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Resume of Alan Percy


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Professional Resume and Accomplishments Summary of Alan Percy, Los Angeles, CA

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Resume of Alan Percy

  1. 1.  818-648-3432 |   Note: Currently resides in southern CA, and open to domestic relocation DYNAMIC LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT LEADER professional summaryHigh-energy learning and development leader with more than 15 years of demonstrated success in program efficiency andeffectiveness. Key executive positions reporting to Medical Directors, Department Directors and Managers. Effectiveorganizational leader with proven talents for executing tactics that advance organizational mission. Managed a team ofeducators, administrative assistants and student interns. Supported sales representatives through the production andimplementation of field programs resulting in leads, sales and client growth. Accomplished management skills critical tocompany success, client retention and employee satisfaction. Proven success in instructional design, facilitation, recruiting,budgeting, quality assurance and change management. Conceptualized, developed and implemented interventions leading toincreased health awareness, improved quality of life and enhanced company brand. Through partnerships with otherorganizations, produced high-quality programs within or under budget. Received performance-based promotions intoincreasingly higher-level leadership positions throughout entire career. critical skillset  Health Education  Program Conceptualization  Customer Growth  Program Management  Health Marketing  Adult Learning Theory  Staff Development  Stakeholder Relationships  Grant Writing  Corporate Training  Budget Management  Quality Assurance employment overview CAREER SEARCH, EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND VOLUNTEERING 2008-Present CLOSING OF MOTHERS ESTATE 2007-2008 SENIOR LEARNING CONSULTANT/TRAINER Kaiser Permanente, Inc. 2006-2007 MANAGER/SUPERVISOR/TEAM LEADER Blue Shield Of California 1997-2005 ADVANCED/INTERMEDIATE EDUCATOR CareAmerica Health Plans 1993-1997 professional employment history Health Edu cation Health Marketing Staff Developme nt Corporate TrainingCAREER SEARCH, EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND VOLUNTEERING 2008 - Present Program Conceptualizati on Program Manag eme nt Stakeholder Relationshi ps Budget Ma nageme nt Customer Growt h Adult Learning T heory Grant Writing Quality Assurance Community Organization, Volunteer Administration,Participated in “Emprove Performance Group” weekly webinars. Pursued professional development coaching, community relations, community outreach, health education classe s, health education program a nd services, opportunities. Volunteered at church and service agencies. Attended classes at L. A. Community works directly with clients, administer the group health ed ucation progra ms, demonstrated desire to provi de health e ducati on, health behavior chang e Motivate participation,College, Kaiser Permanente and The Village. marketing/promoti on, customer service, communicati on skills (i ncluding verbal and written), designing, i mple menting a nd evaluating chronic dis ease ma nage ment progra m,  Coursework in social media, marketing and other professional development programs. progressive pr oject manage ment, supervision proble m solving, planning, organizational skills,  Earned professional re-certification and continuing education units. initiative, produce timely and quality work with little supervision, interpersonal writing, presentation skills, experie nce w orking in a health plan,  Developed professional skills and networking contacts. supports compa ny busi ness g oals/busine ss partner ship. Prepares Monthly, Quarterly reports, achieve health metrics . health awarenes s prese ntations. computer pr ofi cien cy in Microsoft Office programs incl uding Word, E xcel and Outlook. Ability to work effectively both i ndep endently and as part of a team enthusias m, creativity effe ctively organize and prioritize work de mands. Alan Percy | Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. CLOSING OF MOTHER’S ESTATE 2007 - 2008SENIOR LEARNING CONSULTANT/TRAINER Kaiser Permanente, Inc. 2006 - 2007Reported to the Team Manager. Trained MDs, nurses, medical assistants and administrators onprogressing from paper to an electronic format for documentation of patient interactions, recordsand orders. Consulted with medical personnel to resolve implementation issues.  Streamlined workflows and procedures leading to more efficiency.  Eliminated lost charts and illegible notes.  Increased communication among providers and quality of patient care.MANAGER Blue Shield of California 1997 - 2005SUPERVISOR Health Education and Wellness DepartmentTEAM LEADERReported to the Department Director and managed department operations. Led the team chargedwith member retention and lead generation by presenting 8,000 health education and wellnessprograms in diabetes, heart disease, stroke, memory improvement, arthritis, cancer, sleep hygiene,etc. to 65,000 attendees. Recognized for creating programs and funding the services and materialswith $800,000+ from in-kind sources and grants, not from the department budget. Direct supervisionof 4 educators, 2 administrative staff and 2 professional interns, (3 bilingual). Directed the provisionof health education and wellness classes, screenings and materials for BSC employees.MANAGER 2003 – 2005Promoted, for the second time with BSC, to manage the department with a primary focus of salesgeneration. Collaborated with 13 select physician groups to increase BSC and group’s client base andmember loyalty. Spearheaded the adoption of 2 exercise programs for members into companybusiness practices. Demonstrated leadership on a cross-functional team to manage the memberexercise benefit.  Improved quality of sales leads by reducing the time between lead collection and follow-up.  Increased member retention by 2% and exceeded annual goal.  Consistently exceeded yearly goals for large events by more than 50%.  Maintained high quality service at network health clubs with member exercise benefit monitored through on-site evaluations and member phone calls.  