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Range Magazine (2011: Issue 2)


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Published quarterly, Range is Royal Haskoning\'s client magazine designed to showcase the initiatives our clients undertake and the work we do to help them realise their dreams and aspirations.

Range 2 showcases a number of our customers\' innovative projects - and some of our own - that are playing a key role in enhancing the overall development of the UK and worldwide.

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Range Magazine (2011: Issue 2)

  1. 1. InnovatIon In our tIme Peel Ports and Royal Haskoning range 22011
  2. 2. in this issue >> 18 Royal Haskoning is an independent international engineering and environmental consultancy. With 3,900 employees operating in 17 special feature countries, we provide an extensive 22 picture this tunnovation range of multi-disciplinary services relating to maritime, water and environment, infrastructure and buildings, industry and energy, and transport and development. range interview derek hendry With a worldwide network of 24 peel ports southwark sorted professionals and strong industry relationships established over two centuries, our expertise and experience is far reaching. Respected thought leaders within our market sectors, we range interview gladstone’s gate are renowned for our technical 26 peel ports nature’s best excellence, developing, designing and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, that enhance society. If you would like to feature in re-wilding Range or comment on content, capturing 14 28 carbon river adur email: Front cover image courtesy of Peel Ports. in our opinion innovation and 16 30 recovery sense & sensibel a chartered course portugal telecom>> 2 range2 2011
  3. 3. FoRewoRd Henry rOwe >> As a member of our Innovation Board I am delighted to endorse this edition of Range which showcases a number of our customers’ innovative projects – and some of our own – that are playing a key role in enhancing the overall development of the UK and worldwide. Whether we are launching new services, devising new ways to deliver goods or transport people, design devices that save time and effort, or piloting ways to reduce carbon in our atmosphere – innovation is what defines us as people, differentiates our professions, and sets apart the organisations we work for and on behalf of. I believe wholeheartedly that innovation is the key to the future of civil engineering – and agree with my colleague Frank Heemskerk’s comments in his article on page 14, that in the current economic climate – innovating new techniques in civil and environmental design needs to concentrate on helping move our economies towards recovery by delivering value for money to the benefit of society as a whole. I thank Derek Hendry for sharing how Peel Ports is helping its customers save money and carbon footprints by transporting goods via the Manchester Ship Canal. I congratulate the Picture This team on their launch of our first augmented reality service, and celebrate with our newly chartered engineers, as they tell us what innovation means to them. In closing, I am sincerely proud to tell you that we have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Overseas projects, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, now make up a large proportion of the work we do, and where we have become renowned for our experience and expertise in delivering innovative projects – such as the design of one of the world’s deepest drydock’s at the Port of Ras Laffan in Qatar. Henry Rowe, Board of Management and Member of Royal Haskoning’s Innovation Board Stop preSS >> We are delighted to announce the acquisition of independent maritime economics consultancy Ocean Shipping Consultants... For more information go to 2011 >> 3
  4. 4. pIcture thIS breathing life into planning Royal Haskoning has launched the UK’s first augmented reality tool designed specifically for use in engineering consultancy and design. Imagine – for a moment – you’re invited to give your opinion on a proposed Designed to simplify the development. On arrival – you’re asked to leave your imagination at the door. decision making processes surrounding consultations and You think – imagination not required to interpret technical drawings and consents for planning, Picture This has a key role to play in any diagrams? Yes that’s right – just Picture This – making seeing believing. type of development, whether it’s a local regeneration project, a new school, major retail park, or wind farm development. Picture This – making seeing believing Commenting on this innovative breakthrough, project lead l Verifies positioning on affect them – leading to l Can be shared outdoors Jonathan Tyler explains how location – saving valuable well informed decisions. in a group scenario, Picture This will help people time. l Transforms maps and flat transmitted live via mobile l Superimposes a 3D full- plans into actual aerial roaming, or recorded on scale model image onto views – depicting the video to replay within a its intended environment proposed structure as if it consultation setting or in real time – from any were already in situ – and planning meeting. vantage point the viewer operational. l Has the capability to show chooses. l Uses positioning the location of hidden l Shows the full visual technology to highlight cabling and pipework – so impact of a development factual information or maintenance of a facility during key phases of a areas of interest. can be managed more project’s lifecycle. l Provides an aural as well as effectively. l Enables stakeholders to visual experience – so users judge for themselves how a can hear sounds associated proposed development will with the development.>> 4 range2 2011
  5. 5. from different backgrounds “With Picture This people alternative method for viewing Look out for symbols likeunderstand and appreciate can interact with a structure and understanding what a this in Range to see exclusivethe full visual impact of a or development as if it were development under proposal will content on your mobile.development during key phases actually in front of them. look like once completed – well l Search for QR reader in yourof its construction. Viewed from above, below, before approvals are granted.” app store; download one of the from a distance or close up selection of apps available.“Picture This superimposes – even down to the type of To watch the Picture This video l Scan the code with your phonea full-scale 3D model image foliage planted – so people online go to using the application.of a proposed development can appreciate how the l See the content on your phone.or structure onto its planned development will appear overlocation, so that a complete time as saplings become trees, To watch the Picture This videopicture of a project can be and ground cover emerges. on your mobile go toviewed in ‘real time’ – as if Viewers can even listen to m.rangeukonline.comalready constructed. This enables sounds they might hear onceeveryone concerned with a the development is operational, Jonathan Tylerproposed project – such as and view how landscape j.tyler@royalhaskoning.cominvestors, local authorities, and design could unfold as themembers of the general public, development moves throughto become directly engaged, its various providing the closest virtualexperience possible. Those Picture This will soon becomeresponsible for giving their every developer’s ‘must have’opinion or making a decision in their consultation tool kitabout a proposed development, because it makes the decisioncan judge for themselves how process surrounding a proposedit might affect their lives, development so much simpler,”businesses and environment on says Jonathan. “We’ve takena day to day basis. a giant stride to deliver what will soon become therange2 2011 >> 5
  6. 6. It’s been said that some of the most innovative solutions are born during trying times. The milling, mining and water transport companies that gave birth to the Peel Group – one of the country’s most extraordinarily diverse and innovative conglomerates – were forged during periods of great hardship – and opportunity. Derek Hendry, Group Capital Director of Peel Ports, shares his thoughts with Range. Image courtesy of Peel Ports>> 6 range2 2011
  7. 7. AnTicipATe + innovATe r anGe IntervIeW PEEL PORTS = Survival rate The people who operate within new services, to exceed the and on the other, the rapid the Peel Group of companies, needs of its global customers development of UK-grown which include Liverpool’s and local communities. renewable energy is presenting John Lennon Airport, the new opportunities and Manchester Ship Canal and the Derek Hendry, group capital challenges, to which the UK Trafford Centre, have ensured director of Peel Ports, is one port sector will need to adapt, the firm’s long-term success such person. Responsible for in order to respond. though skilfully anticipating the planning and delivery market trends, adapting to of Peel Ports Group capital “The Port sector was one of changing environments to suit investment programme, the first to feel the impact the booms and busts of the his role is to develop port of the recession,” Derek says. economy – and formulating masterplans, introduce viable “As certain areas of business business schemes, and oversee slowed or stopped, we saw the onsite delivery of projects fewer containers coming instrumental to the continued through our ports – particularly success of the Group’s port those containing cars. However businesses. ports also handle goods that the country needs to survive, We ask Derek about the so no matter what the state of importance innovation plays the economy, we still need to within a port development process imported goods like oil, programme, particularly grain, and animal feed. during the current backdrop of economic uncertainty. “Because we are well “Innovation is critical in times diversified across the country, of uncertainty. Businesses we have been protected that don’t innovate probably against the worst ravages of won’t survive. Today companies the recession – but that does cannot afford to stand still. not mean we didn’t feel some They need to go through a pain. We needed to put in cycle of reinvention which place some tough measures needs to be imbedded into the to ensure we maintained organisation – it cannot be profitability. Strategically we turned on and turned off again have had to look at our cost – it needs to be part of the day base, while at the same time to day.” anticipating demand flexes, so we can reduce our costs as Currently the UK ports the economy contracts – but business is operating under be in a position to switch our the influence of the global services back on when the recession on the one hand, economy recovers.range2 2011 >> 7
  8. 8. “When it comes to supply of transporting containers and chain, we only provide we want more retailers to make part of the solution for our use of it. In doing so we’re customers, but through our taking vehicles off the road own innovative ideas, we have – however while we’ve seen focused on the needs of our the volume of traffic on the customers’ businesses and are Manchester Ship Canal increase working with them to help since we’ve developed it – it reduce their own cost base. remains hugely underused. “It’s well recognised that “The Victorians had the vision the most expensive part of for the canal in the first a supply chain journey is place – and when it comes to the last 100 miles – which is innovating transport to support usually undertaken by road. the manufacturing, mining and So we are helping our ‘end milling industries – they didn’t user’ customers, such as get it wrong. We inevitably supermarkets, save money need to go back to that again. by bringing their goods into It is far easier to move greater our north western ports, and volumes by water than by road continuing their journey by or rail – and that is how the UK water via the Manchester canal needs to develop its transport route, rather than shipping their infrastructure. goods all the way round to the south, and then sending them “In the long term, we want to off to their destination by road.” educate our customers to help them get under the skin of the Together, the Port of Liverpool logistics supply chain, so they and the Manchester Ship Canal can understand how costs are link the Irish Sea with Britain’s built up, the different ways of second city. Forming a trading moving goods, and how using artery which serves a region the shipping and canal links, that is the UK’s strongest particularly in the north west, outside London for container can save cost, time and carbon cargo generation, the canal emissions. Shipping emissions plays a major role in the versus emissions from road use, removal of freight traffic from are far lower. the UK road network. Revitalising the port ways to accommodate the “This new method is proving industry to accommodate new requirements of these “We have developed a barge especially effective for goods renewable energy emerging industries. service that will transport coming in from the Far East – as While the recession is containers along the it drastically reduces the cost in making businesses use “The ports sector tends to mirror Manchester Ship Canal. During the supply chain. We need our innovation to save money, the UK economy. At the moment the past two years we’ve seen customers to know that there the rapid development of there are great opportunities the volume of containers are far more cost effective offshore renewable energy as the renewable energy sector transported using this route ways to transport their goods requires ports to be even develops – particularly offshore grow significantly. This is a across the country – and that more innovative to find wind,” Derek continues. hugely cost effective method we can help them achieve it.”>> 8 range2 2011
  9. 9. r anGe IntervIeW PEEL PORTS “To continue to succeed, “ successful businesses cannot afford to become complacent – they need to be able to innovate – whether to break into new markets, develop The Manchester Ship Canal a product or new service, or change the way they do things. is a fantastic example of If you do things the way you’ve“Currently the biggest always done them – you’ll state-of-the art maritimechallenge for the port sector always get the same results.”is to support the offshore innovation, in terms of thewind industry companies intheir operations. Innovationwill play a huge role in the UKoff-shore energy programme,as further renewable energy Peel Ports has been awarded a carbon trust accreditation standard for the reduction of its own carbon footprint, for making innovative use “ construction itself and what it will bring to the Manchesterdevelopments emerge – and of the latest technology to community.this signals great opportunities better manage its energyfor ports on the horizon. consumption.However this needs to happenquickly if ports are to keep For more information about deRek HendRy, GRouP CaPitalpace with offshore wind Peel Ports visit diReCtoR, Peel PoRtsdevelopment. Speed and scale www.peelports.comis the biggest challenge – butthose ports that are able to Tim Daviesthink differently, will survive. image courtesy of Peel Portsrange2 2011 >> 9
  10. 10. innovation at GladSTone doCk Derek Hendry, Group Capital Director of Peel Ports services, this is what you want “Royal Haskoning is a great them to do – but to find a example of how a supplier’s explains the use of an innovative tipping cradle consultant that continues to use of innovation has surprised surprise you, is difficult.” me.” Derek continues. used to manoeuvre Gladstone Dock’s enormous In 2005, the Port of Liverpool’s “Royal Haskoning helped largest dock entrance, us resolve this problem by gate structure for specialist refurbishment. Gladstone Lock, was severely developing a tipping cradle, damaged in a storm that ripped which meant we were able off one of the lock’s mitre to manoeuvre the enormous “Peel Ports needs to cultivate supplier is when I see them do gates. At the time, recovering dock gate structure out of the strong relationships with its something that surprises me,” and repairing the gate could water and into a large frame supply chain and expects comments Derek Hendry, Peel have been a very expensive and cradle, which was supported them to bring new ideas to the Ports Group Capital Director. lengthy procedure, but thanks by a floating crane. This table so we can develop better to an innovative engineering was designed with in-built innovations to save costs, time “I also want our suppliers to solution, the gate was repaired calculations to ensure the or quality of services. To me, challenge our business with and reinstated quickly and cost cradle was never overloaded, the real measure of a good new ideas. With consultancy effectively. and with a mechanism that>> 10 range2 2011
  11. 11. “ r anGe IntervIeW PEEL PORTS Maritime engineering is extremely challenging, both in terms of the environment construction has to take place in, and scale, and cost to develop. Innovation is always “ key to overcoming challenges. deRek HendRy, GRouP CaPital diReCtoR, Peel PoRts Images courtesy of Peel Portswould enable it to be removed, us with an engineering solution a specialist refurbishment Container Terminal. Due totipped onto it’s side, and then that allowed us to secure shed and the tipping cradle complete at the end of 2014,floated into a repair shed the gate on dry land without itself has been modified so the project involves the designwhere it could be refurbished.” causing any further damage. that subsequent gates can be and construction of a deepThe gate was successfully The gate was repaired winched into the shed along water river berth and containerrefurbished and brought into and refurbished quickly a track, and worked on under terminal capable of handlingline with current legislation and efficiently, while the cover. large post-panamax containerbefore being reinstated using engineering solution itself ships, but because the terminalthe same tipping cradle encouraged us to press Royal Seaforth River is land locked, manoeuvrabilityprocedure, but in reverse. ahead confidently with our Terminal is limited. “The Seaforth River refurbishment programme to Royal Haskoning is lead Terminal has a pivotal role to‘‘It was imperative the mitre renovate 40 similar mitre gates consultant for the £300m play”, Derek concludes, “but thegate was recovered and in Liverpool and along the Seaforth River Terminal. The challenge will be to move boxesrepaired, and the dock put Manchester Ship Canal. scheme combines deep water on and off efficiently.”back into service as quickly as river berths and riversidepossible. Royal Haskoning’s The amount of work has reclamation with the existing, Tim Daviesinnovative proposal presented necessitated the building of land locked, Royal Seaforth t.davies@royalhaskoning.comrange2 2011 >> 11
  12. 12. [CaPtuRinG] CaRbon “Royal Haskoning’s knowledge and experience of eIas and permitting procedures has made an important contribution to Project Road. Their hard work and “ flexible, ‘can do’ approach under time pressure has enabled us to meet our target for submission of the eIas to the european Commission. alwin sCHoonwateR, PeRmittinG manaGeR, PRojeCt Road>> 12 range2 2011
  13. 13. Carbon Capture and Storage, or CCS, is a promising solution for reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuel energy plants, until sustainable fuel sources become more widely available. According to the International Energy Agency, CCS will contribute 19 per cent of all emission reductions required by 2050.CCS involves extracting CO2 volumes of storage capacity, while the Coast and Rivers to CCS. This has meant morefrom power generation and primarily offshore. consultants bring expert changes, both to the designs,industrial projects, compressing knowledge of project planning and the permitting, and injecting it into depleted Project ROAD has and coastal EIA, including “Our integrated team hasoil and gas fields or reservoirs commissioned Royal Haskoning permitting procedures for work worked very closely with theunder the sea bed. Provided to carry out environmental at sea. The team is responsible client and our project partnersit is pumped into a stable impact assessments (EIAs) and for assessing the environmental to overcome these challengesenvironment where it cannot permitting procedures. Mark impacts of building the pipeline and achieve the tight deadlinesleak, the CO2 could be contained van Zanten, Royal Haskoning and transporting CO2 to the off- imposed by the Europeanfor thousands of years. Rotterdam, said: “The idea shore platform. Commission. Project ROAD’s is to capture part of the CO2 EIAs are now ready to beThe development of CCS is and transport it to depleted Ivo Thonon, Royal Haskoning’s submitted for considerationstill at an early stage and the gas reservoirs in the North project manager said, “This and comment.”European Economy Program Sea. We can use an existing is the first time carbonfor Recovery offers subsidies pipeline track, to a drilling capture technology has been For more information visitfor demonstration projects platform 20km off the coast, incorporated into the design of ROAD www.road2020.nlincreasing knowledge of this to install a dedicated pipeline. fossil fuel burning plants, so itnew technology. Project ROAD From the platform, the CO2 has been a steep learning curve Mark van Zantenis a joint venture between will be injected into reservoirs for everyone, including the client m.vanzaten@royalhaskoning.comE.ON and Electrabel, TAQA and at minus 3500m depth with a and the authorities. There haveGDF Suez, who are building total storage capacity of about been a number of challenges, ivo Thononultramodern coal-fired power 25 megatonnes – enough for particularly around the lack of i.thonon@royalhaskoning.complants that are CO2-capture 20 years.” data for such new technologyready facilities in the Rotterdam which means we have had toarea. This is a favourable Royal Haskoning’s adapt the designs as we find outlocation for a CCS network environmental experts have more information or get newdue to the concentration of previous experience with insights. Also, since the start ofindustrial emissions and the underground carbon storage the project last year, there havePort’s proximity to significant and are leading the project, been four new laws relatingrange2 2011 >> 13
  14. 14. innovation and recovery Frank Heemskerk joined Royal Haskoning’s Board of Management in January. Previously Minister for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, he tells us why he believes our innovative ideas for efficiencies in engineering design can help us move closer to financial recovery.>> 14 range2 2011
  15. 15. “All governments are new techniques every day that “In health care, and in hospitals decreasing their budgets will make improvements. in particular, it usually takes because of the recession. around 10 years to complete At the same time people are “We are helping our public and a new development, with the becoming aware that they have private sector clients operate majority of time taken up with to pay more for public services, more efficiently by calculating consents and permits before health care and pensions, and the total cost of ownership of design takes place. However we are holding on to whatever a new build, such as forecasts recently completed a unique they have left over. So for for energy bills. We can also hospital project – the Gelre growth to occur, there needs help reduce the early costs Hospital – in just four years. to be new investment – but of new developments by This was achieved by taking an when companies see that the using our latest innovations innovative integral approach government and people are such as Picture This our own to the design of the building In our opInIon being cautious, then they have augmented reality tool, which involved providing to be cautious too. I doubt that designed to speed up the all disciplines in-house, the we will see a strong recovery in consents process. client’s clear and concise Western Europe for the years decision making process, as to come. “To us, investment in research well as positive changes in and development is as regulations. The result was that “However we can aid recovery important as it’s always been. we completed the hospital in by helping governments and This means we continue to record time – and within their businesses save money by offer value for money because budget.” creating design solutions that we remain at the forefront of are cost efficient. The focus for design technology and in a Frank Heemskerk innovation now is to maximise position to provide our clients cost savings – and that’s the with the most efficient and name of the game for both effective means to exceed their “ the public and private sectors. requirements. As the economy improves, innovation will shift more towards the development of new products. The focus for “I am impressed by our innovation now is innovative approach to project design, which looks at all to maximise cost the different ways to design a structure to ensure it is built efficiently. Buildings are designed to use less materials, the materials we recommend “ savings – and that’s the name of the are sustainably sourced, game. the structure is designed to operate efficiently and to last longer, and at the end of its FRank HeemskeRk, boaRd lifespan – the materials can be oF manaGement used again. In my view this is Holland’s Gelre hospital took just innovation – the only way to four years to complete progress in business is to userange2 2011 >> 15
  16. 16. CHARTERSHIP AND INNOVATION Katherine Moore, Beng considered ‘unachievable’, According to the Engineering Council UK, Chartered (Hons) ceng Mice to give our clients what they Katherine is a member of need. We tend to think that Engineers “are characterised by their ability to Royal Haskoning’s innovation innovation is something huge board where she has been and almost unobtainable, develop appropriate solutions to engineering instrumental in identifying and however it’s often the small developing innovation targets. things that go unnoticed, that problems, using new or existing technologies, She is working on the proposed are the innovative elements.” ‘green’ data centre for Portugal through innovation, creativity and change.” As five Telecom. Tei Ho, Beng MSc ceng Mice Royal Haskoning engineers become fully Chartered “Each project, design, and Tei is project manager for a client is unique, with individual number of coast and rivers Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers, we requirements and challenges projects, including the that need to be met and Chelmsford Flood Alleviation ask them how innovation features in their day to overcome. As Chartered Scheme, Bourne Eau Pumping Engineers we should always Station Access Improvement, day project work. be thinking outside the box Banecre Flume Emergency striving to achieve what is Works, and the Cheshunt North>> 16 range2 2011
  17. 17. “Reservoir Repair Works. and manager of a feasibility innovative solution to deal with“I believe innovation and study for a new alumina export design of the concrete tunnels every project I approachengineering are twins, and facility in Conakry, Guinea. for mechanical biologicalall about delivering more for treatment process. is different. There isless. Engineering without a “In these times of economicmind for innovation is just austerity, our clients are “Innovation forms part of my rarely the same answermanufacturing. Innovation looking for us to provide smart, everyday activities. By offering to a problem – somakes up 70 per cent of what sustainable and cost effective innovative and technicalI do in order to solve problems. solutions that satisfy their solutions, we demonstrate the innovation and creativityThe work we undertake requirements. It is becoming way we approach problems play a key role in comingultimately aims to provide an increasingly important for my within all aspects of a project,environment where human, team to become more inventive to find the most appropriate up with the rightengineering, civilisation and and innovative so we can solution.”nature can coexist by being keep construction costs to a solution to an individualmutually enhancing. Innovation minimum and provide ‘greener’ Alice e. Johnson, Meng challenge. Beingis key here.” ways of working.” (Hons) phd ceng Mice Alice is leading the Borth Coastal innovative is the onlyMark Hill, Meng ceng Mice carl Jones, Beng (Hons) Defence Scheme to protect the way to find the rightMark is project manager for ceng Mice West Wales village of Borthdesign, procurement and site Carl is working on an from flooding and erosion. solution to a problem,supervision of a new container integrated waste management however it’s important toterminal in Karachi, Pakistan.He is also project engineer facility, where his team was required to provide an “ strike a balance between being innovative on the one hand, and reliable on the other. aliCe e. joHnson, menG (Hons) PHd CenG miCe Stop press >> Martin Whiting appointed chair of CIWEM River and Coastal Group for more information visit Laura Sanderson wins CIWEM young Person Award for more information visit Read how Royal Haskoning’s mentoring programme assists young engineers at 2011 >> 17
  18. 18. T U N N O V AT I O N : LINKING coMMuniTieS Now that the New Tyne Crossing has opened to In the short term, the new innovation and technology. tunnel will carry both north The new tunnel was built to traffic, thousands of Tyne and Wear motorists and south-bound traffic while improve connectivity between the original tunnel is upgraded. north and south Tyneside to are looking forward to an easier daily commute. Once both tunnels are fully help people to access work operational, the new tunnel will more readily and improve Constructed using ‘immersed tube’ technology, the carry traffic north to south and trade. Once both tunnels are the existing tunnel will carry operational, the benefits of the new tunnel opened in February. The tunnel, which vehicles south to north. new tunnel to Tyneside society will be far reaching.” links North and South Tyneside communities, is Commenting on Royal Haskoning’s role in the Technical Director Tim Fay fitted with a state-of-the-art fire suppression project, Simon Harries, director has been involved in the of Maritime said: “Completion project since 1999, leading system, making it one of the safest in Europe. of the second Tyne Tunnel Royal Haskoning’s team of signals a significant milestone advisors from the Netherlands in a project that amalgamates and the UK. “The technology engineering ingenuity of used for the New Tyne Crossing image courtesy of ‘the new tyne Crossing’ project the past with 21st century is highly advanced,” Tim>> 18 range2 2011
  19. 19. S p e c I a l F e at u r e T U N N O VAT I O N for three years prior to and during the construction to ensure that adverse environmental effects did not occur. The construction programme was managed to ensure dredging and the “ I’m pleased the new tunnel has been commissioned for use by traffic on schedule as lowering of the tunnel units into the trench were carried out it marks an important in winter, when migratory fish levels are at their lowest. milestone in the project. The project will complete the When both tunnels ‘dualling’ of the A19 between Northumberland and North become operational Yorkshire, and is expected to reduce traffic congestion, air in december 2011, the and noise pollution, and improve safety and travel times. It is new Tyne Crossing will hoped that these improvementscomments. “The 360m long floated out onto the river, sunk will attract much needed remove the bottleneck‘river’ section of the tunnel has into a dredged trench, and then investment along the A19 and is expected to make abeen built using ‘ImmersedTube’ technology. This is onlythe third of its type in the UK.The first was built under theConwy Estuary in North Wales,and the second under the sealed together.” An important part of the project was to ensure the river’s water quality was not compromised. Classified as corridor, and provide the people of South Tyneside (which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK), with better access to job opportunities. “ significant contribution to the economic regenerationMedway, at Rochester in Kent. the premier river for salmon For more information about the of the a19 corridor. in England and Wales, it was New Tyne Crossing visit“The immersed tunnel is made critical that fish populations, www.newtynecrossing.infofrom four tunnel elements their habitat and migratory Paul FenwiCk, PRojeCt diReCtoRconstructed in a nearby activities were not disturbed. Tim Fay FoR tHe tyne and weaRdrydock. The units were then Water quality was monitored inteGRated tRansPoRt autHoRityrange2 2011 >> 19
  20. 20. T U N N O V AT I O N : LINKING nATionS High TEC Tunnel – Denmark to Germany in 10 minutes by 2020>> 20 range2 2011
  21. 21. S p e c I a l F e at u r e T U N N O VAT I O N Now a clear choice has been made, TEC is preparing permit application documentation and environmental impact assessments. measure, a study to consider an option for a tunnel was For more information about the commissioned alongside it.” Femern Belt tunnel visit “The application of a longitudinal ventilation system Wim Janssen meant an island in the Fehmarn Belt would not be needed. This meant the tunnel option offered better value. It was also tunnel FACTS considered safer and would not present an obstacle to l At 18km from tunnel shipping.” mouth to tunnel mouth, it will be the Leo Larsen, CEO of Femern A/S. world’s longest tunnel “As our conceptual design of its kindThe worlds longest road-rail tunnel will enable projects are based on an l It’s deepest point will extremely thorough, technical be over 40mdrivers to travel between Denmark and Germany foundation we can now l 15.5 million cubic focus on ensuring that the metres of seabed willin just 10 minutes, compared with a 45 minute authorities approve the be dredged to form a project – as well as from an ‘virtually’ straight trenchferry journey. environmental perspective. The l 89 precast concrete aim is to build and operate one elements will be of Europe’s safest and most floated and sunk toScheduled to complete in The tunnel is designed by a modern tunnels for trains and form the tunnel2020, the 18km Fehmarn Rambøll-Arup-TEC collaboration cars. The tunnel will create l Each element will weighBelt under-sea immersed on behalf of Femern A/S, opportunities for increased 73,500 tonnes, measuretunnel, will be one of Europe’s which is responsible for its growth and prosperity for more 217m long, 8.9m high,largest construction projects delivery and future operation. than 10 million residents in the and 42.2m wideever, creating new economic TEC (Tunnel Engineering Fehmarn Belt Region.” l It will take 6.5 years toopportunities as well as cultural Consultants) is a joint venture buildand social development. between DHV, Royal Haskoning TEC Director Hans de Wit: “TEC l When it opens in 2020 and Witteveen+Bos. has already proved itself as a it will include a fourWith an estimated cost of 55.1 consultant for major projects in lane motorway and abillion, the tunnel comprises Wim Janssen is Sweden/Denmark, South Korea two-track rail linktwo dual carriageways with hard Royal Haskoning’s project and China. Our contribution l It will take 7 minutesshoulders, a two-track rail tunnel, manager for TEC: “At the start to these projects puts us in for rail passengersand an escape annex pipe shaft. of the project, the Danes an excellent position to be and 10 minutes for favoured building a suspension involved in similar fixed link motorists to travel bridge, but as a precautionary projects around the world.” coast to coastimage courtesy of Femern a/Srange2 2011 >> 21
  22. 22. In February 2010, Veolia Environmental Services, which provides waste related services to around a third of the UK population, was granted SouthWark planning permission to build an Integrated Waste Management Facility on Southwark’s Old Kent Road. When it becomes operational The output from the MBT in 2012, the state-of-the-art facility will be ‘Solid Recovered facility will process all the Fuel’, which is suitable for borough’s household waste and incineration. This will be sent recycling, and provide a to the South East London long-term solution to Combined Heat and Power Southwark’s waste plant, an energy recovery management needs. It will also facility in Lewisham, where it bring regeneration, investment will be used to create energy. and new jobs to the area. Built on the site of a former The centre will comprise gas works, the project has high a Mechanical Biological sustainability credentials and Treatment (MBT) plant to treat has achieved a ‘good’ BREEAM residual waste, a Materials rating for its waste processing Recovery Facility, to sort buildings. The Resource Centre commingled recyclables, will achieve a ‘very good’ Household Waste, Reuse and rating. Royal Haskoning has Recycling Centre, for residents been involved in the design to deposit a wide range of of the Southwark facility in items of household waste, partnership with construction a recycling waste transfer contractor VolkerFitzpatrick. station, and an educational visitor centre. Melissa Hipwell, Principal Engineer for Royal Haskoning, The new facility is Veolia’s said: “Our involvement includes first MBT plant in the UK. The civil and structural engineering Materials Recovery facility on the facility buildings, will be one of the most MBT tunnels, biofilters and advanced recycling facilities infrastructure, including roads in Europe. All materials and drainage. collected for recycling will be processed here before being “The design of the reinforced sent away to be recycled concrete tunnels for the into new products – helping mechanical and biological the borough achieve its aim treatment of the waste was of recycling 50 per cent of crucial. Due to the challenging the 118,000 tonnes of waste environment and very high generated each year. temperatures involved, we image courtesy of veolia environmental Services ltd>> 22 range2 2011
  23. 23. Sorted used a finite element software package to model the structure in 3D with temperature gradients applied to the structure. “The modelling was necessary to calculate the stresses due to “ thermal effects, and to predict the expansion and contraction of the concrete. The model has also been used to advise VolkerFitzpatrick on the Royal Haskoning method of construction. We have been able to draw on our has drawn on expertise in a number of fields to bring this project to fruition. its expertise of The facility will bring about working in a environmental and financial benefits by processing waste range of sectors to and recycling as close to source as possible and play a central provide practical role in reducing the impact and innovative Southwark’s waste has on the environment. Construction of the facility began in 2010 and is on schedule to commence operations in 2012. “ solutions for the Southwark Waste Investment in the project is in facility. excess of £60m. To read the full article go to jim GRiGG, desiGn manaGeR FoR volkeRFitzPatRiCk For more information about Veolia Environmental Services visit Melissa Hipwell range2 2011 >> 23
  24. 24. NATURE’S beSt “This new method for beach part of Building with Nature’s nourishment has been achieved long term vision for this area, using a ‘sand engine’. An looking at the possibilities for enormous amount of sand is nourishing sand flats that are dredged from deeper waters, being eroded. then pumped 100m off shore to create a massive sand “Lake Ijsselmeer has specific A consortium of dredging contractors, universities, dune. Waves and currents problems with coastline then transport the sediment degradation. Furthermore, in government agencies, research institutes and to provide continuous beach the future, the water level in replenishment. the lake needs to be raised engineering consultants – including Royal Haskoning, in order to keep up with the “Traditionally beaches need to expected sea level rise and are driving an innovative programme to establish be nourished every year so this larger inflow from rivers. It translates into both a natural is expected that by placing a a scientific and practical basis for eco-dynamic and economical way forward, large amount of sand in front because authorities responsible of the coastline, the coastal development and design, to prevent coastal erosion, needn’t intervene for up to 12 area of the lake can grow in years. The results are being elevation and keep up with the and protect and improve ecosystems. monitored to see whether this change in water level. In this approach can offer a positive way a more robust coastline is way forward for future beach also created that is better able Petra Dankers, Royal Haskoning’s works, such as dykes and nourishment.” to withstand climate change. project leader and coastal similar structures that operate and rivers expert talks about with nature itself to develop Building with nature comprises “The work at Lake Markermeer the company’s involvement naturally for the good of four research cases which involves the study of sediment in the Building with nature the environment. This aligns deal with hydrodynamics and and how it interacts with the programme. She explains why with our strategy to enhance morphology, water quality and ecology of the area. The mud eco-dynamic design needs to society and the environment. ecology, decision making and content in the lake is far too high become the new way to design By investing significantly in policy development and design. so we are looking for ways to and build. the programme means we encourage a healthier ecosystem are building our expertise “We are involved in part of for fish and birds, for example, by “Building with nature is about in this area and staying at the programme that deals performing tests which involve discovering ecological ways the forefront of scientific with improving water quality recolonising the lake with water to design systems that work developments.” and ecological resilience at plants. We are also broadening with nature to strengthen Lake Markermeer in Central the scope by looking at Building and protect our coastal or Letting nature take its course Netherlands and Lake with nature interventions wetland environment and its One innovative approach Ijsselmeer, which borders in Delta lakes all over the eco systems. It also involves involves beach nourishment Holland and Friesland. We are world, and will learn from the using eco-dynamic design which is being piloted between also working in the South West challenges and lessons brought to build civil engineering Rotterdam and the Hague. Delta of the Netherlands as about by these interventions.>> 24 range2 2011
