Why use slideshare


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Amit Ranjan co-founder at Slideshare, great insight into how to use Slideshare to promote an market your business

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Why use slideshare

  1. 1. Why should you SlideShare? use
  2. 2. Hungry for good content?
  3. 3. upload&share your insights online market your content & business Discover interesting content
  4. 4. Do that and more with a company
  5. 5. community for sharing presentations World’s Largest SlideShare is the
  6. 6. upload & share insights market content wider & smarter find content let’s see how… 60million global users use SlideShare to…
  7. 7. Discover content
  8. 8. Find presentations on any topic Download SlideShares use for research, business & more
  9. 9. GetInspired by awesome SlideShares Follow what your friends and colleagues are sharing Follow industry experts and inspirational speakers
  10. 10. find slides from events you missed or attended
  11. 11. Browse onthegoUse SlideShare on mobile devices …view SlideShares on smartphones & tablets
  12. 12. Upload & Share insights
  13. 13. SlideShare supports presentations, documents & infographics Formats supported: OpenOffice, Microsoft Office & PDF
  14. 14. SlideShare supports video uploads You can also embed YouTube videos in your SlideShares
  15. 15. Share insights on any topic remix or reuse ideas from downloaded SlideShares Visual resumes, travel stories, how-to guides or even recipes
  16. 16. Watch your content go viral Get a high search engine ranking Get shared on blogs,Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
  17. 17. Embed SlideShare widgets on blogs, wikis & websites
  18. 18. Market Content wideR & smarter
  19. 19. Marketyour content on the world’s largest content marketing platform Use SlideShare to market yourself or your content
  20. 20. Smart Analytics, Lead Generation & more for premium features PROGo
  21. 21. Get detailed insights on your viewers & content Get Smart analytics to expand your reach
  22. 22. Collect leads on SlideShare or your website via presentations, PDFs, documents and videos Generate business with leadshare SlideShare’s lead generation service
  23. 23. Custombrand your SlideShare channel Make it an extension of your website or brand
  24. 24. Connect SlideShare with LinkedIn and expand your brand’s reach Display presentations, PDFs and videos on your LinkedIn profile
  25. 25. Turn SlideShare into yourcontenthub Upload Presentations, PDFs, Documents and Videos in one place
  26. 26. Who uses SlideShare?
  27. 27. Not on SlideShare yet? Sign up Now