Honeywell total-connect-video-working-mom-brochure


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Alarm Grid Home Security has provided this pdf with the permission and courtesy of Honeywell.

Alarm Grid is a home security product and alarm monitoring company that loves its customers. We have a strong appreciation of the DIY community, and want to make sure that we not only provide the best products and services out there but we also want to make sure that resources like these Honeywell product pdfs are easily accessible so that or curious customers can find what they need when they need it.

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Honeywell total-connect-video-working-mom-brochure

  1. 1. See your family, evenwhen you’re at work!With Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions, you’ll feel like you’re at home even when you’re not. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Quick Stats on Women Workers, 2010, roughly You know that your child is in 59% of women in the United States are currently good hands because you can in the workforce, many of whom have children see what’s happening at home living at home. And the number of single parent while you’re at work! homes is also increasing dramatically. If you are one of the many members of the workforce that is also the primary caretaker for a child, you know that balancing work and home responsibilities can be a real challenge! Honeywell’s Total Connect Video Solutions can Several portable indoor and outdoor cameras available— can be placed virtually anywhere! put you at ease, knowing you can look in on your household when you can’t be there. This service lets you see your family from almost anywhere by viewing live video of what is happening in and around your home. For more information, please visit (Continued on back)
  2. 2. While at a business lunch, you check in on your daughter...You won’t need to worry if the nanny or babysitteris taking proper care of your child, you can simplylook in anytime you want via your office PC orthe same mobile devices you use every day.You can even set up the system to send you avideo clip or photo every time the door opens,so you’ll know if your children are properlydressed for the weather if they are goingoutside. You can also receive these samealerts when your children come back home,so you won’t need to worry about their safety.Wouldn’t you want to know if your nanny orbabysitter were entertaining other people inyour home? Isn’t it comforting to be able to know ...only to find her being mischievousfirsthand that your sitter has taken your children and the babysitter fast asleep!off the school bus and returned them homesafely? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know thatyour teenagers arrive home on schedule, andwhether they are alone or with friends? WithHoneywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions youcan monitor everything and everyone in andaround your home and observe what they aredoing while you are away.With Total Connect Video Solutions you’ll feellike you’re there, even when you can’t be. As yourbaby grows you’ll find many reasons to “stop in” athome via Total Connect. You may even requestthat your nanny or sitter text message you to tune Total Connect Video Solutions make it easyin when your baby is hitting a milestone, like to see your family, even when you’re at work.taking those first steps or saying their first words.As your child grows, perhaps you’ll just want to So what are you waiting for?check in with them and the sitter a few times Call now for a FREE in home demonstration!during the day to make sure they are okay, andthat they’ve done their homework, while you’reaway on business. Total Connect Video Solutionsare the next best thing to being there. It gives youpeace of mind, knowing that you can check in onyour family from almost anywhere you are,anytime, when you can’t be there with them ...because some things really are priceless.L/EUTCVSWK/D