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VMware VI Toolkit UKVMUG

  1. 1. VMware VI Toolkit VMware VI Toolkit 1.5 / PowerCLI Alan Renouf A System Admin – Not a developer ! http://virtu-al.net
  2. 2. VMware VI Toolkit Please get involved Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows Powershell Thanks to Hal Rottenberg for the giveaway of his book.
  3. 3. VMware VI Toolkit What can we manage ? •Datacenters •Clusters •Folders •Hosts •Resource Pools •Virtual Machines •Datastores •Luns •HBA’s •Virtual Switches •Port Groups •Templates •Clone •Virtual Nic •Physical Nic •Virtual CPU •Virtual Hard Disk •More...
  4. 4. VMware VI Toolkit Consistency Matters ! Consistent configuration means things will work •Vmotion •Storage Vmotion •Templates •Clones
  5. 5. VMware VI Toolkit PowerShell VI Toolkit current version is 1.5 • Contains 157 cmdlets • 2 Providers • Datastore • Inventory • 70 Toolkit Extension cmdlets Codeplex project to enhance the VI Toolkit functionality. http://vitoolkitextensions.codeplex.com/ 70% Coverage or if you include the extensions around 75-80%
  6. 6. VMware VI Toolkit What can we do ? Verbs : Nouns : Add- -VM Connect- -VMHost Disconnect- -VIServer Dismount- -Datastore Get- -VirtualSwitch Invoke- -VirtualPortGroup Mount- -Cluster Move- -Template New- -ResourcePool Remove- -Task Restart- -Log Set- -Folder Shutdown- -Datacenter Start- -Template Stop- -VMGuest Suspend- -HardDisk Test- -CDDrive Update- -FloppyDrive Wait- -Snapshot Etc..........
  7. 7. VMware VI Toolkit Examples Let the fun begin !
  8. 8. VMware VI Toolkit Scripts
  9. 9. VMware VI Toolkit Virtualization EcoShell • Management of multiple VMware Virtual Center, ESX, ESXi and VMware Server hosts • Single sign-on to multiple hosts using the same credentials • Ability to browse through inventory hierarchies on Virtual Center • Ability to view topological data for any managed server • Management of datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, folders, virtual machines, templates, snapshots, networks, dat astores, files, tasks and log files • Automatic generation of multiple infrastructure diagrams in Visio
  10. 10. VMware VI Toolkit Icomasoft •Save 2 hours daily due automation •Administrate one or one-thousand virtual •Simplify monitoring and analysis machines •Schedule recurring tasks •Cover every aspect of VMware VI •Integrate your own functions into VMware administration with a best-of-breed toolkit Choose from more than 35 standard •Get reports on all script executions functions (templates) •VMware Management Redefined
  11. 11. VMware VI Toolkit Resources Official VI Toolkit / PowerCLI Blog http://blogs.vmware.com/vipowershell/ My Blog: Hal Rottenberg: http://virtu-al.net http://halr9000.com/ Hugo Peeter blog: Stuart (XXXX) Radnidge http://www.peetersonline.nl/ http://www.vinternals.com/ Cody Bunch blog: Will van Antwerpen Wiki: http://professionalvmware.com/ http://www.vi-toolkit.com/ Eric Sloof blog: The Powershell Talk: http://ntpro.nl/ http://thepowershelltalk.com/
  12. 12. VMware VI Toolkit The End ! Questions Alan Renouf http://virtu-al.net