  25. 25. Capturing oyster shells from the seabed which are reused to protect shoals from erosion“Our main task is to translate who wants to use eco-dynamic realignments and we are linking For more information visitthe information gathered by design instead of traditional with our UK colleagues who www.ecoshape.nlthe phd students working design, can learn from the wiki specialise in this area.”on the project, to develop an site and benefit from our work. petra Dankerson-line manual containing all “At the moment we are focusing p.dankers@royalhaskoning.comthe project research and an on projects in the Netherlands,eco-dynamic ‘Wiki’ site. When but we are already talking aboutthe programme completes how we proceed to includein 2012, the manual will be other countries after 2012. Ourshared so anyone concerned Building with nature colleagueswith coastal degradation, or are also interested in managedrange2 2011 >> 25
  26. 26. A pioneering and unique land management scheme in West Sussex, described as ‘the most daring wildlife and farming experiment in Britain for years’, is the brain child of Charles Burrell, owner of the 3,500-acre Knepp Castle Estate. Main image courtesy of Charles Burrell>> 26 range2 2011
  27. 27. Once a traditional arable and In August 2009 The the return of seasonal flooding Ian continues: “We carrieddairy farm, in 2001 Charles Environment Agency and attracting even more out a detailed EIA to ensureBurrell took 500 acres of land commissioned Royal Haskoning wildlife.” habitats are not damagedout of production and replanted to produce detailed and historical sites arecornfields with native grasses designs for this part of the Royal Haskoning’s team of incorporated. The plan includesand wildflowers, beginning project. To ensure success, geomorphologists, ecologists reinstating features such ashis ‘re-wilding’ experiment. Royal Haskoning adopted a and engineers produced an the ‘causeway crossing’ which,Drawing inspiration from partnership approach, working innovative design which since the 1700s, used timberOostvaardersplassen, a closely with the Environment recreated an approximation bridges joining mounds ofremarkable nature reserve in Agency, Natural England, of the former course of the earth so people could crossthe Netherlands, he introduced Sussex Wildlife Trust, and the river. Using LiDAR (laser radar the floodplains. Today only theOld English Longhorn cattle, Knepp Castle Estate, with data), which produces 3D mounds exist, but replacing theExmoor ponies, fallow deer and technical advice and guidance models of the land surface, bridges as they were will createTamworth pigs, and removed from the River Restoration the team could clearly see a public right of way – a featureinternal gates and fences to Centre at Cranfield University. former courses, tell which ones in its own right.allow the animals to roam at will. Ian Dennis, project manager were connected and naturally and lead geomorphological cut off. These findings were The creation of a re-wilded riverAnother 1,000 acres has since designer said: “This is one of combined with detailed Tuflow will also contribute towards thebeen released from intensive the biggest stretches of river (2D simulation) modelling, implementation of the Waterfarming, with the aim of to be naturalised in Britain, examining the behaviour of the Directive Framework Directive,returning it to a natural state, and a unique opportunity to river and its floodplain. A range the Environment Agency’sand producing a minimum- recreate the river and floodplain of habitats will be allowed to ‘Creating a Better Place’ strategy,intervention landscape. landscape in which natural develop in the restored river and the Biodiversity Action PlanThe next challenge is to restore, processes operate freely. The and floodplain, and backwaters, habitat creation targets.or ‘re-wild’ the 2.5km stretch river needs to be sustainable ponds and floodplain scrapesof the River Adur which flows and able to meander naturally are also included. The designs will be used tothrough the estate. across the land, encouraging guide construction by the Environment Agency. The first phase is scheduled to start thisTAKe A waLK on THe ‘Re-WiLD’ SiDe “ year, with final completion expected by end 2012. To read the full article go to Royal Haskoning’s integrated team of geomorphologists, ecologists and engineers produced an innovative and For more information visit sustainable design for ‘re-wilding’ the River adur. The team “ used their considerable expertise and previous experience in this area to create a viable scheme, mitigating the risk of ian Dennis flooding – a potential show stopper. CHaRlie smitH, enviRonment aGenCyrange2 2011 >> 27
  28. 28. & Sense eneRgy TeAM MAKeS SenSe FoR gReeneR SocieTy An innovative energy conservation initiative called ‘Energy Teams in your Neighbourhood’ has won the prestigious Green Pearl Award for sustainability and climate projects. Royal Haskoning managed this successful project for Sittard-Geleen, in south east Netherlands, bringing various parties together to achieve social as well as energy conservation goals. The municipality set up an “The challenge was to get “The municipality funded the The Green Pearl jury was full of ‘Energy Team’ who engaged housing associations, a DIY entire project but as the costs praise for the way the project people on social welfare chain, and an installation are very low, around 80 per combined sustainability with benefits to work with them, company behind the Energy household, the pay-back period social elements. This initiative distributing and installing Team, donating time, expertise is actually less than a year. As enhances society, benefiting energy saving devices into low and discounts,” says project an added benefit the twelve people and the environment, income households. Between manager Hans van Wageningen project staff gained useful and provides a concept that can January 2008 and June 2010 the from Royal Haskoning. “Now work experience with three be used anywhere. team visited over 3,700 homes, everyone concerned has of them moving on to regular giving free energy saving advice benefited from the social and employment. For us the project Hans van Wageningen and helping households reduce sustainable image projected was a joy to manage”. h.vanwageningen@ CO2 emissions by an average of by this innovative and highly five per cent, saving around 386 visible initiative. a year on their energy bills.>> 28 range2 2011
