Pregnancy Week By Week Guide


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Pregnancy Week by Week guides women through each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy, giving details on developmental milestones in both Mom and Baby, practical advice and words of encouragement.

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Pregnancy Week By Week Guide

  1. 1. The average length of full term pregnancy in women is counted as 40 weeks (280 days). But the period anunborn baby spends in its mother’s womb is 38 weeks. This difference is because conception generallyoccurs after two weeks from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period (LMP).That is, when you are actually thinking of that lovely baby growing inside you for the first time, you arealready two weeks pregnant.Pregnancy or the gestation period in women is divided into three trimesters: First trimester – From conception week 12 Second Trimester – Week 12 to week 24 Third trimester – Week 24 to week 40Forward, find out what is happening with you and the baby in these stages, week by week.
  2. 2. Symptoms in 1 Week Pregnant WomenA full term pregnancy that lasts for 40 weeks is divided into inside your mind for the first time, you are already two weeks13-week trimesters that typically start from day one of your last pregnant.menstrual period. That is, when the physician says that you are10 weeks pregnant, then the period of conception is Many women experience very few or no symptoms at all duringapproximately 8 weeks ago. Most 1 week pregnant women are the first week of pregnancy as most of this time is consumed byunaware of the fact that the first week is mostly confined to ovulation and fertilization. But mild cramping and increasedovulation and fertilization. amounts of clear discharge are considered the most common symptoms experienced by 1 week pregnant women. Increased You don’t notice much of the changes fatigue, tenderness in the breasts and some sort of metallic taste as there is no releasing of the egg in in the mouth are also the signs of carrying. week one. In the first week, the menstrual cycle stops and the uterine The due date for the baby’s arrival can be estimated based on lining starts building and thickening the woman’s LMP during her first prenatal visit to the healthcare to receive the egg that is ready for provider. However, charting could be a little difficult as not allfertilization. And the actual development of the fetus starts from women have the same cycles. But an ultra sound can give you theweek 3 onwards. exact arrival day as well as an exact picture of the little one.The first day of your pregnancy is the first day of your last Start living healthy, adopt healthy lifestyle habits and start takingmenstrual cycle. As ovulation generally occurs two weeks after prenatal vitamins and other essential vitamin supplements to givethat, most women conceive during this time. Just keep in mind a good start to thenew life.that when you are actually thinking of that lovely baby growing
  3. 3. Week 2 of Your Pregnancy and the Changes in YouA woman’s uterine lining starts to thicken when she is 2 weeks Women’s cycle varies greatly from the average. To know thepregnant . It is also the time when the uterus begins preparing a approximate length of your cycle is necessary to know the timetissue to house the embryo. Measuring how long you have been frame of your pregnancy. For example, a woman of a normalpregnant depends on how you keep track of the menstruation cycle of 4 weeks is actually 2 weeks pregnant when the doctorcycle. The usual count of the pregnancy from the first day of informs her that she is 4 weeks pregnant. But with a womanyour last menstrual cycle makes you about 4-5 weeks pregnant whose cycle is typically 5 weeks, then you would say that she isby the time your next period is missed. 4 weeks pregnant.But as your pregnancy begins when your egg was fertilizedabout 14-18 days ago, you are actually 2 weeks pregnant. Thisis because ovulation occurs around 14-18 of a woman’s cycle.The first day of the menstrual period is the first cycle day. Thecycle may last about 5-7 days. Then, after a week, the ovariesprepare to release the egg. But the ovulation occurs betweenday 14 and day 18 of that cycle if the sperm is waiting for theegg at the top of the fallopian tube. As the sperm can survive Counting the pregnancy weeks also depends on how long youup to 5 days, the fertilization could start as soon as the egg is waited after the missing period. However, what is most importantreleased. is to enjoy your pregnancy and have a good diet that will help the development of the baby.
  4. 4. Week 3 of Pregnancy – The Beginning of FertilizationWhen you are 3 weeks pregnant , the sperm comes into contact During this time your baby is growing remarkably fast but iswith the egg inside the fallopian tube and the fertilization occurs. still too small to detect with the naked eye. But it will changeBut you are not even aware that you have conceived as you rapidly in the weeks that come. It starts developing its head,didn’t miss a period. Week 3 is the actual beginning of spinal chord and the gastrointestinal tract.pregnancy and also the time when the gender of the baby is You will even notice that your waistline is expanding but youdetermined. shouldn’t fear the weight gain that is inevitable at this time. Some women experience slight In fact, it is very natural and healthy to gain weight during spotting and bleeding because pregnancy as much of it is due to the growing placenta, of the fertilized egg moving into amniotic fluid, and the fluid collecting in the tissue and the the uterus. They may even baby. The weight gain is also because of the accumulation of experience nausea but there is the maternal fat that helps in supporting the breastfeeding. nothing to worry about. The third week of pregnancy is the time when a lot of changes are about to occur in your body. Appreciate these changesWeek 3 of pregnancy is the time when doctors usually prescribe and remember that they help in supporting you and the babyfolic acid tablets as it helps in preventing the baby from defects. throughout your pregnancyDuring this week, the amniotic fluid starts collecting aroundthe cells that comprise the embryo. It helps in cushioning yourbaby during the entire nine months of pregnancy.
  5. 5. Your Baby’s Growth and Development in Week 4 of PregnancyWhen you are 4 weeks pregnant, your baby is about ½ to 1 mm It is thus very important that the mother takes utmost care oflong. Quite an accomplishment for the little one! It will now start herself by starting to take a healthy and well-balanced diet.imbedding itself deeper into the uterus lining as the amnioticcavity and the placenta is beginning to form. This is the time when she needs a lot of rest andThe placenta helps in transporting the oxygen and nutrients to should give up smoking andthe baby from vascular networks and blood from your body. drinking. It is evenWeek 4 of pregnancy is the time when your baby starts recommended that youdeveloping its organs as different layers of cells develop in schedule an appointmentyour body. with your obstetrician.Pregnancy symptoms are greater in the fourth week. Morningsickness, dizziness, and tender or sore breasts are some ofthe common symptoms during the fourth week. Other Prenatal care is very important during the initial weeks ofsymptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and mood swings may pregnancy that are crucial for your baby’s development.also occur during this time. Week 4 of pregnancy is the time when, along with placenta,The week 4 which marks 1 month of pregnancy is actually very the umbilical cord develops which helps in supplying oxygencrucial for the woman and her baby as this is the time when the and other nourishments to the fetus. That warns you to befetus is prone to different kinds of abnormalities. extra careful about your nutrition during pregnancy.
