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His Experience With Diabetes Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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His Experience With Diabetes Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  1. 1. His Experience With Diabetes DR. SHRINIWAS
  3. 3. Actually all the measures taken apart from the drugs constitute adjuvant therapy or supportive therapy. His experience (which can not be a prescription but a kind of clue to the approach and attitude) is that; the supportive treatment proves more useful and effective. His blood pp (post prandial i.e. two hour after food) glucose was not coming down below 300 mg in spite of 2000 mg of
  4. 4. metformin and glimeperide 2 mg and 80 mg of gliaclazide. The first thing he did was to defy the fear of any situation imaginable. Usually medical doctors get afraid due to the thoughts of horrendous complications of diabetes, which they read in their curriculum. Hence he was also getting worried and extremely anxious by thought of misery and helplessness.
  5. 5. He could however; overcome fear, due to the practice of remembering God i.e. true self, i.e. remembering His name. This is called NAMASMARAN in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and many languages in India. The practice of NAMASMARAN appears wired and irrational to many. Even he used to think that way. But he realized later that it could rescue him from the distressing, suffocating and vacillating negative and positive ideas and thoughts and help him merge with himself. This was a great experience of freedom from the prison
  6. 6. which apparently he himself created in the state of ignorance! No other measures such as getting more money, more fame, more tangible success in the form of accolades, socializing, chit chatting, chatting on net, partying, movies, picnics, music and even the tenacious practice of pranayama and yoga could do it, in his case! In the course of the practice of NAMASMARAN he became more and more oriented to the most cherished
  7. 7. aspects of his life and began to get involved in them on priority basis and in spite of distractions and disturbances! As a result of this buoyancy, he began to feel that every moment and every good or bad situation in life is a great opportunity to grow within and merge with his true self (which is said to be not different from universal self). So he began to sleep well and get up early, began to take bath twice every day, began drinking water every morning and began
  8. 8. rubbing gums and palate regularly, happily and enthusiastically. He began taking salad and sprouted methi (fenugreek seeds) without a stressful sick feeling of compulsion and a sick feeling of being a miserable and helpless patient! He began to explore other possibilities and began consuming (Homeopathic) acid phos 30, lactic acid 30 and sygygium mother tincture and (Ayurvedic) standard preparations.
  9. 9. He began consumption of juice of ginger, Amala, bitter gourd, turmeric, pudina, neem, tulsi etc. with joy. He began to climb the stairs regularly and avoid the lift i.e. elevators with a sense of victory. He also began foot massage, acupressure, eye exercises and yogasana and pranayama with great thrill and assurance to grow within and achieve and enjoy the profoundest romance in life.
  10. 10. Presently his blood sugar pp has come down to 90 mg to 101 mg (the tests were repeated four times to confirm the accuracy of results) with almost half the dose of metformin and without glimeperide. There can be many more tools in the repertoire of therapy of diabetes, but he shared his experience in brief. I know nothing is certain and permanent. Nothing is "absolute truth" including what he has shared. Nothing can be guaranteed
  11. 11. to benefit yet another person. But the feeling underlying his sharing is eternal and universal! Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar