may sound less fashionable, but actually it is not merely less fashionable, but against the hype, vogue or fashion of installing ice coolers in every establishment endangering the health of
  8. 8. billions, increasing the consumption of electricity and killing the health promoting home industry of pot making. More information is available in "Stress: Understanding and Management" and other books by Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar are available for FREE DOWNLOAD on and DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR