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Diversity and Recruitment for the City of Boulder


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When the City of Boulder prioritized diversity recruitment managers realized they had a significant pipeline challenge. This presentation contains key elements of a diversity and recruitment strategy for the city.

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Diversity and Recruitment for the City of Boulder

  2. 2. DIVERSITY AS THE DRIVER • The US, according to 2015 estimates is 39% of color, and growing in diversity • Diversity and opinions about the nation came to the fore in the 2016 election (Bloomberg) • Employers are restating their commitment to diversity through leadership-issued statements (Bloomberg) • 39 cities and 364 counties were identified by the New York Times as having Sanctuary ordinances • Silicon Valley focused on diversity and recruitment after scrutiny • silicon-valley
  3. 3. DIVERSITY DEMOGRAPHICS People United States Colorado Boulder City, Colorado Boulder County, Colorado Denver city, Colorado Denver County, Colorado White alone, not Hispanic or Latino 63.7% 70% 83% 79.4 52.2 52.2 Black or African American alone 12.6 4.0 0.9 0.9 10.2 10.2 American Indian and Alaska Native alone 0.9 1.1 0.4 0.6 1.4 1.4 Asian alone 4.8 2.8 4.7 4.1 3.4 3.4 Pacific Islander/Hawaiian 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 Two or more races 2.9 3.4 2.6 2.7 4.1 4.1 Hispanic or Latino 16.3 20.7 8.7 13.3 31.8 31.8 101.4% 102.1% 100.4% 101.1% 103.2% 103.2%
  4. 4. DIVERSITY WINS BIG, WHEN YOU DO IT RIGHT • Dallas after the police shootings • Recruitment plan to bring in activist community • “The tragedy in July resulted in big support for the department and a huge increase in applications to join the force — especially after Brown's call to the community to support the police, join the department and be a force for change.” NBCDFW The Boulder challenge “At least five Boulder Valley high school students have been expelled in the wake of the suicide last month of a student who led a Nazi-themed group chat on Facebook that advocated killing African-Americans and Jews.” Denver Post “Facebook is not alone in minority representation. Miley criticized Google's (GOOGL, Tech30) decision to build a campus in downtown Boulder, Colorado, which has a population that is 88% white.” Google’s tech staff is only 1% black “’It’s the Boulder liberal attitude versus the KKK,’ says Derrick Jones, a black professor at Naropa University living in Boulder. He’s trying to decide what’s worse.” 2005 – three hate crimes against blacks in a three-day period. “’Again, we have silence from the City Council on this issue, but again we're speaking about the prairie dogs and how much we're going to spend on them,’ Thomas said.”
  5. 5. A DYNAMIC, DIVERSE RECRUITMENT PLAN CAN TRANSFORM THE DIALOGUE African Americans are 16% less likely to be invited to job interviews • Developing a diverse candidate pipeline • City manager’s commitment to diversity • Targeting campaign – where will jobs be posted (both regions as well as what recruitment vendors)? • The way jobs are written • The way recruitment questions are written • Deep commitment to training • External website • Include diversity recruiter on interview panels Diversity Recruitment Marketing Best Practices Checklist Tracey de Morsella
  6. 6. A PORTRAIT OF A DIVERSE, AND DIVERSITY AWARE CITY WORKPLACE Responsive employees Diverse management team Accessible community From “My employee told me I was being racist so I told him, ‘go talk to Human Resources, because that’s not me.’” To “I know my perspective is limited by my background. Tell me your experience and how I might work better with the team.”
  8. 8. • City of Boulder population 107,349 (2015) white 89,100, POC, 18,249. To come in line with US numbers, if the total population grows to 150,000 , then 36,201 new residents would be people of color and 6,450 would be white.
  9. 9. A POSITIVE PLAN TO SUCCEED • Metrics to measure success – Pipeline development – App plan – Percent of app pool – Percent of round 1/prescreen – Percent of round II/interview – Percent of total employees – Percent of manager/director – Percent of Deputy Director In addition to pipeline development, evaluate what criteria your organization is using to select candidates. If awards, recognition and career success are the driving selection criteria, your diversity strategy will fail. It will invariably be a white male that has received the most grants, recognition and career successes. Add diverse opinions and values to your selection criteria, design work to rely on divergent thinking, and add materials to your diversity recruiting materials to help applicants prepare for the interview process.
  10. 10. RECRUITMENT THAT WORKS • LinkedIn – provides access to active and inactive applicant pool, is its own social network for professionals, allows targeting by demographic groups. Highest use by potential applicants. Denver has 6 recruiting seats and a greater than $100,000 annual spend through LinkedIn. • Monster – has an internal advertising agency that can promote our jobs to diverse candidates through online magazines and communities in their diversity network. Ad spend is per view, which does not guarantee clicks to your job. • Indeed – has multiple portals and high data on reach. Promotion is per click rather than per view, however click-thru rates are in the 20-200 range. • – African American owned, high visibility in diversity employment searches. • City Recruiter position – hire a recruiter responsible for copywriting, management of outside services, design of diversity and recruiting pages, recruitment video production and representing the city brand to applicants.
  11. 11. OFFERS FROM PROVIDERS Offers were presented by LinkedIn, Monster, Career Arc,,, glassdoor, indeed, Vermilion and Zip Recruiter. If you would like a personalized assessment and negotiation with service providers for building a consistent and resilient diversity recruitment platform contact me through LinkedIn