  6. 6. Complications to Avoid in Week 5 of PregnancyRapid changes occur in both the mother and her baby when she This is the time when early pregnancy complications such asis 5 weeks pregnant . The embryo now starts forming its limbs ectopic pregnancy occur. It happens mostly when the fertilizedand ears. The eyes begin to appear and the head starts forming egg implants outside the uterus instead of imbedding itself intomouth and nostrils. Your baby’s tiny heart has formed and has the uterus. Measuring the levels of HCG is the best way tobegun to beat and pump blood. This week, the baby will also diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. Other complications such as ahave the first of the many growth spurts. blighted ovum or a molar pregnancy lead to miscarriage. Fact of being 5 weeks pregnant The baby also begins forming its skeleton by the end of the fifth week Instead of consuming coffee, better make a habit of drinking of pregnancy. On the whole, the steamed milk. Taking a soothing drink will help you avoid nausea and continue with your morning rituals. Also drinking milk is baby will have a distinct shape by the beneficial for your baby as your baby will get enough calcium for end of this week. proper growth of its bones, nails and teeth, especially now that you are 5 weeks pregnant.Symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, dizziness and It is important to adapt a healthy lifestyle to avoid all thesesoreness in the breasts are all continued even in the fifth week potential complications. However, if you experience anyand some women may also experience mood swings. The abnormal symptoms even after switching to a healthy dietneed to urinate more frequently is also one of the symptoms and a good nutritious food, make sure that you contact yourand this is caused due to the growing size of the uterus. obstetrician or your healthcare provider immediately.
  7. 7. Pregnancy Week 6 – Changes in You and the BabyThe main thing that your healthcare provider wants to discuss Breakfast cereals, kidney beans, broccoli, and whole wheatwith you when you are 6 weeks pregnant is your diet. Your baby breads and pastas are all rich in folic acid and are especiallyhas begun to develop all its vital organs in its fifth week and it is important for pregnant woman. However, a 400 mcg tablet isnow time to provide all the nourishment it needs to grow up seen as a substitute by many carrying women.healthy.In this week, your baby’s brain starts to develop and dividesitself into its 3 regions. Other physical features also developand are completely surrounded by the amniotic sac. The heartstarts beating at the rate of 100-150 beats per minute and youcan even feel it.Experts say that your baby starts making its first movementduring week 6 but they are so light that a mother is unable tofeel the movements. As all the organs are developing rapidly, this is the time – as is the entire time of your pregnancy – that You will have some weight gain in the sixth week of youryou take utmost care of your diet. pregnancy and the uterus will start growing. The sixth week is also the time when most miscarriages occur.Folic acid intake should be continued until the first trimester So, if you do notice any abnormal spotting or bleeding, yourof your pregnancy as it helps in the development of all the healthcare provider should be contacted immediately.organs of your baby.
  8. 8. Increased Symptoms in Week 7 of PregnancyAs you are 7 weeks pregnant now, your baby is visible through an W h i l e t h e p a i n c a n b e s u b s i d e d a l i t t l e b y t a k i n g Ty l e n o l ,ultrasound scan as it has quadrupled its size since conception. meditation and yoga are considered beneficial during theOf course, sometimes embryos can be seen from as early as e n t i r e p r e g n a n c y.six weeks. The baby’s nerves start functioning in the seventh Eating food rich in nutrientsweek and it is even able to open its mouth. and green leafy vegetableAnother important factor in week 7 is that your baby develops is good to make up for the its muscle systems and is producing its own blood. This is lost nutrients in your body.because the baby’s liver is working to produce red blood cells. It is also good for the development of the baby asSymptoms like mood swings, dizziness, nausea, morning the food you consumesickness, and frequent urination may still continue and the during the entire pregnancytenderness in the breasts persists. Constipation is also a will have a lot of effect onproblem in many women during this time and hence they are the development of youradvised to drink a lot of water. baby.Vomiting becomes severe and there might also be chancesof weight loss which is due to the hormonal changes in the As the baby starts developing major organs, it is essential thatbody. While you can’t avoid these changes occurring inside you manage the cravings that occur during this time and avoidyour body, you can relieve them to some extent by doing substances that might prove harmful for you or the baby.some simple things.
  9. 9. Baby’s Development of Organs in Week 8 of PregnancyYour baby is starting to look a little bit more human as you are The chances of showing out are more if you are carrying twinsnow 8 weeks pregnant. Its upper lip, ears, eyelids and nose are or triplets as your babies will take more room in the uterus.forming rapidly. It will also start developing its toes and fingers You might have even noticed that your breasts are slightlythis week. The baby stretches and causes some sort of enlarged. Breast growth continues throughout the pregnancydiscomfort for you. as the breasts prepare to make breast milk for the baby.The brain development is rapidthis week making the head Back pain is also a common discomfort during this time as theappear slightly big. The nerve growing uterus is putting pressure on your lower back.cells are beginning to connect Although pregnancy presents various challenges, it’s awith one another. The heart is wonderful journey for you and the little one. And it is verynow divided into 4 chambers and important to let your doctor know how you are doing to helpis pumping blood throughout the you make your pregnancy more relaxing.body. The umbilical is completelyformed connecting you both through the placenta. Facts about being 8 weeks pregnantThough you are 8 weeks pregnant and your uterus is continuo- Good prenatal care is very much essential for the health-usly growing to accommodate the little one, it is likely that and safe delivery of your baby. So, make sure that theyou are not showing much on the outside. It is hard to believe prenatal appointments are your top prioritybut your baby is now the size of a grape fruit even though it hasdeveloped all the vital organs that we all have.
  10. 10. Pregnancy Week 9 – Can You Hear the Heartbeat?You are reaching at the end of the first trimester when you are The most remarkable change that your baby undergoes during9 weeks pregnant . And of course there are notable changes your ninth week of pregnancy is the growth of sexual organs.inside both of you. Breast soreness and tenderness increase Your baby now resembles a human more closely. At this stagealong with the increase in the breast size. Chances are that your little one’s head is half the size of its body.they will grow even more as the breast tissue will grow duringpregnancy probably to let the milk come in later.Your blood volume also increases and adds up to 4-5 pondsof weight. Changes in the maternal fat and the amniotic fluidvolume will further increase your weight during pregnancywhich is quite normal.Your baby too is having a lot of physical changes and is growingrapidly. Its fingers are well formed now, and the toes are takingshape. It now even has its own unique fingerprints, and theankle and wrist joints are developing. You need to take utmost care during this time and consumeYou may also hear your baby’s heartbeat in week 9 of pregnancy enough protein foods. In addition to taking nutritious diet,with the help of a Doppler. And its not a big issue if you really avoid smoking and drinking completely as they increase thecant hear the heartbeat as it is just 1 inch in length and weighs risk of miscarriage when you are nine weeks pregnant.mere 2 grams!
