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Health Check your Website - REISA

  1. 1. Presentation topics:• Before you begin planning your website• Plan and design the website for your customers – notyourselves• Contemporary web design – and why it has changed• The importance of mobile websites• Updates, eNewsletters & SMS Alerts• Website content – what should you include?• Website / Social Media Integration• How to differentiate and get noticed• Online Marketing – what are the best options• Audit of Websites & Digital Assets – with recommendations
  2. 2. Before you begin planning your new website• What outcomes are you seeking?• Who are you aiming to reach?• What’s important to your customers?• Have you reviewed your Analytics?• How will it support other marketing activities?
  3. 3. Reviewing your Analytics• Bounce Rate• Mobile Access• Page Insights• The impact of marketing initiatives
  4. 4. Plan and design the website for your customers – notyourselves• Less is more – only provide what’s wanted• Tailor the site to the devices being used• Make it easy to contact you• Focus on value to customers
  5. 5. Contemporary web design – and why it has changed• Mobile Internet is taking over rapidly• WordPress Content Management & Themes• Fonts & Typography• Visual impact – minimise the need to read online• Integrate existing tools (eg. Maps)• Simplicity & usability (Corcoran)
  6. 6. The mobile Internet requires a ‘responsive’ websiteA responsive website automatically adjusts to suit thedevice that it’s being viewed on.50% of your potential customers will likely be using mobiledevices to view your site by the end of 2013Use your phone to view your site – is it a good experience?
  7. 7. PC Desktop or Laptop Computer Tablet (iPad) PhoneOne website - multiple devicesProviding the best experience for users
  8. 8. Responsive Websites v Mobile AppsMobile applications are still the right option for certainbusinesses where their unique functionality adds value to theuser experience.However, the advantages which made iPhone apps so popularhave been undermined by their popularity.At first there was only one mobile device.Now, apps must be created for big tablets, mini tablets, phoneswith big screens like Samsung’s Galaxy, phones with smallscreens like the Blackberry. Apple, Android, Windows andBlackberry devices all require different versions.Alternatively, you can develop one responsive website thatdelivers a great user experience on all devices!
  9. 9. Responsive Website Design Q & AQ. Can I convert my current website to beresponsive?A. No. However, if the design and content alreadyexist redevelopment should be less than the cost of abrand new website.Q. Are responsive websites more expensive?A. They can be. It’s time consuming to build and testa site to work on multiple devices.Q. I’m still not sure what you mean by responsive,can you show me some examples?A. Excellent references here:
  10. 10. Is it really worth redeveloping my website for mobile users?Google announced that mobile Internet access would exceed that of PCs during 2013.Category Comparison PC v Mobile Access – February 2013(by 2014 it’s predicted that mobile Internet access will be 50/50 or even 40/60 in all categories)
  11. 11. What does this mean for Real Estate vendors?Australia has the second highest adoption of Smartphone’s in the world (behindSouth Korea) – 12 million users or 54% of the population.Predicted to rise to 15.6 million (68% of population) by 2016.Greg Ellis, CEO of said recently that their mobile visitation hadincreased 100% in the past 12 months to 1.35 million unique visitors.The Digital House Hunt report noted that between 2011-12 there was a 120%increase in mobile real estate searching – accounting for 1/5th of all searches.
  12. 12. Great ExpectationsUsers are now spending more than 1 hour per day accessing the Internet from theirmobile devices.Consumers generally have high expectations of their mobile experience - with 57% ofthose surveyed expecting websites to be tailored to mobile phone usage.The 3 most common complaints are:- Slow loading websites (61%)- Can’t find what they are looking for (61%)- Text and links appear too small on their phones (52%)In 2013, it’s imperative to have a multi-devicecompatible online presence, with 1 in 4 adultsvisiting websites from 4 different devices each week.
  13. 13. How many visitors use mobile devices to access my website?Having made the decision to provide a great experience for ALL visitors to yourwebsite, you will want to know that it was a good investment. So how can you tell?Google Analytics! That’s how!
  14. 14. Can I tell what mobile devices are being used?Yes. Google Analyticsrecords all activity onyour website, includingthe make and model ofdevices used to view it.
