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Honeywell total-connect-video-faqs


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Alarm Grid Home Security has provided this pdf with the permission and courtesy of Honeywell.

Alarm Grid is a home security product and alarm monitoring company that loves its customers. We have a strong appreciation of the DIY community, and want to make sure that we not only provide the best products and services out there but we also want to make sure that resources like these Honeywell product pdfs are easily accessible so that or curious customers can find what they need when they need it.

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Honeywell total-connect-video-faqs

  1. 1. Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions FAQs Video Services How many cameras You can stream up to six cameras at once (providing you have the can I stream at once, and required bandwidth). Yes, individual cameras are streamed in separate can I stream cameras in windows. separate windows? Has anything changed Basic functionality has stayed the same. We have added additional flexibility as far as functionality? with the ability to stream video outside of the Total Connect dashboard. How much bandwidth will I use if I stream You will use approximately 768 Kbps per camera. multiple cameras? How do I test how Do a search on your home or work PC for a free local bandwidth test site. much bandwidth I have? You are measuring your upload speed, such as If I close my browser while streaming a pan tilt The camera will continue to stream but you will not be able to pan/tilt,camera will I lose functionality enlarge, turn on light or do a full pan of the room (buttons are inoperable). of the camera? Your camera stream will time out after 30 minutes without activity in the What happens if I leave streaming window (running your mouse cursor over the stream window my camera streaming? will reset the timer). What version(s) of Total Connect support the The enhanced viewer is supported on Total Connect 2.0 and later versions. enhanced viewer? How do I obtain the If you have Total Connect 2.0, the enhanced viewer will appear when you enhanced viewer if I have login to your account. an existing account? 1
  2. 2. Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions FAQs Video Services, Continued What is the process for You will need an active AlarmNet and Total Connect account number. Our IP cameras ® setting up the iPCAMs? are plug and play. What’s included in the box The camera, stand, antenna and power transformer. with the product? How does your remote An active AlarmNet account will enable you to enroll your IP camera and view viaservice for the camera work? Total Connect. Yes, we have 100MB storage— this equates to up to 100 clips of 5-10 second Do we have video storage? video clips (first in first out service logic). Video storage clips are MPEG4 compression for higher compression and better quality. Will captured video and live Yes, live, streaming video can be viewed from an Android™, BlackBerry® or iPhone® video be viewable from a mobile device using Honeywells Total Connect mobile application. mobile device? How many cameras can I install per each AlarmNet You can install six cameras per AlarmNet account. account number?Can live video be viewed from Yes, streaming video can be viewed using Honeywell’s Total Connect mobile a mobile device? application. How do you view Clips will be viewable in the event history page of the website. It will be a click-to-play recorded clips? item on each video-related event. How does the device work? Configuration #1 – You are using a wired connection and your router supports DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol). What path does it use to get AlarmNet Router to its destination? IP Camera • DHCP capability Modem Internet Configuration #2 - Your wireless router supports DHCP and one button WPS encryption. AlarmNet Router (wireless) • DHCP capability Modem IP Camera • WPS button Internet Configuration #3 - Your wireless router supports DHCP but DOES NOT support one button WPS encryption. AlarmNet Wireless Access Point Router IP Camera IP Camera • WPS Button • DHCP capability Modem Internet 2
  3. 3. Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions FAQsiPCAM-WI2 Wired/Wireless IP Camera How is the camera A +5V 1A DC power transformer is included in the box. The center pin is positive powered? and outer core is negative. What is WPS? WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is a standard for easy setup of a secure wireless network. Yes, can define four regions of interest (video motion detection areas) with Is motion detection configurable-programmable sensitivity for each region – motion detection can be available? scheduled by day and time. Can the power cable Yes, we have an optional power extension cable (9 feet), part# iPCAM-EXT. be extended?Can I utilize the microphone and speaker output on Currently, we do not support those features. the device? Yes. At the bottom of the stand you will see some mounting holes for screws and Can the device will notice the stand that is connected to the camera can be moved to facilitate be mounted? wall mounting. What does the privacy If the privacy button is pressed, you will not be able to view that particular camera button do? until it is pressed again. What is the LAN The LAN connection is used for hardwiring the device back to the wireless access connector for? point (WAP) or router. What is the range of Coverage depends on the placement of the wireless camera and the wireless the device when access point (WAP) or router in the application. used wirelessly? 3