  11. 11. Week 10 of Pregnancy – Time for CVSYour baby has completely developed into a fetus from the It also starts swallowing the amniotic fluid around it whichembryo when you are 10 weeks pregnant. You will even find provides the nourishment it needs.relief from some of your pregnancy symptoms such as the The end of week 10 of pregnancy is considered the best timemorning sickness. You are still in your first trimester of your for having the chronic villus sampling test which identifies anypregnancy and are still not safe from the chances of a chromosome abnormalities and detects any other geneticmiscarriage. It is therefore very important to make your conditions.movements slow and steady. Avoid dieting during pregnancy asMost hormonal changes occur during this time and the it might be harmful to the baby.blood volume increases to about 40-50%. Hormonal Eat sensibly and have nutritiouschanges occur due to rapid growth of the placenta which foods in sufficient quantities. Dois also responsible for hormone changes in your baby’s not forget that the quality of foodb o d y t o o . Yo u w i l l s l o w l y s t a r t n o t i c i n g c h a n g e s i n y o u you eat during this period will havebut your body doesn’t show out too much. a great effect on your baby’s growth.External genital organs begin to appear in your baby thatw e r e u n t i l n o w d e v e l o p i n g i n t e r n a l l y. Yo u r b a b y d o u b l e sits growth in week 10 of pregnancy and all the essential In addition to taking a balanced diet and taking good care oforgans begin functioning. your health, you need to avoid exposure even to second-hand smoke to give birth to a healthy and lovely baby.
  12. 12. Week 11 of Pregnancy and the Growing Hormone ProductionNow that you are 11 weeks pregnant, you have approached the Your baby is able to open and close its fists, and there are littleend of the first trimester of pregnancy. Your morning sickness buds forming inside its mouth that will eventually develop intohas reduced completely. If not, it will reduce by the end of week teeth.11. This is because even the hormone production has reduceddue to your baby’s growing pituitary gland. By week 11 of your pregnancy,Your stomach now begins to grow slowly and you might have you begin to notice that yourgained weight. There is nothing to worry even if you have not fingernails and hair are startingyet gained any weight as you will in the second trimester. Most to grow rapidly. And as theof the women who have experienced more morning sickness uterus is growing and expando not gain weight in the first trimester. -ding, it will be very difficult for you to get more comfortable during nights.All the vital organs of the baby have been formed and arefunctioning. The risks of defects decrease as the baby is nowless prone to outside influences. Your baby starts moving Eat healthy and always be in good spirits as much as possiblefrequently but you may not notice this. Your baby is now throughout your pregnancy. Include more nutritious and vitamin2 inches long and weighs one third of an ounce. -rich food in your diet which helps both you and the baby.
  13. 13. Changes in You and the Baby in Week 12 of PregnancyMajor changes occur in both the baby and you when you are As you have reached the end of your first trimester and your12 weeks pregnant. You might be noticing some skin changes baby is growing rapidly, its time for you to take more calcium-richduring this week along with relief from nausea and morning foods as they help your baby in growing healthy bones, teeth andsickness. Your uterus is gradually growing along with the baby muscle.and your tummy starts to show. By now, your little one’s placenta starts producing hormones and his nerve cellsYou will also produce large amounts of progesterone by now start growing rapidly. It will also start toand might experience some heartburn. practice breathing inside the amniotic fluid. Tooth buds too begin to appear and there isPregnancy week 12 is the time to regain your appetite that a need for you to boost your calcium intake.was lost due to nausea and the morning sickness and all the Avoid excessive intake of vitamin A as thisother symptoms that bothered you. Eat healthy and nutri- might damage the liver and cause jaundice.-tious food, and at the same time, make sure that you arenot eating any food that is not cooked thoroughly. In week 12 of pregnancy, some women form a dark vertical line along their abdomen which is quite natural. Avoid smoking andSemi-cooked meat and steaks increase the chances of even second hand smoke completely as research suggests thattoxoplasmosis – an infection that might prove dangerous you can reduce the chances of asthma development from 5-15%f o r y o u r g r o w i n g b a b y. if you stay away from smoking during pregnancy.
  14. 14. Week 13 of Pregnancy – The Beginning of the Second TrimesterYou have entered the second trimester of your pregnancy as By this time, your baby will start producing insulin with its tiny you are now 13 weeks pregnant. You’ll also feel relieved a lot liver and this will help the baby regulate its blood-sugar levelsas the risk of miscarriage has now dropped dramatically. as it develops day by day. The baby’s eyes too will start to moveEven if your baby is still tiny, your tummy tells the world that to the front of its are expecting. If you see through your stomach through ascan, you would see a completely formed baby with uniquefinger prints even if it is now half the size of a banana. Abdominal aches in week 13Apart from your growing belly, you will notice the formation of of pregnancy are common asbumps in your breasts. Yet, they do not pose any threats for the uterus is graduallyyour health and are quite natural; they help the breasts in expanding. In addition tomaking colostrums – the first milk that nourishes your little taking necessary supple-one after his birth. -ments, you should also take necessary minerals andBy now, you might have regained your appetite and are far itamins that are essential forfrom all the dreadful symptoms that bothered in your initial the baby to grow healthy.weeks. You will also look more radiant and energetic becauseof the improved blood flow. Improve your eating and exercisehabits as this will help you both in the long run.
  15. 15. Improve Your Energy Levels as You Enter Week 14 of PregnancyIt can be very hard to find relief from the lower back pain when Still keep away from raw and uncooked meat and be aware ofyou are 14 weeks pregnant and this pain is much more in your food intake to match the required calories. Generally duringworking mothers. But the good news is that you have gained this period, your caloric needs will rise by 300 calories a day.back all your energy level and are in your glory days. Simple This is actually because your baby must receive all the essentialexercises are recommended now to fight with the backache. nutrition needed to grow healthy.Constipation is a common problem faced by many during thisperiod and this might be reduced with drinking lot of water. It Adopt a healthy lifestyle as anyis also suggested that you include more fiber foods in your thing you eat or drink will have adiet to keep your bowels moving. You will be too hungry during lot of effect on your baby who isthis time because of the growing need for more calories for growing increasingly proportional.both you and the baby.By now, your baby’s ears will start to move to their place at thesides of the head and the eyes are now almost near the front It is also the time to relax when you are 14 weeks pregnant ,of your baby’s face. Even the baby’s chin starts forming as the as it is important to lighten the muscles and joints in your bodyneck is slowly getting longer. for more comfort.
