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Emotional impotence dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Emotional impotence dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Emotional impotence is inability to love! I have begun to understand that impotence is not merely erectile (sexual) but more importantly it is emotional. I have started realizing that my greatest success or failure; i.e. potency or impotency; lies in my ability or inability to love! Thus what ever I do in life, the question I address is; “Whether that activity can ensure me the greatest success; in terms of enabling and empowering me to love or not?” (Earlier I used ask; “Whether it can give maximum satisfaction that can be shared with maximum people and be relished for maximum time?”! But I found that this question is rather impractical.) Without elaborating much, suffice it to say that I am born to blossom, love and get ultimate fulfillment. But somewhere on the way, I got lost in petty pursuits, which crippled my ability to love; and defeated the very purpose of life!
  3. 3. I have begun to understand that if I ask this question to myself; then whether I believe in God (theist) or not (atheist) and irrespective of my ideology or religion; I would blossom and love; to my heart’s content and ultimate fulfillment of life! Just as I shared this question; I would share the answer to the question as well! Thus amongst various options, NAMASMARAN stood out as an activity of top priority in terms of enabling me to love to my heart’s content and ultimate fulfillment! Irrespective of age; from nursery onwards up to the old age; and irrespective of profession; from blacksmith to prime minister; everybody can practice NAMAMSRAN and get this fulfillment. I think this is how it was in India at some point in
  4. 4. time, when people could love; to their heart’s content and ultimate fulfillment!!