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Strategic Public Relations and Social Communications for Pitango Venture Capital Portfolio Companies


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High Tech PR and Social Media Advisor, Alan Weinkrantz presentation to Pitango Venture Capital Portfolio companies in Israel

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Strategic Public Relations and Social Communications for Pitango Venture Capital Portfolio Companies

  1. 1. STRATEGIC PUBLICRELATIONS & SOCIALCOMMUNICATIONS Pitango Venture Capital Herzliya, Israel - 4 April, 2011
  2. 2. PURPOSE• Help you take inventory of what you are doing in PR / Social Communications• Possibly realign your communications priorities depending on where you are in the life cycle of your company• Provideperspective from someone who works with Israeli companies and understands the communications & budgetary challenges you might face
  3. 3. PITANGO COMPANIES SERVED strategic• AudioCodes - IPO communications can help impact• Envara - Acquired by Intel perceived value for exit strategies• Xacct - Acquired by Amdocs
  4. 4. ABOUT...• PR guy for 25 years working with Israeli high• “Social Media” for 7 years tech companies for 17 years• Blogger• Content Producer
  5. 5. ABOUT focus has been on...• Fabless semiconductors• Telecom - Message• Networking - Story -Reach• Security• Enterprise Software
  6. 6. REACH• Reach has traditionally been focused at the media and industry analysts• Content produced by the Marcom team• Shift to bloggers• Then... shift to the social web (not social media)
  7. 7. SOCIAL WEB• Many content producers• Connecting with disparate ecosystems• Often time, integrating a personal brand
  8. 8. TYPICAL PR MINDSET• We’re an OEM.... there’s only 35 companies in the world we are going after and we know them all... why do we need PR?• Our strategic partners / distributors around the world will take care of this for us.• We don’t have a budget for PR - we invest in R&D / Engineering• How do you measure this?• We have someone internal who can do this for us
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA MINDSET• Social Media is too time consuming, impossible to measure• We don’t have the bandwidth• This is something my kids do on Facebook• We’re a medical device company and have to be serious about this.• Being on twitter is not a fit for what we do
  10. 10. PR• Still matters in the traditional sense but is changing • helps you develop your voice • keep a consistent message • gaincredibility through external validation of media and analyst coverage
  11. 11. MEDIA / ANALYSTS• News• Application stories• Trends stories• Contributed articles• Being a resource when expertise is needed• Analyst briefings
  12. 12. I STILL PITCH...• Hard news• Story ideas• Getting media coverage still matters and helps build external credibility
  13. 13. HOW TO PITCH• Send short, emails with focused story idea• Offer news in advance of the announcement going on the• Follow editorial calendars relevant to the space you are in• Subscribe to HARO - free service -
  14. 14. THE SHIFT...• How do you blend PR and Social Communications....
  15. 15. YOU ARE NOW A MEDIA COMPANY• Content creator• Story teller• Community builder• Aimed at being found, discovered and shared by media, analysts and for business development everyone in your company should think and act like a journalist
  16. 16. A BODY OF WORK• Makes it easier to sell your story• Enables your content to be re-purposed• Increasesyour chances of being found when journalists / analysts are doing research about your space
  17. 17. static Web site Press Releases Media Outreach Trade Show BoothBrochures Analyst Briefings
  18. 18. active
  19. 19. Go Wide. Go Deep. Integrate. Team Company TechnologyMembers Blog News TwitterLinkedIn Delicious Article submissionsFacebook Slideshare Commenting Docstoc YouTube etc....
  20. 20. BELIEF SETS• Think of your business as media company that makes, sells, builds.....• Populate content widely and open / social platforms• Stop worrying about SEO. Use common sense and write / produce great content• Define your own metrics. What it’s important to measure for your company is different from another
  21. 21. BELIEF SETS - CONT’D• Findsomeone not in marketing / pr who is personally active on social networks and have them pitch in on this initiative• Initiate programs that enable product managers / key team members to build their own personal brands• Develop marketing programs that are based on your team leaders’ personal likes and passions• Consider blended services where you team your U.S. agency with Israel-based service providers as way to save on fees
  22. 22. Examples:
  23. 23. PR VS. SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS• PR reaches the media - you: to media: to many• Social Communications reaches your network that is relayed through other people’s networks - you: to others’ relayed networks• One is not a substitute for the other• PR brings the strategy and discipline.• Social Communication brings humanity and genuine voice
  24. 24. GOOD EXAMPLES••• /
  25. 25. FINALLY• Social Communications.... • promotes humanization of brands • allows for random, being discovered and found • depending on how you apply it, can be used in R&D, market research, customer support,
  26. 26. READING• Curation Nation by Steve Rosenbaum• Content Rules by Ann Handley & CC Chapman• Trust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith• Clue Train Manifesto - 10th Year Anniversary Edition by Chris Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Rick Levine
  27. 27. AND...• Be aware of cultural differences and acceptance of taking part in this approach
  28. 28. CONTACT• Alan Weinkrantz•• @alanweinkrantz••
  29. 29. PRESENTATION• Online today at:• copy and share with others• these are my belief sets• yourmileage will vary depending how of much you do and how long you can sustain.
  30. 30. thank you!(c) 2011 - please share