  16. 16. Pregnancy Week 15 and the Developments in You BothYou need more rest as you are now 15 weeks pregnant. Getting Your abdomen will start looking more bloated and you mighta lot of rest helps you in boosting your immune system and also have gained 5-10 pounds by now. The uterus slowly starts risingin promoting your health. The hormonal production has and moves past the hip bones. Relax a lot during this time as increased along with increased blood flow for the past few it helps you from increased stress levels due to lack ofweeks and you are expecting sudden side effects such as concentration.excessive salivation. Most of the women fall victim to infections of the urinary tractThe swelling of the mucus during this period because of increased levels of progesterone.membranes in the nose too Take all necessary measures to prevent the bacteria fromcause some inconvenience entering you and if you face such problems, consult your healthsuch as stuffy nose in many care provider, who will likely prescribe antibiotics to help you out.women. Take good care of your health and eat well. Exercise wheneverMost of the essential organ systems possible to promote both your and your baby’s health and wellof your baby will grow a lot during this week being.of pregnancy. Your baby is growing rapidly and its bones aregetting harder and stronger. By this time your baby is spendingmost of its time in practicing how to breathe. The taste budswill also start to form during this time.
  17. 17. Pregnancy Week 16 – How’s Your Baby Growing?Increased blood volume and the altered levels of hormones make For the first time in your pregnancy period, you might fell a littleyour heart work harder when you are 16 weeks pregnant. The fluttering in your belly. Week 16 of pregnancy is the time whennasal congestion that started last week will continue even in this most mothers report that their babies move inside. Some first-week as it will throughout your pregnancy. This is probably time-mothers take a week or more to feel such movementsbecause of the softening of the tissues and due to the deficiency inside them. So, there is no need to panic as this is very natural.of vitamin C. All this conditions will be resolved once the baby is Continue taking a balanced diet andborn. the required nutritious foods andYour baby is now strong enough to hold its head straight and vitamin supplements as week 16 ofthe ears and eyes are moving to their final positions. The baby pregnancy is the time when youris now mainly focusing on its circulation system and its tiny baby is more prone to neural tubeheart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood every day. defects and chromosomal abnormalities. Consult your healthThin fine hair starts growing on the baby’s head and the limbs care provider to undergo testsare beginning to lengthen. Your baby is now a little more than including the AFP test that indicates4 inches and weighs around 3 ounces and has some facial if the baby is at the risk of developingexpressions too. some central nervous system or spinal chord problems.
  18. 18. 17 Weeks Pregnant – Feel Your Baby’s MovementsWhen you are 17 weeks pregnant, your uterus should be about In this week 17 of pregnancy, there will be vaginal discharge2 inches below your belly button. You will gain more weight which is normal in pregnant women. This is due to the increasedgradually. The uterus starts to change its shape and occupies estrogen production in the mother and a greater blood flow in themore space thus putting more pressure on your intestines and genital region. It is normally fine if the discharge is clear or milkypressing them to the sides. and is odorless.Your baby can now hear even though the ears are not However if you doubt that thecompletely functional. This is because the brain is developing vaginal discharge is amnioticits parts that aid hearing and other senses. The baby is now fluid you should consult yourcapable of moving all its body parts and is also able to swallow health care providerand digest the amniotic fluid. immediately. This might also be sometimes due to pre-termThe baby also starts storing the fat from the amniotic fluid labor. Take necessary steps tothat will help in keeping it warm after the birth. Your baby avoid stress and exercisenow weighs about 5 ounces and is a little over 5 inches long. lightly and also maintain a healthy diet.As your little one is growing rapidly, the uterus will soonoccupy your abdomen and pelvis but this will not cause anydistress to you.
  19. 19. 18 Weeks Pregnant – Time to Increase Your AppetiteYou are 18 weeks pregnant and in the middle of your second To overcome this, lie on your left side while you are sleeping astrimester of pregnancy. Most health care providers suggest that this will provide you more comfort and helps in preventing youryou undergo ultrasound scanning in this week to detect abnor- veins form compression. Buying a pregnancy pillow is also-malities, if any, in the baby. This will also help you in planning suggestible as it supports your growing belly and the uterus.ahead for any interventions that may be necessary for the babyafter its birth.By now, your baby’s genitals are clearly distinguishable. Thebaby has also started producing Myelin – a substance essen--tial for the proper functioning of the nervous system. This willbe produced until the ninth month. Your little one now weighs alittle more than five ounces and may be between 5 and 6 incheslong.You can now probably feel the uterus just near the navel. It isnow the size of a small melon and you can even feel it belowyour tummy. You might have gained around 15 pounds bynow which is just normal. You may start getting a little bit You will be feeling hungrier because of the growing need of gooduncomfortable because of the growing belly and find it nutrition. Make sure that your diet is nutritious and balanced asdifficult to get a good night sleep. our baby will take all it needs from your reserves.
  20. 20. Week 19 of Pregnancy – More Noticeable ChangesYou are about halfway through your pregnancy when you are This is the time to start doing some exercises if you haven’t19 weeks pregnant and your baby is getting bigger every day. already. Regular exercises help you in increasing the flexibilityIf you already had your ultrasound, you might probably know of your body which will further help you relieving the tension andwhat you are having inside you. pain during the labor.Whether it is a boy or a girl, your baby’s genitals are now in A slight increase in discomfort is notice in this week due toplace. Your baby’s nervous is busy this week and the brain too increased heartburn. This is because the uterus is still pushingis working hard as the special areas that help in your baby’s up against your tummy so that all the essential nutrients reachsenses are fast developing. the fetus more efficiently.More noticeable changes occur in the baby in this week 19 ofpregnancy and there are more movements. The baby’s legs There is a substantial demand forare developed and the baby is now measured from head to iron in the body when you aretoe – which could be around 6.5 inches. The sensory pregnant. So, iron intake is verydevelopment is also very fast and some research suggests essential for both you and the baby.that the baby may be able to hear your voice now. Eat iron-rich foods such as red meThe baby also develops a protective layer called vernix over at, nuts, legumes, and iron-fortifiedhis body. This white sticky substance protects the baby’s skin breakfast cereals and the amniotic fluid.
