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ALA Graphics - READ Posters Made Easy Webinar (January 2011)


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READ ® Posters Made Easy : A How-to Demonstration with Adobe ® Photoshop ® Elements January 26, 2011 with Katharine Fronk and Diane Buck.

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ALA Graphics - READ Posters Made Easy Webinar (January 2011)

  1. 1. READ ® Posters Made Easy:A How-to Demonstration with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements January 26, 2011 2:00pm (CST) Presenter: Katharine Fronk Moderator: Diane Buck
  2. 2. Questions for us? For technical assistance: In the chat window, select theuser “ALA Publishing Webinars” and submit your question. For the Q&A: In the chat window, select the user “All Participants” and submit your question for others to view. Questions for you! Please take our quick poll.
  3. 3. • READ DVD Genres & Subjects, READ CD Box Set with Adobe Photoshop Elements, READ CD 1, and READ CD 2• a user license to create customized READ posters, bookmarks, and projects
  4. 4. • Adobe Photoshop Elements• 34 READ type treatment files• 12 bookmark files• 44 poster files: • 32 .jpg • 12 .psdMix and match! layered (.psd) poster background (.jpg) poster
  5. 5. • 5.0 MP camera for 8.5” x 11” poster or larger• Consider final poster before taking photo: – For a quick READ poster compose the background – For a layered READ poster, snap photo against high- contrast backdrop • solid-colored wall • green screen/sheet • high-res photo Special thanks to Jean DiMatteo from Twinsburg High School (above) and Jane Feldman & New Lebanon Library (left) for their posters.
  6. 6. • Open Photoshop Elements, choose Edit and Enhance Photos.• File > Open to find and open photo of your reader.• Insert READ disc of your choice and File > Open to select .png, .psd, or .eps READ type treatment.• Should see both photo and type treatment. – If not: Window > Images > Cascade• Using the Move tool, drag the type treatment onto your reader’s photo and release. Resize by holding Shift key and using corner arrows.• Press Enter.• Save READ poster.
  7. 7. • Select Magic Wand Tool.• Click image’s background to highlight large portions with dotted line. Continue highlighting background by holding Shift and clicking unselected portions.• Hold the Alt key to remove accidentally highlighted portions (i.e. parts of your reader).• After background is selected, select Magic Eraser tool. Click until entire background is erased and reveals a gray checkered pattern, meaning the area is now transparent.•Choose File > Save As
  8. 8. • Select Magnetic Lasso Tool.• Trace reader by clicking at reader’s bottom left and clicking cursor along their silhouette. After completing outline a small circle will appear next to lasso to indicate starting point. Click and dotted line will appear.• Right click on reader and choose “Select Inverse. Dotted line will now outline the background.• Select Magic Eraser Tool and click until entire background is erased, revealing checkered pattern.• Choose File > Save
  9. 9. • Select a layered READ poster (.psd), insert corresponding disc, and choose File > Open to locate and open chosen READ poster in Photoshop Elements.• File > Open to find and open photo of your reader.• Ensure both photo and READ poster are visible on screen.• Extract reader from background using one of methods outlined in previous slides• Once background is removed, click on reader’s window to make active then select the Move tool. Click and drag reader onto to READ poster and release. Resize reader by holding Shift key and using corner arrows to adjust.• Press Enter.• In the Layers Box, click eye icon appearing next to the placeholder layer so wooden figure disappears.• Save READ poster.
  10. 10. • Don’t forget Shortcuts! o Zoom in = Ctrl + + o Zoom out = Ctrl + - o Undo = Ctrl + Z (If mistake is made while resizing image, hit Enter so unwanted change takes effect, then hit Ctrl + Z to undo mistake. o Deselect = Esc• To have multiple windows appear at once choose Window > Image > Cascade.• Bring a layer to the foreground by clicking and dragging layer to the top of the Layer Box.• Save finished work as .jpg file for a smaller but non-editable poster or as .psd file for larger but editable poster.
  11. 11. Additional Resources:RDS Info Page with links to video tutorials, creative ideas, and archived webinars.READ Design Studio Blog for tips and trivia.READ Poster Flickr for inspiring images. ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.