  15. 15. 4th behind Facebook,YouTube & Linked In asAustralia’s most popularsocial network service
  16. 16. Updates, eNewsletters & SMS Alerts• Communicating with prospective customers• A reason for people to subscribe• Connecting buyers with new releases• Owning your local area
  17. 17. Website content summary – what should you include?• Billboard style home page and key sections - for impact• Contact details featured prominently• High quality images• Concise descriptions (less is more)• The ability to share listings• Web fonts (for aesthetics & improved searching)• WordPress with Search Engine plugin• Area snapshot (infographic)• Location map (Google/OpenStreet) to show listings• Simple property finder (not too complex)• On-page, good practice SEO basics
  18. 18. Website / Social Media Integration• Ensure listings can be shared easily• Select the most relevant Social Media tools• Control your digital assets …. and why this is important- Facebook Business Page & Place Claim- Google Plus/Places & Maps- Yelp- Foursquare- Twitter- YouTube One Channel- Pinterest• Simplify the management and publishing tasks- Hootsuite (monitoring)- Buffer (scheduling)
  19. 19. How to differentiate & get noticed• More difficult now than ever (eg.• Google’s supremacy … and dilemma• Yahoo7/Bing – another option• Google ‘Paid’ Services - Display/AdSense/Adwords• Blogging (time consuming but Search Engine friendly)• Infographics• Digital ‘Regional/Local’ Newspapers
  20. 20. Audit of Websites & Digital Assets – with recommendationsPhil McMahon Real Estate- Website is not responsive- Google Anaytics- Nice looking site with most things done well- Popular Facebook page – 155 likes / 23 check-ins- Google Plus / Places & Map listing for 3 sites- Old Yelp listings still visible- Foursquare listing incompleteRecommendations:- Review Analytics closely- Make website responsive- Tidy up Yelp & Foursquare listings
  21. 21. Foursquare has 87k Australianusers as at May 2013.Most businesses have noidea they even have Foursquareaccounts – users can set them up
  22. 22. Audit of Websites & Digital Assets – with recommendationsREISA (Variety of names not overly helpful)- Website is not responsive- Google Anaytics- Nice looking site- Facebook Place & Business Page not merged- Facebook Nearby search finds REI NSW- Google Plus / Places & Map – Map point only- Old Yelp listings still visible- Foursquare – incomplete- Yelp (organisation named REISAI?)- YouTube One Channel – videos rarely being viewed
  23. 23. Audit of Websites & Digital Assets – with recommendationsREISA - Recommendations- Review Analytics closely- Make site responsive- Consider use of Infographics & Advertising- Merge Facebook assets- Set up Google Places/Plus & Map service- Tidy up Yelp & Foursquare listings- Name/Acronym of organisation will continue to be an issue- Analyse why YouTube videos attract low views
  24. 24. Audit of Websites & Digital Assets – with recommendationsProperty Professor- Website is not responsive- Google Anaytics- Site uses Frames- Nice looking site – no obvious way to make contact- Lack of location information makes it hard to market- Facebook Page & Group (don’t seem to be connected)- Facebook Nearby search finds REI NSW- Google Plus / Places & Map – No- Yelp - No- Foursquare – No
  25. 25. Audit of Websites & Digital Assets – with recommendationsProperty Professor - Recommendations- Review Analytics closely- Make site responsive- Remove the frames- Make it easier to contact you- Provide cross-linking between Facebook Page & GroupIf there’s a reason why location information is not provided, itwill negate the need for most of the social networks (Yelp,Foursquare, Google Plus etc) which have been tailored to help‘local’ business. Twitter might be advantageous for you.
  26. 26. About the presenter:Alan TimmsGeneral Manager HWR Digital | HWR Media & CommunicationsAlan Timms has 18 years digital marketing experience deliveringaward winning online solutions for both largebusinesses and small to medium operators. His focus has alwaysbeen results.Understanding a client’s objectives and knowing how to achievethem within the available budget, is where experience matters.Alan has consistently delivered successful, marketing drivenwebsites and online strategies for clients as diverse as Jacob’sCreek, Adelaide Showgrounds, Great Southern Rail, Coopers,SA Tourism Commission, RAA and National Pharmacies.These websites and strategic services have assisted clients to enter new markets, launch newproducts, reach and convert prospects into customers.
  27. 27. Thank you for watching.If you would like to discover how other businesseshave succeeded online, please contactAlan via mobile 0417 881 326 or