  21. 21. Week 20 of Pregnancy – The Halfway MarkYour pregnancy signifies the halfway mark when you are 20 You will be gaining about 1 pound a week from now and eatingweeks pregnant. Your baby is now practicing breathing and a balanced diet will help you and the flourishing baby inside.swallowing in the amniotic fluid. It weighs a little over 10 ounces Your belly too will be growing regular form this point of timeand measures approximately 6.5 inches. and you can observe regular changes. Constipation and heartburn seem to persist still and you might also start feelingOther changes in the baby include the formation of teeth buds a little clumsier from this week 20 of pregnancy. which are hidden under the gums for now. The baby’s bonesare getting stronger and his skin is gathering more layersAnother major change in the baby is the development of sleeppatterns. Most of the babies fall into noticeable cycles of sleepduring this time. The immunities also begin to develop duringthis week as your body transfers antibodies into your little one.You might feel a little breathless at this stage as the uterus ispushing upwards at your belly button. Be careful with yourposture so as not to stress your spine. This can lead to backproblems in the future. Using a pregnancy pillow is suggested Get good nutrition as it helps in giving you the requiredas this will help you from straining your spine and also in strength and stamina to make it through pregnancy withalleviating the back pain. good health.
  22. 22. Pregnancy Week 21 – You Have a Miniature Baby!When you are 21 weeks pregnant, you will be gaining more The baby’s digestive system too develops as much that the tinyweight and fat along with your growing baby. You might face intestines will contract and expand as your little one absorbssome swelling problems due to increased weight and the small amounts of amniotic fluid. Your baby’s eye brows andpressure put on the legs. These problems will subside naturally the eye lids are also completely grown now.and can be even tackled with the help of maternity support beltsand hoses. They help you in avoiding the discomfort in the Your babys growth will slow a little now as more concentrationankles throughout your pregnancy. is developing the organs and the central nervous system. Your baby can now hear you if you speak and sing.The uterus continues its growth and is now pressing againstyour rectum. Due to increased blood flow and increased levelsof pregnancy hormones, you may experience sensitive gumswhich may even bleed in some women. Despite all these Maintain your physical well beingchanges, you will be comfortable and in full swing pregnancy by doing regular but light exercisesmode. However, regular exercises and stretching are that help in better circulation bothsuggested to alleviate these discomforts. for you and to your baby.Inside, the baby’s organ systems continue to develop preparingfor the life outside. The umbilical cord starts thickening andgrowing as more blood travels through it from you to the baby.
  23. 23. Week 22 of Pregnancy – Time for Itchy BellyYour uterus is continuously growing and is a little above your The baby will now be able to touch and grab and feel the senses.navel when you are 22 weeks pregnant. While the baby presents The brain is still continuing its growth as it will until your littlehigh paced changes, this is the time when you will notice some one is 5 years changes in you. The continuously pushing uterus leavessome stretch marks on your belly which cause itchiness. The growth of the taste buds helps the baby in detecting the strong flavors in the amniotic fluid. Your baby now almost weighsThere are a variety of lotions that help you in limiting these a pound and measure about 11 inches.stretch marks. Even though you cannot completely preventthese stretch marks, you should consider using richmoisturizers to keep your skin subtle, smooth and glowing after Concentrate more on your diet andthe delivery. see to it that the food you eat is balanced and nutritious. Poor dietFoot and leg cramps, mild swelling on the ankles and feet, and can have severe consequences ona slight increase in the heart rate are some common conditions the physical and mental health ofseen in this week of pregnancy. These are quite normal and only your baby.indicate that your body is working a little harder.Pregnancy week 22 also marks for significant changes in yourbaby too. The hands have grown stronger and bigger and thenerve ending have developed the sense of touch.
  24. 24. Sleep Discomforts in Week 23 of PregnancyYour body undergoes various other changes along with the The baby’s pancreas is developing inside the baby and the babygrowing stretch marks when you are 23 weeks pregnant. And due has also started producing insulin. Now the baby can hear yourto the stretching stomach muscles, your navel will pop out a little noise and your heart beat as well.but will return to its natural position once you deliver the baby. The baby’s tiny bones continue to ossify and the veins are nowYou might have approximately gained 15 pounds by now and clearly visible through the translucent skin. The baby is stillmight experience some muscle cramps in the legs. You will also developing those fat deposits that will be padded under thefind it very difficult to sleep in a comfortable position because wrinkly skin after the delivery.of the belly that has now acquired the clear round shape.This discomfort in sleep may be dealt with using pregnancypillows that give you a better chance to sleep comfortably Continue taking the recommendedthroughout the night. The increase in the blood volume in daily intake of essential nutrientslower parts of the body forces you to make frequent trips to that are necessary for the strengththe bathroom. and stamina of your developingChanges in your blood chemistry may cause some water baby.retention which may result in swelling known as edema.H o w e v e r, t h i s c o u l d b e a v o i d e d b y k e e p i n g y o u r b o d ymovements frequent and avoid sitting for longer hours.
  25. 25. Pregnancy Week 24 and the Physical Changes in the BabyYour uterus is now on top of your belly button and is of the size By now, the baby weighs about 2 lbs and measures 14 inchesof a soccer ball. As a result, you will be having trouble bending long. The skin is still wrinkled and will be normal once the fat isand sitting comfortably. You will be gaining more weight which deposited and the muscles are formed. The little ones fingernails is just normal in all the mothers-to-be. You will also observe a and the ears are now completely developed.lot of changes in your and the bay when you are 24 weekspregnant. The baby is gaining more bone mass and the rapid eye movementTake small frequent meals as your baby is in need of more has already begun. And as the babynutrients now. It is suggested that you have six small meals is growing in size, the space insidea day instead of three so as to cope with your baby’s the uterus is filled up and becomesdevelopmental needs. more crowded.By the time you are 24 weeks pregnant, you can feel themovements of your baby completely. The need for frequent Continue doing moderate exercises to fell better throughout theurination, heartburn, anxiety and the growing discomfort lead pregnancy and to have more stamina during labor. And be sureto loss of sleep. The amniotic fluid begins to increase in that your diet is adequate as pregnancy is more complicated involume and will continue until the delivery. undernourished women.
  26. 26. Pregnancy Week 25 and the Growing Back PainBy the time you are 25 weeks pregnant the growing uterus The baby’s spine starts to mature and the brain and nervemay put some pressure on your back. Most of the women endings are so developed that the baby can sense the touch.experience severe pain in their lower back region and thelegs because of this mounting pressure. You need to take enough care at this stage to deal with theAlong with some growing back growing needs of the baby and to keep yourself fit.pain and leg cramps, week 25 is Increase the calcium intake as this helps you in reducing thethe time when many women come cramps in the legs and also in relieving the back pain.across pregnancy complications Moreover it is quite essential for the baby’s developing spinesuch as preterm labor and and his bones.premature pregnancy. Avoid activities that worsen your pain and always supportMeanwhile, the baby’s going your body with cushions and body pillows. Pregnancy pillowsthrough the remaining majorimprovements such as gaining weight and help you a lot during this time in getting a better sleep anddevelopment of the central nervous system. The nostrils begin providing open and the respiratory system gets stronger in this week. Consider some light exercises that your health care providerThe baby’s breathing movements also increase as a result recommends and always have a balanced and well-plannedof the well-developed lungs. By now, the baby weighs about diet to avoid unnecessary complications.1.5 pounds and is probably 14 inches longer.
