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Strategic Business Value Template Word V2


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Strategic Business Value Template Word V2

  1. 1. Amy Lausell 12751 Country Brook Lane Tampa Fl 33625 Phone: 813-956-5122 Email: LinkedIn: www/ Helping grow your business! “Your Ace in the Hole” In Managing Your Biggest Asset…. Your Business! 1
  2. 2. What I’ve Done • 10 Years Experience in the Construction Industry – Managed Accounting, Human Resources, and Operations – Established and Administered Policies and Procedures – Supervised and Trained Company Personnel 2
  3. 3. Slide 2 Major Accomplishments • Successfully managed the largest project in branch history • Reduced material costs by more than $35,000 annually • Generated $170,000 in net profit through reorder business • Increased profitability by 5% through implementing procedures to control excessive spending 3
  4. 4. Strategic Business Value Financial Success is Managing People, Processes, and Planning That’s What I Do Best! 4 People Planning Amy Lausell Processes
  5. 5. People Assets • Retained personnel that are essential to the organization’s success • Provided training/mentoring to staff that enables them to be self-sufficient and learn new, faster, and more efficient ways to do their job • Helped staff who are not performing and if necessary, release those who cannot improve their performance 5 To be served, you have to be able to serve! AL
  6. 6. Process Assets • Designed & Implemented Improvements in spending that Saved Example: – Increased profitably by 5% on Non-Inventory supplies – Reduced material costs by over $35,000 through comparison pricing – Saved $30,000 in restock charges 6 When the process is clear, everything flows smoothly! AL
  7. 7. Planning Assets • Updated sales pipeline for Weekly Meetings to plan for future projects • Proactively managed deliverables on all projects to ensure timely installations • Prepared “What If” scenarios to determine the profitability of new products 7 Planning provides a pathway for success! AL
  8. 8. How I Can Help • Increase Efficiencies & Productivity by 10-15 % • Reduce Overall Expenses by 12% • Manage excess spending on all company inventories • Increase Company Profitability by 20% “I have worked with Amy for many years and can attest to her abilities within the Industry. She has abilities to interact with Customers and employees with the highest of ethical and performance standards. She is a great asset!” Mike Fogel Sales Liberty Wire and Cable Let me put my success to work for you!!! 8