  29. 29. & Sensibel SenSiBeL A SounD DeciSionNoise can impact our daily lives, especially when innovation, Sensibel provides centres and church bells, which residents with clear information together make one backgroundchanges are made to infrastructure in cities that is easy to understand, and sound. With Sensibel you fits with the strategy of noise can explain the impact ofand towns. To help control noise pollution, the nuisance analysis from both a infrastructure intervention, regulatory and public view point. such as the construction of anNetherlands government established a set of rules additional roadway.” Sylvia Koolmees, consultantand regulations. However while professionals for Noise and Soil at the To hear SENSIBEL in action visit Directorate-General for Public rangeukonline.comfind these easy to understand, to members of the Works and Water Management in the Netherlands, said: “We Jeroen Kamerpublic they offer little meaning. already had a noise simulator, but it only reflected soundProviding sound clarity for all bites, so that all sources of produced on a highway. People peter Websdellconcerned, Royal Haskoning’s noise can be distinguished who live in towns and cities can p.websdell@royalhaskoning.comnoise simulator Sensibel, within a designated area. be exposed to several soundtranslates the results of noise Awarded the 2010 ‘Ei van sources at the same time, suchsurveys into actual ‘live’ sound Columbus’ prize for sustainable as railways, traffic, shoppingrange2 2011 >> 29
  30. 30. GREEN SCHEME FOR cool COMMUNICATIONS Consider the heat generated by a national telecommunications data centre. cooling and underground water sources. We are also analysing Think how much energy it takes just to keep its hardware cool, the drain on how we can use established technology, such as a thermal the grid – the impact of heat escaping into the atmosphere. Now imagine wheel in a new application, to help the cooling process. that data centre is designed to use natural resources to power and cool – with “We have a long history of surplus heat reused to benefit other purposes. Wonder no more – one of working sustainably – and we will explore how we can apply Europe’s most innovative data centres is undergoing design in Portugal. Cradle to Cradle® principles to this project,” Garry continues. “This will be in terms of how In early 2011, Portugal Telecom Supported with a high-speed throughout the construction we can utilise excess heat and announced the construction fibre optic communications and installation phase. To help energy from the data centre. of the largest data centre in network, this innovative and achieve these demanding For example, in a similar Portugal, and one of the largest modern data centre is expected energy efficiency targets, it is type of project, excess heat in Europe, located in Covilhã. to be fully functional during the using innovative solutions and has been used to heat crop With over 45,000 m2 of floor second half of 2012. traditional technology in new producing greenhouses on an space, unique levels of energy ways to meet the challenges of industrial level. efficiency and technological IT multinational CISCO is the project. capacity, this project will developing the data centre on become world renowned. Portugal Telecom’s behalf. With Garry Haigh, Royal Haskoning’s 12,000m2 of white space for ICT Project Director, said: “We have Portugal Telecom anticipates hardware, the facility is being been set some very challenging trends in terms of data traffic designed with stringent energy energy efficiency targets. growth, which it will respond efficiency targets that will be Like all data centres, one of to with more transportation able to handle co-location and the biggest challenges is the and processing capacity, which cloud services. energy required for cooling. will position it as a player in the This is a particular issue with European market. Royal Haskoning, a recognised this scheme as it will be built endorser for the European Code in a country with a hot climate. The data centre will become of Conduct on data centre To address these issues we are an export pole of data storage energy efficiency, is advising looking at innovative ways to capacity for European business on the scheme design, and use natural resources such as and technology services. will have a supervisory role outside air cooling, solar power>> 30 range2 2011
  31. 31. ““One of our first tasks is torecommend a site for the data We are very pleased to be working withcentre. Our recommendationwill be based on access to Royal Haskoning on this significant project as it has a great dealnatural resources, and thepotential to export excess heat of experience in realising data centres that achieve challengingand energy. From this very earlystep, our team will help and environmental targets, for instance in the netherlands it is a recognisedadvise our clients as the data endorser for the european Code of Conduct on data centre energycentre begins to take shape andinstallation begins.”The first phase of the Portugaldata centre will consist of a2,000m2 white space fit out “ efficiency. The project team has demonstrated from an early stage that it has the knowledge, expertise and ability to apply creative solutions toand an office facility with help us successfully deliver this project for our scheduled to startin 2011. andRea Roussado, PRojeCt manaGeR FoR CisCoFor more information aboutCradle to Cradle see Range 42010 or Haighg.haigh@royalhaskoning.comrange2 2011 >> 31
  32. 32. Range magazine features engineering and environmental projects from the UK and around the world. Range is issued four times a year by Royal Haskoning to showcase the initiatives our clients undertake and the work we do to enable them to deliver results that enhance the world in which we live. An international and Dutch version of Range is also available. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, Range is produced in multiple digital formats: Range online for web browsers, Range mobile for your phone and in PDF format. If you would prefer to receive Range electronically, please let us know by sending an email to the address below. We always welcome comments from our readers. If you have any questions or feedback about anything you have read in Range, then please email For further information about Royal Haskoning, please visit our website at Keep up to date with our news at editor: Trudi Downey, Royal Haskoning QR inSTRucTionS: copywriting: Sheng Chi Communications Look out for symbols like this in Range to see Design & layout: Charles Whalley Advertising Ltd content on your mobile. print: Gildenburgh Ltd 1) Search for QR reader in your app store; download one of the selection of apps available. 2) Scan the code with your phone using the application. 3) See the content on your phone. bahrain > belgium > cambodia > china > france > india > indonesia > ireland > libya > malaysia > the netherlands > nigeria > oman > peru > philippines > romania > russia > senegal > south africa > thailand > trinidad & tobago > united arab emirates > united kingdom > united states of america > vietnam range 22011