  27. 27. Pregnancy Week 26 Marks the End of Second TrimesterBeing 26 weeks pregnant means that you are now at the Other discomforts such as leg cramps, back pain, headacheend of the second trimester and almost gone through two- and pressure in the pelvis continue and there might also be athirds of your pregnancy. Instead of complaining over condition known as restless leg syndrome where you’llproblems like back ache and leg cramps, jus have a look at experience restless and jittery legs. Do simple exercises thatall those positive bits such as the neatly grown belly, slowly stretch the muscles and keep you physically active.renewed energy, and the healthy hair and skin. And all this Movements also increase inside your belly as the bay is morebecause of the growing little one! active betweens weeks 24 and 28. The brain activities inside You will feel more discomfort the bay have developed and help in sight and hearing. This is because of the growing belly and the time when the baby will have the first moments of sight. this will continue in the coming weeks. Most women experience Air sacs called alveoli start to develop inside the baby’s lungs some sudden tightening and and they will continue growing for the next 9 years. By now, relaxing of the uterus which is by the baby is 14 inches long and weighs about one-and-a- half now two-and-a-half inches above pound. the belly button. Vitamin intake needs to be boosted and it is suggested toHowever, these contractions are very common and are take small and frequent meals rich in fiber. This will furtherpainless. help in reducing the constipation.
  28. 28. Pregnancy Week 27 – Beginning of the Third TrimesterVarious major changes occur in you and the baby when you The baby’s brain tissue and the neurons are developingare 27 weeks pregnant. Increased sleep deprivation and rapidly and his brain is working as that of a newborn. If theweight cause shortness of breath and increase the levels baby is male, the testes will have completely descended byof fatigue in you. The growing uterus further compresses this point of time.the bladder resulting in frequent urination. As the network of nerves around the ears has now completelyShortness of breath is developed, the baby is able to hear you and might alsoexperienced because of the recognize your voice. The retinas start forming and the babyincreased size of the bay. At is able to see the light through your abdomen.week 27 of pregnancy, most of By now, the baby will have regular patterns of movementsthe women experience what is and sleep and is also sensitive to outside touch. At this point,called as Braxton hicks contractions the baby weighs a little over 2 pounds and is approximately– pre-labor contraction that help your 15 inches long.body prepare for labor. And the good news is Take at least 15 minutes of rest or a catnap to feelthat they are not painful. energetic and recharged during the day. Continue takingThis is the time when the milk glands start developing due to a well-balanced and nutritious diet and practice some lightwhich, you will experience breast tenderness. exercises to strengthen your pelvis muscles and support the bladder to overcome urinary incontinence.
  29. 29. Pregnancy Week 28 and the SymptomsThe baby is growing and developing at an astonishing rate The first few weeks of the third trimester is the period ofwhen you are 28 weeks pregnant and the space is getting varicose veins, hemorrhoids, aches and pains, and lega little tight. The eyes are completely formed along with the cramps. All this is because the uterus is still growing ineyebrows and the eye lashes, the muscle tone is gradually size to accommodate the growing baby and because you improving, lungs are capable of breathing and the baby is have even gained a weigh of around 24 pounds at this point.even able to open and close the eyes. Even the baby will make you tense by kicking more and stronger during this week. However, the kicks will become significantly less as the space in the womb becomesinadequate in the coming weeks. Pregnancy week 28 is the time to be aware of the potential risks of pre-term labor. Drink enough water to keep the contractions of the uterus smooth and consult your health care provider immediately if you experience any menstrual type cramping or severe back pain. You’ll need to get a shot of RhoGAM, or Rh immunoglobulin, this week if your blood showed that you are Rh negative. This willOverall, the baby’s features are well developed and at this prevent you from becoming sensitized to your babys bloodtime, the little one looks almost exactly what he or she is should it mix with yours during the time of pregnancy.going to look after the delivery.
  30. 30. Pregnancy Week 29 – Monitor the Baby’s MovementsPay attention to your baby’s movements when you are 29 The baby’s sucking abilities are improving and the baby canweeks pregnant. For any reason, if you observe that the even cough and cry. The lungs too start maturing and thebaby’s movements are less or abnormal, contact your baby’s skin is now less wrinkled because of the packedhealth care provider for proper guidance. pounds.By this week you might have gained an overall weight of More so than ever, this is the right time to eat right and enough20-24 pounds and your uterus is now approximately four every day as your baby will start absorbing plenty of nutrientsinches above your navel. Sometimes, you will be plagued from you to gain weight and prepare for the delivery. By this time, the baby is around 16 inches long and weight about 2.5 poundsby the heartburn because of the belly growing more andmore substantial each day. Perform light exercises that help you toPregnancy constipation is also another problem faced by strengthening your abdominal musclesmay pregnant women in week 29. Consume lots of liquids and take enough iron supplements asand eat a fiber-rich diet. Pregnancy week 29 is also the iron deficiency is considered the mosttime when you experience various other symptoms common problem during pregnancy.including rapid weight gain. However, iron supplements cause constipation.By this time, the babys brain is forming billions and billionsof neurons each day and can control the breathing and thetemperature of the body as it continues to mature.
  31. 31. 30 Weeks Pregnant – Pay Attention to Your WeightPay close attention to your weight gain and the swelling The decrease in the amniotic fluid is because your little oneyoure experiencing when you are 30 weeks pregnant. continuing the growth and is taking up most of the space inExtreme swelling may be the sign of Preeclampsia – the uterus. By now, your uterus might have reached abouta condition that occurs in very small percentage of 4 inches above your belly button.pregnant women. Inside, the baby’s toe nails are growing and the eyelids open andPreeclampsia is a potentially dangerous condition that close. The early lanugo is disappearing and the bone marrow iscan include sudden weight gain, extreme swelling and now producing the red blood cells. Even the movements will besevere headache. But, when properly treated, it can be very frequent and you may even recognize the body parts.managed.Week 30 of pregnancy is also the time when you are Week 30 of pregnancy is the hard timelikely to develop varicose veins. They appear as fine shifting from one position to another and you will be having more troublebluish or reddish lines under your skin and are caused sleeping comfortably at nights as thedue to weakness in the small veins. belly expands. Using a pregnancy pillowThe amount of amniotic fluid starts decreasing inside your may bring you some comfort.belly and the production of progesterone in your bodyincreases.