Retained quality staff performers and enhanced job satisfaction as a result of training, observation and coaching of 4 professionals in project management.SUPERVISOR 2000 – 2003Promoted to improve member loyalty and retention and Blue Shield image in the community.Created and piloted programs that exposed members to health education messages and companyimage; trained and coached staff on delivering these programs. Led the annual planning process ofscheduling events by motivating the health education and wellness and sales teams to schedule theirown programs. Managed the team’s integration into a new department.  Enhanced BSC brand in the provider and senior community by exceeding goal for number of large events by 300%.  Through free and creative use of company technology, increased member awareness of health education and company image as a result of development and piloting of classes which members can access from their home phones.  Fostered employee job satisfaction, well-being and retention through training and coaching 7 staffers.  Identified medical conditions while promoting healthy lifestyles and the company during engaging field program. Was awarded the company’s “Best Actor” acknowledgement by Department Director and direct reports for innovation and leadership. Alan Percy | Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. TEAM LE AD ER Blue Shield of California (continued) 1997 – 2000Elevated to Team Leader position, during transition from CareAmerica to BSC and charged withfocusing on member loyalty and retention and enhancing company brand in the community.Managed the downsizing of staff and other stressors due to programmatic changes. Directed theefficient management of the department’s resource library with 400 titles by eliminating some titlesand adopting less expensive options. Created and piloted the delivery of large events that exposedmembers to screenings, consultations and materials regarding diabetes and medications compliance.  Reduced the department expenditures more than $200,000 by reducing library inventory from 400 to 250 titles; the saved money was re-assigned to current initiatives.  Retained top performing employees and quality programs during company transition.  Facilitated member awareness of diabetes and its complications as well as medications abuse - plus provided customer service in the field - through the conceptualization and piloting of these creative programs.  Because of leadership skills, was selected by management as a “Key Contributor” during the CareAmerica-BSC transition.ADVANCED-LEVEL HEALTH EDUCATOR CareAmerica Health Plans 1993-1997INTERMEDIATE LEVEL HEALTH EDUCATOR Health Education DepartmentUnder the direction of the Department Director, presented and evaluated worksite and senior classprograms (e.g. in stress management, smoking cessation, HIV/AIDS, nutrition) and screenings/healthfairs. Developed curricula, screening protocols and health fair programs and wrote health educationand wellness materials in various topics. Edited member directory of provider health educationprograms and health plan resources. Conducted worksite classes and screenings for CareAmericaemployees.ADVAN CE D-LEVEL H EAL TH E DUC AT OR 1994-1997Promoted and mentored intermediate-level educators, and managed programs. Worked on qualityassurance initiatives in collaboration with other departments. Managed the adoption of stopsmoking, HIV/AIDS, and, health care decisions and self-care programs into target population. Trainedphysicians and office staff on assisting patients with smoking cessation.  Generated member leads and raised awareness about CareAmerica and healthy lifestyles by conducted 200 events at worksites and 400 events for seniors.  Increased knowledge, resource utilization and coping skills for 3 programs: smoking cessation, HIV/AIDS and better health and self-care decisions.  Facilitated awareness, promoted healthier lifestyles and enhanced company image by researching, writing and editing 8 new curricula packages, 3 innovative learning centers and displays, 9 revised editions of a 90-page directory of 250 provider programs and 11 new informational pieces.  Enhanced health plan’s relationship with doctors and their staff by conducting 12 trainings sessions geared to assisting their patients to stop smoking.  Acknowledged by the Department Director for outstanding performance with the “MVP” award.IN TER M EDIATE-L EV EL H E AL TH ED UCATOR 1993-1994Organized the marketing strategies for the health plan’s smoking cessation readiness program.;taught this program. Managed the infusion of stress management programs into target population.  Increased member leads and health awareness as well as positive employer group relationships by conducting 150 health education events at worksites.  Made members more aware of resources and healthier behaviors due to successful adoption of a stress management program.  Enhanced member health awareness and company image through researching, writing and editing 3 editions of member directory of provider health education programs, 5 new curricula packages and 3 new informational pieces.  Improved the member directory by doubling the number of provider programs.  Recipient of “MVP” award for outstanding personal performance, along with “Best Team” award for exemplary team performance. Alan Percy | Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. additional relevant experience  FIELD SUPERVISOR/TRAINER, Employer Group Health Education & Wellness Programs - Health Net, Inc.  FIELD SUPERVISOR/TRAINER, Product Demonstrators - B. D. S. Marketing, Inc.  AREA SUPERVISOR/TRAINER/DIRECTOR, BEHAVIOR CHANGE – Nutri-System Weight Loss Centers Inc. (includes two promotions during 9 year tenure)  FOUNDER/DIRECTOR - Life Skills Institute – Human Service Associates  FOUNDER/DIRECTOR - Unit for Drug Abuse Prevention – The Governor’s Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission education  Master of Science in Social Work (Honors in Internship), Administration and Community Organization, Student Executive Council (2-years) - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA  Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) - National Center for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.  Certificate, Public Affairs Leadership Program - Kellogg Foundation (Awarded 2-year Fellowship)  BA, Psychology, Senior Leadership Award - Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, PA  Career Advancement - Emprove Performance Group contact 818-648-3432 |  Currently resides in southern CA and is open to domestic relocation Alan Percy | Page 4 of 4