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Above The Code: 10 Principles of Startup Communications

Presentation at Tel Aviv University - during TAU Innovation Conference - 10 principles of startup PR by Rackspace's Brand Ambassador to Israel, Alan Weinkrantz

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Above The Code: 10 Principles of Startup Communications

  1. 1. ABOVETHE CODE Principles of Startup Communications Tel Aviv - May 8, 2015
  2. 2. TODAY... •Presentation online @ / alanweinkrantz •Share in real time on twitter @alanweinkrantz •Sharing principles, methods, approaches... each company is different •Practical tips, hints and actionable steps you can take and succeed in 2015 and beyond
  3. 3. ABOUT •34 years - believe in the real power of PR •San Antonio &Tel Aviv •Involved with Israel’s traditional tech sector for the last 22 years •Sponsored by Rackspace Startups Program - #BeHelpful
  4. 4. the personal computer mobile data networked computer VoIPmobile data IPTV WiFi tablet computer mobile cloud full circle of platform shifts
  5. 5. $24,000.00 in hosting / cloud / email credits + I am sponsored by Rackspace Startup Program $25,000.00 in strategic communications advisory services
  6. 6. 1. Get to the right side of “being right…”
  7. 7. 2. Stop pitching and start listening
  8. 8. 3. Build a body of work that will make you valuable to the media
  9. 9. 4. Add a layer of value with your brand
  10. 10. 5. Write for story telling
  11. 11. 6. Have a mission that helps others and builds community
  12. 12. 7. Leave a trail of digital bread crumbs…. H/T to Jeff Pulver
  13. 13. 8. Write like you speak. If you can speak, you can write.
  14. 14. 9. The more you read / listen / watch the media you think you belong in, the better you will get at proposing your story
  15. 15. 10. If you can sustain, it will cascade
  16. 16. How
  17. 17. June July August F1 F2 F3 F4 90 Day Editorial Calendar Planner 2x topics per month from each - 24 posts per quarter
  18. 18. PLAN.... •Post and write relevant content so you can be a source to media on your field of expertise •Develop & publish infographics you can share •Follow a wish list of 20 journalists you think should cover you •Read and comment on relevant articles without being self promotional. •Ask end user / beta customers if you can refer to them to media •Follow editorial calendars •Create your own editorial calendar
  19. 19. BEFORE JUNE 1 •Make a wish list of where you belong •business / tech / bloggers •media appropriate to your space •analysts / influencers appropriate to your space •track competitors or companies in your periphery on to see who covers and writes about them •track competitors on
  20. 20. PLAN FOR PR •If you follow some of these basic principles, you’ll be further ahead. •This process takes at least six months to one year to really get on a journalist’s radar and be sticky - sometimes you can get lucky •Get everyone on your team to make this part of their regimen as it will make them aware of the opportunities that await you when you are ready. •Bring up PR in your team meetings in a “what if...” scenario. Be Ready For PR SoYou Can Succeed
  21. 21. THIS HASTO BE… •A team effort •Sustainable. Start now… •Listen. Listen. Listen. Always be in discovery mode. •How can you help
  22. 22. ABOVETHE CODE™ best way to connect -
  23. 23. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. SlideShare. Medium. Instagram. YouTube. AboveThe Code ™ (c) Alan Weinkrantz 2015