  32. 32. Week 31 of Pregnancy – Less Movements Inside the TummyBeing 31 weeks pregnant, you will probably have some By this week, your baby is about 17 inches long and weighs trouble catching the breath. But be careful to prevent about 4 pounds. During this and the weeks to come, the babyexcessive fatigue and dizziness. The movements inside will be accumulating layers under the skin that will help theyour tummy become less frequent has the baby has less baby in keeping safe and warm after the to swim about in the amniotic fluid. The baby’s immune system is getting stronger and the nerve connections begin to function. By now, all the important bodyThe uterus now measures about 4.5 inches above your organs of the baby have almost completely developed exceptnavel and the breasts start leaking colostrums or pre- for the lungs.milk that forms in the breasts to nourish the baby afterits birth. Use good breast pads to prevent the leaks from Continue taking small and frequent meals to avoid heartburnbeing known to others. and take necessary precautions to stay away from the aching back.At this time, you might experience some pains and achesalong with numbness in your hands. All this conditions are Iron intake is very important in thenormal in most of the pregnant women because of the third trimester of pregnancy as therecontinuous weight gain and changing hormone levels. is a large shift of iron in the baby.There is no need to panic as all these symptoms willdisappear after the delivery.
  33. 33. What’s Happening at Pregnancy Week 32?Now that you are almost 32 weeks pregnant, you will This increase in the blood volume is necessary to supportprobably be feeling contractions in the belly on a regular the baby’s growth.basis. From now on, you should be very careful witheverything happening within you as indication of any As the baby is slowly dropping into pelvis in preparation forsevere pain can be labor pain. birth, the blood tends to pool in the mother ’s lower limbs which results in low cranial blood pressure that may lead to A lot of physical changes fainting or dizziness. In order to avoid this, take a small walk continue occurring in you and when you rise from a prolonged sitting position. the baby. Your estrogen levels and the blood volume continue There are even chances for the leakage of the amniotic fluid increasing as a result of which during this period. It is very essential to call your doctor if you the leg cramps and the back experience any of these conditions. aches may continue. By this time, the baby’s lungs have completely matured andPain in the lower back and the buttocks around week 32 can all the senses are working properly. Continue eating well andalso happen as a woman’s center of gravity continues to exercise moderately and stay as relaxed as possible byshift. You should be very careful while moving to avoid all means.unnecessary slips or falls.When you are 32 weeks pregnant, your blood volume will bearound 50% more than it was before pregnancy.
  34. 34. Facts to Know When You Are 33 Weeks PregnantYou are probably getting more and more excited about Abdominal region along withyour upcoming birth now that you are 33 weeks pregnant. nausea, it is better that you contactThe uterus now just fills up most of the abdominal region your health care providerand now measure about 5 inches above the belly button. immediately.You may have gained around 28 pounds by this week. These conditions might be due toThis week, the leg cramps become serious and you will still pre-eclampsia – a conditionexperience the difficulties such as troubled sleep and back characterized by increase in bloodache. Gentle exercises might relieve you from these pressure, swelling and loss ofconditions. protein in the urine. It is considered . a serious complication during pregnancyThe growing baby makes a pretty tight fit in the uterus. Dueto this, you may notice that the movements of the baby have Rapid growth of the brain has increased its size in proportionslow down a little. to the rest of the body and fat continues to settle under theThis is the time you may want to consider pre-registering baby’s skin, making it pink from redat the hospital. It will help you in speeding the admission Even though the baby’s body is completely formed, he or sheprocess while you are in the throws of labor. is still going through rapid growth. However there are very fewYou will be gaining a pound a week from now. If you notice changes remaining.any sudden swelling in face and severe pain in the
  35. 35. Pregnancy Week 34 – The Baby Moves into the PelvisBreathing becomes easier when you are 34 weeks The baby will now move into yourpregnant as your baby is now situated in your pelvis and is pelvis and the baby’s head is on thenot compressing your lungs. However, the problem of pelvic bone. The baby has thefrequent urination persists due to this position. immunity to fight on its own, against the infections, and antibodies areYou may also notice some numbness and tingling sensation transferred from your blood intoin the pelvic region as the baby is putting pressure on the the baby.nerves. This condition is likely to persist until your deliveryand it is suggested that you try to be in relaxed positions Lungs are completely developed and functional and the liverall the time. too is capable of processing certain amounts of waste. TheDuring this time, you will notice sudden contractions in baby’s weight is now about 5 pounds and measuresthe belly – a sign that your body is getting ready for the approximately 17 inches The shape of your belly changes as it drops due Stop feeling uncomfortable and anxious and try to be asto the baby turning in a downward position to get ready relaxed as possible during these weeks. Stress duringfor birth. pregnancy causes the release of catecholamines – hormones released by the adrenal glands in response toThe navel pops out due to the expanding abdomen and stress. These hormones delay the labor and make theyou may also observe some itchy red bumps on your belly. delivery difficult.
  36. 36. Pregnancy Week 35 and the Signs of LaborYou baby is around 5 and-a-half pounds when you are If you are experiencing discomfort,35 weeks pregnant. Due to the accumulation of fat under swelling and fatigue, a careful bodythe skin, the baby’s arms and legs plump up. By now, the massage can be extremely helpfulbaby is big enough to occupy almost all the place in the in relieving the pain and also helpsuterus and there is very little room to make any movements. you become stress-free.During this last month of the pregnancy, most of the babies As you might be feeling more andgain around half pound a week. The baby now weights up more anxious because of the nearingto 5.5 pounds and is about 20 inches long. delivery, it is suggested that you take some time to relax. Taking proper restWeek 35 of pregnancy is the time when most of the women is also necessary as the last few weeks of pregnancy are veryexperience extreme mood swings. Even though the mood stressful and exhausting.swings persisted all the time of the pregnancy, they areparticularly a bit dramatic now. Take frequent walks as it will help you in easing the labor pains and also continue taking a well balanced diet that is rich in ironSome women may experience low levels of hemoglobin as and calcium.the baby has utilized the iron levels in your body. Now isthe time to elevate the hemoglobin levels back to normalso that you stay healthy and fit even after the delivery.
