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PDF Tchg first wk orient ex


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Published in: Education, Technology
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PDF Tchg first wk orient ex

  1. 1. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 1
  2. 2. 1) Be responsible. 2) Listen to instruction. 3) Follow directions. 4) Act and speak Please,welcome, Your thank you, positively. good morning…7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 2
  3. 3.   Thumbs Up/ Down?   Show me Five!   Raise your Hand!   Voice Levels!7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 3
  4. 4. 1)  Arrive on time to class. "(In seat before the tardy bell rings.)2) Obey classroom rules at all times.3) Raise your hand to obtain permission to speak or get up from seat.4) Complete all assignments with maximum effort.5) Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 4
  5. 5. 6) Enter class quietly and begin working immediately.7) Have all materials needed organized and neat within reach.8) Line up with face forward, arms to your side, and no talking.9)  Have only water as a food/beverage in class. "(No candy or gum allowed!)10) Follow the Classroom Workforce "obligations and appropriate voice level "during Work Time. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 5
  6. 6. 1. "Stack up books properly for pick-up.2. "Pack-up your materials, trash/recycle materials no longer needed.3. "Clean and make neat your surrounding area. Be sure to check for trash under your table.4. "(Per. 1-5) Show your table is ready for dismissal by sitting up straight, folding your hands and being silent. (Per. 6) Quietly placing your chair sideways on top of your desk, "stand up straight, fold " your hand and be silent. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 6
  7. 7. 1) Warning/Redo of Correct Action2) "Verbal/Written Reprimand3) "Reflective Essay4) "Detention (1 min.-1hr.)5) "Parent Phone Call6) "Parent, Teacher, & Student Conference7)  Parent Attendance with Student in class8)  Possible “U” in Cooperation 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 7
  8. 8. 1) "Verbal Recognition 2) "Special Privileges (Dismissed First, Good Job Reward Coupons) 3) " Stamps that lead to a free item from the Good Job Reward Box! 4) " Free time, Game time 5) " Passing Notes time 6)  Written Recognition (Positive Note, Certificate) 7)  Possible “E” in Cooperation7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 8
  9. 9. " "1. Out of seat without permission 2. "Chew gum, eat food candy, or drink anything not water 3. "Use profanity 4. "Using physical force (Ex. kicking, hitting, shoving, pinching, slapping) 5. "Writing or passing notes 6.  Vandalizing objects (Ex. writing on desk, or someone’s belongings -paper, wu, binder) 7.  Misusing computer (Ex. going on inappropriate websites, typing without permission, throwing trash behind computer) 8. Missing a “See the Teacher” appointment 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 9
  10. 10. 1. Being polite. 2. Drinking water, eating fruit as a snack for nutrition or lunch (3 stamps for bringing fruit!) 3. Speaking positively of yourself and others. 4. Taking out a book to read when you have time to spare. 5. Keeping your items neat and organized! 6. Being patient and having manners. 7.  Helping someone when needed at appropriate times. 8. Asking important on-task questions.7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 10
  11. 11. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 11
  12. 12. •  Heading includes- Name (first and LAST), Period, Date (MM/DD/YY).•  Excellent work is neat and organized (space between problems).•  Format ALWAYS has a Heading, Title, Numbers circled, Problem/Paraphrase stated and answer BOXED.•  Finished before class ends.•  Then, begin your homework. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 12
  13. 13. 1) Keep track in planner and obtain parent’s or guardian’s signature weekly (3 stamps!).2) If you are absent- it is YOUR JOB to get missed assignments (1 week to turn them in).3) You will receive a “U” in work habits if homework is not completed on a daily basis. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 13
  14. 14. Quizzes/Tests Special 30% Projects/Labs Math/Science 20% Journal Classwork 20% Homework 10% Warm-up 10% Participation 10%7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 14
  15. 15. 100-90% A 89-80% B 79-70% C 69-60% D Below 60% F7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 15
  16. 16. 2008-2009 What I Will Learn in Science This School Year!  Branches of Earth Science!  Earth’s Structure!  Plate Tectonics (Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes)!  Thermal Energy and Heat!  Weathering and Erosion!  Earth’s Atmosphere and Oceans!  Interactions of Living Things!  Energy and Energy Resources! 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 16
  17. 17. 2008-2009What I Will Learn in Math This School Year!  Decimals  Order of Operations!  Powers and Exponents! Decimals!  Fractions and Mixed Numbers!  Ratios and Proportions!  Percents!  Rates  Algebra!  Geometry!  Circle Graphs and Statistics!7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 17
  18. 18. Materials Needed!  (1) 3-ring binder and (1) pencil pouch/box  (1 pkg.) 3-hole College-rule Notebook paper (loose leaf)  (1 pkg.) 5-tab dividers (labeled as each class) (2) 3-hole Peechee folders (Math/Science labeled HW and CW)  (2 ) Spiral notebooks (Class Notes, math and science)  (2) mechanical pencils with one case of extra lead  (3) pens: black, blue, grading pen color  (2) highlighters  (1) Multiplication/Division cards (99Cents/CVS, etc.)  (1) Children’s Dictionary (Necessary for Home Use) 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 18
  19. 19. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 19
  20. 20. Excellent Study Habits! • Create your own Study Area! • Create your own Study Schedule! • Complete your Toughest Work 1st! • Record your Achievement! 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 20
  21. 21. Student Note Taking! It’s a must!You will need to take notes everyday, it will look like this Word to the Wise • Keep notes neat. • Write down headings and supporting facts. • Use abbreviations. • Review notes often. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 21
  22. 22. Know your Academic Counselor!•  Now and always… they •  They will tell you will help you get to College! where you can get•  They will help you tutoring! determine what •  They will tell you classes are best for you! about and enroll•  They will help you you in after school mediate problems with programs! peers! 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 22
  23. 23. Help Centers and Programs!•  Get active! Participate!•  Tutoring can Help you!•  NMS has lots of wonderfully fun activities and programs just for you!•  Visit your academic counselor to find out what you want to join. 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 23
  24. 24. Parents/Guardians Need to Help you!•  They are there to help you too!•  They need to get you a library card!•  They need to make sure you eat breakfast.•  They need to check to see if you did homework! 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 24
  25. 25. •  Know that you can do it: I can do anything I put my mind to!•  Have a great attitude: I like it, It’s easy!•  Ask for when you need it: I tried, but I still need help in…•  Put forth your best effort! Excellence is my habit! 7/29/11 Created by Ms. Mills 25