  4. 4. Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions FAQsIPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera How is iPCAM-WO enrolled The process is the same as our indoor iPCAMs (iPCAM-WI/iPCAM-PT). into a Total Connect™ Video You simply enter the MAC number from the device to your AlarmNet Services account? account through AlarmNet Direct. ® How many outdoor cameras Up to six cameras in any combination (indoor or outdoor) are allowed may be used per Total Connect per account. Video Services account? The iPCAM-WO may be wired directly into an Ethernet port on a router Is the iPCAM-WO or using Wi-Fi capability with push-button WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup). wired or wireless? WPS requires a compatible router or adding a Honeywell WAP (Wireless Access Point). How is the iPCAM-WO The iPCAM-WO requires 12V 1A. The power adapter is supplied. powered? Yes, the iPCAM-WO features a day/night mode that provides LED Does the iPCAM-WO have illumination to support black/white video. The LED illumination range night vision capability? is up to 25 feet. Yes. The IPCAM-WO can be set up with up to four detection areas within Will video analytics work the field of view. Clips may be stored and e-mailed per detection in a with the iPCAM-WO? designated detection area. What is the temperature -10° F – 113° F (-23° C – 45° C) range for the iPCAM-WO? What is the plastic piece The iPCAM-WO includes a plastic cover for Ethernet connection to maintain included used for? weather resistance. Is there a built-in infrared Yes, however, the motion detector is not used at this time. motion detector? 4
  5. 5. Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions FAQsiPCAM-PT Pan/Tilt Camera How is pan/tilt function Total Connect™ video viewer will provide pan/tilt controller. When a pan/tilt camera controlled? is selected the controller will appear. Yes, we support up to four settings that will allow quick navigation to a Are there any preset pre-determined camera view. A programmable variable speed motor will control pan/tilt settings? how quickly the camera moves into position. Are there any automatic Yes, the auto-pan function allows scanning of view from side to side. pan capabilities? Does iPCAM-PT have Yes, two distinct motion triggering options—digital video analytics and built-in motion detection? motion sensor. Each can be programmed independently. Are there any external Yes, one input and one output are available for general triggering from inputs/outputs? external sources. Yes. At the bottom of the stand you will see some mounting holes for screws and Can the device be you will notice the stand that is connected to the camera can be moved to facilitate mounted? wall mounting.WAP Wireless Access Point In computer networking, a wireless access point (WAP) is a device that allowsHow does a wireless access wireless communication devices to connect to a wireless network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or related standards. The WAP usually connects to a wired network, and point (WAP) work? can relay data between the wireless devices (such as computers or printers) and wired devices on the network. 1. Wireless installation in premises without a wireless router When is an access point 2. Premises wireless router does not have WPS capability (WAP) necessary? 3. Dealers preference to standardize on WAP to minimize router compatibility issues 5
  6. 6. Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions FAQsAnalog Converter Unit (ACU) What cameras may be Any analog camera will be converted to digital and can then be used with the ACU? viewed though Total Connect™ Video Services. How many cameras may The limit is one camera per ACU. be used per ACU? How many ACUs may be used per Total Connect Six ACUs per account may be used. Video account? Will video analytics Yes. The ACU is capable of full analytics excluding the pan and work with the ACU tilt feature. and other cameras? The ACU is configured the same way as our IP CAMs. You will enter How is the ACU the MAC number from the device onto your AlarmNet account through configured? AlarmNet Direct. ® How does the ACU Using a Wi-Fi encrypted service via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) connect to the through AlarmNet. AlarmNet network? Is the ACU wired The ACU is hardwired for power but has WPS button capability or wireless? for Wi-Fi connection to a WAP or router.For more information: and Control SolutionsHoneywell Security Products Americas2 Corporate Center Dr. Suite 100Melville, NY 11747 L/IPCAMWIFAQB/D1.800.467.5875 April © 2012 Honeywell International Inc.