  37. 37. Pregnancy Week 36 – More Energy, More FatigueYou are in the last month of your pregnancy when you are The baby is gradually loosing the lanugo hair covering the body.36 weeks pregnant and it is very difficult for you getting a The skin gets pinker and is less wrinkly because of thecomfortable position. By now, you have gained about 25-30 deposition of fat.pounds and your energy levels keep fluctuating. Vernix caseosa, the protective waxy covering around the baby’s skin, startsMood swings are very common in this last month of wearing off the skin and the baby is nowpregnancy. You will experience rapid swings between dropped into heads down position by now.fatigue and energy and could find yourself getting anxious,irritable and moody at times. Heartburn, constipation and In this week, the baby also practicesdiscomfort are some common experiences. breathing, swallowing and sucking.As you are coming to the end of your pregnancy, hormones The baby’s bones are now hardenedsecreted from the placenta trigger the milk production for completely and the muscle tone is alsofeeding the baby. Because of this you may experience improved. The baby now weighs about 5 and a half poundsswelling of the breasts are they are filled with milk. and is approximately 17 inches in lengthThe colostrums and milk further help in boosting your Continue having healthy balanced diets that give all thebaby’s immature immune system after he or she is born. nutrition that the baby needs and take regular tests that evaluate the well being of both you and the baby.Meanwhile, the baby is also working hard on the final stages ofits lung development while the kidneys are fully developed now.
  38. 38. Signs of Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy Week 37You may have gained a weight of about 35 pounds by the The uterus has stopped growing now and will remain the sametime you are 37 weeks pregnant. In most women, the uterus until delivery. Due to this, the movements of the baby becomestops growing and this is perfectly normal as the uterus less during this week and if you give birth now, your baby isstays roughly the same size between pregnancy week 37 considered as full term.and the delivery. The internal organs of the baby areThe labor pains are quite normal during this time and it is now completely developed and thevery essential that you have regular prenatal checkups as baby is now preparing for the lifeyou are now at a stage where you can get into labor at outside with regularly practicingany time. breathing, sucking ad swallowing.You will also notice more vaginal discharge this week asyour body is preparing for the labor. In some women who By this time, the baby has even acquiredare overdue or who are having conditions like gestational enough coordination to grasp thing with thediabetes, bleeding or pre eclampsia, the health care little fingers. The baby now weighs around 6.5 pounds andprovider decides to induce the labor using a pitochin drip measures about 21 inches long.which stimulates the contractions. Take good care of your health and keep eating healthy asMost of the pregnant women find that the pitochin drips leads to you continue the pregnancy from this point.stronger contractions. However, the contractions are steady withthis medication and also minimize the complications.
  39. 39. Pregnancy Week 38 and the Signs of LaborAt 38 weeks pregnant you may start worrying a little about Your baby continues to put on some weight even in this weekthe labor as your belly is sitting probably a little lower. You and weighs about 6 ½ pounds and is around 19 to 20 inchesmay experience pelvic pressure because the baby is settling long.into the pelvic region. By now, the baby’s intestines have accumulated a considerable amount of meconium – a mass of cells and waste products fromAs the baby is hitting at your nerves while pressing, you the pancreas, liver and the gall bladder – that will be eliminatedmay experience unusual stings in your legs and inside the shortly after the birth.vagina. In order to overcome this, lift your legs up whileyou are sitting down in a comfortable position. All the internal organs of the baby areAs the cervix begins to dilate, you may lose your mucus well developed now and the baby isplug which seals the cervix and prevents the infection ready for the outside world.during pregnancy. This occurs in the last month ofpregnancy in most of the women and is not a predictorof labor contrary to what many people say. Increase your iron intake and continue taking your prenatalFrequent urination is another problem you will experience at this vitamins as the baby experiences rapid growth during finalstage because of the pressure on the bladder and the thighs. weeks. Increasing your water intake is also very important at this stage as it will help in preventing dehydration during labor.
  40. 40. Pregnancy Week 39 – Multiple Mood SwingsYou will probably experience multiple mood swings when you Monitoring the baby’s heart rate is done during this time usingare 39 weeks pregnant as you are quite ready for the delivery. internal or external monitoring systems. The internal monitoring systems give a more accurate reading while the externalConstipation and heartburn are the two common complaints monitoring systems detect the baby’s heart rate similar to aduring this time. Drinking enough water and eating something Doppler short intervals will relieve you from both the problems. By pregnancy week 39, there are many signsThe uterus starts contracting thus slowing down the flow of that your baby is full term. There is no longeroxygenated blood to the placenta. This is a natural process any lanugo hair on the baby’s body and theand should cause no worry. finger nails are now extended beyond theYou will continue making the amniotic fluid even in this finger stages but the rate of absorption is a little low. Sothe levels will start decreasing a bit. There might even The movements of the baby are far less now as there is nobe leaking of the fluid which should be reported enough room inside your belly. The baby now weighs aboutimmediately to your health care provider. 7 pounds and is around 20.5 inches long.Sometimes, it is a little difficult to tell the difference between the Nutrition becomes more important than ever during theseleaking of urine and the amniotic fluid. The best way to find out final weeks as you will need more strength and stamina tois to go to bed after probably an hour after emptying the bladder. make it through the delivery with good health.
  41. 41. 40 Weeks Pregnant – Being Full TermYou are 40 weeks pregnant means that you are full term or in Generally these contractions occur in a frequency of 3-4 timesthe last official week of pregnancy – hopefully. Some women every ten minutes and might probably last a minute.give birth in week 41 or week 42 of pregnancy. Only 4 % of Other than this, you will experience phase II of labor which iswomen give birth on their due date. called active labor, where the cervix is dilated up to 10 cmsThe weight gain will slow down considerably in the last week which leads to descending your baby into the pelvic region.of pregnancy and most women feel a bit clumsy and tired. The contractions then push the baby to move through the birthDuring this time of pregnancy, most of the women start canal. The baby will be descended more slowly in first timethinking about natural induction if they don’t experience labor. mothers. In phase III, the placenta will expel within 20 to 30 minutes afterThis decision should be carefully discussed and considered the delivery. This organ must come out completely to avoid andwith your partner and the health care provider as research bleeding or infections later. However, your health care providerindicates that induction may lead to fetal distress and to a will examine the placenta after it is expelled to be sure that nohigher incidence of cesarean section. fragments are left.As you are very anxious during this time, discuss with your The baby is now ready for the world as it enters the pelvichealth care provider as what to eat and drink in early labor as region. Its head is downwards and the back is facing against thewhen to call or come to the birthing center. abdomen. A full-term baby weighs around 7 to 8 pounds and isAt this time, you will probably experience real labor about 22 inches.contractions that are more intense and painful.
  42. 42. 40 Weeks Pregnant – Being Full TermPreserving health after pregnancy is as important as duringpregnancy because the infections of uterus, urinary tract andbreasts are common after delivery.In addition to best diet after pregnancy, increase your waterintake as much as possible as it helps to clean the body fromharmful substances. Healthcare after pregnancy is bothimportant for the mother and her growing baby. Po w e r e d b y !