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2014 Alaska Natural Resource Month


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2014 Alaska Natural Resource Month Brochure

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2014 Alaska Natural Resource Month

  1. 1. Alaska Natural Resource Month Alaska Natural Resource Month’s theme this year is “Dream BIG.” We are asking Alaskans to learn about Alaska's natural resources, be creative, be innovative, and to dream BIG about Alaska's future. Alaska Natural Resource Month Junior Achievement Alaska 639 W. International Airport Rd., #38 Anchorage, Alaska 99518 Tax ID: 92-0045091 Deborah Brollini, Founder Voice/Fax: 206-339-7831 Mining Oil and Gas Prudhoe Bay Discovery Well
  2. 2. “March is Alaska Alaska’s Natural Resources Natural Resource • Oil and Gas Month celebrating • Mining • Forestry • Fisheries • Tourism the breath of resources that we have in this state which are world About us – Steve Pratt, Executive Director, Consumer Energy Alliance Statewide natural resource and Junior Achievement curriculum Curriculum aligns with Common Core, and Alaska State Learning Standards • FREE resource education kits for teachers • iPhone and Android apps Activities • Statewide 1st Friday activities • Book clubs • Music playlists • Comedy nights • Statewide Dream “BIG” activities • Fisheries Statewide “Discovery Day” retail sales and specials • Junior Achievement and Alaska Natural Resource Month share a vision of educating and empowering our youth who are Alaska's most precious and valuable natural resource. “800 Miles” health and wellness campaign • This year we have partnered with the non-profit Junior Achievement Alaska to bring exciting activities to all Alaskans. Kids Natural Resource Day • The 3rd Annual Alaska Natural Resource Month will be held during March 2014, and Discovery Day will be held on March 13, 2014. March 13th is the day ARCO and Humble Oil announced their Prudhoe Bay discovery. Forestry • • class” Alaska Natural Resource Month and Discovery Day are grassroots outreach efforts bringing Alaskans, educators, and the private sector together with activities to celebrate Alaska’s natural resources, our energy potential, and our state's economy. Education and so much more Tourism