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mcbeth CV 1985 - 2010

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Amcb Selected Cv

  1. 1. Alan James McBeth Barch Dip Arch RIBA ARB reg number - 052099C Selected Portfolio of work – 1990 – 2009 as designer , director and manager
  2. 2. PROFILE COMMENTARY I have good experience of all stages of major projects in both public and private sectors -including large commercial offices,industrial and retail developments, with very much a "hands-on" pragmatic style and involvement from initial inception/design to hand-over on site. My contract procuring experience has been both in traditional and design build projects, where my ability to communicate effectively with quite large teams, has been demonstrated, both as design team leader and coordinator as well as ‘people enabler’. I have never had a project go over budget or over time. I have a particular interest with in the IT/Web role in developing architectural practice. With a particular appreciation and skill of hand sketching and rendering by computer aided means. The most recent design for Vodafone in Stoke was developed in 3D by myself as a self taught CAD visualiser and enabled a full 3D tender as well as design development with contractor all visualized in 3D. At the CABE review for this project – Edward Cullinan Chaired and felt this was a ‘ really good building’. It completed on site in Autumn 2009 and has already won an award. I have also acted as regional Judge for the RIBA awards in 2003/2005/6 – 2009 and miscellaneous design judging elsewhere.
  3. 3. BREIF PRECIS of SECTOR EXPERIENCE as Designer , Director and Delivered on Site Commercial – Several large offices at Merry Hill Waterfront Dudley Design and delivery on site ( domestic construction) EGG bank Offices Derby – Design and delivery Vodafone Offices – Stoke on Trent – Design and Delivery Industrial – Small and Large Sheds mainly for the Distribution Market 2000-2006 Design layout coordinator and manager - Green shed development research. Retail and Residential – Supermarkets for Safeway , Shopping centre in London – Mixed use schemes including Tollgate in Smethwick. Various Housing site masterplan analysis and feasibility projects-Design and Delivery on site. Healthcare – Various works for University Hospital Birmingham , Selly Oak Hospital , Leicester Royal Infirmary – all complicated refurbishments with design and delivery on site . Transportation – Involved in Midland Metro Line 1 competition (successful ) YauTong Station Hong Kong – Design and Management of Initial Stages Public Buildings – International Convention Centre – Concert Hall front foyers- Design Architect National Indoor Arena Birmingham – Design Coordinator and enabler
  4. 4. MAIN ABILITIES – Director , Manager – Responsible for leading design teams and running office in Hong Kong and UK . Responsible for fees and maintaining business .Making sure of repeat business. Handling corporate client accounts and developing them. Briefing documentation for other designers – Good experience developing the Brief for private and public sector clients ( the project is normally as good as the brief) Design – (and Planning applications) Design from a blank sheet of paper using combination of hand and computer driven techniques – Sketch - up PRO ,ACAD ,Photoshop, Powerpoint , IDX and Kerkythea Working knowledge of MSOffice and Open Office UBUNTU OS. Planning applications along with preparing design and access statements. Specification – (and building regs) A lot of experience and knowledge of building materials including costs – NBS specification – Internet browsing is a recent godsend. Good knowledge and ability to meet target costs particularly with QS discipline. Working Knowledge of BREEAM and sustainable technologies. Tender Documentation (Architectural ) – Many tender docs prepared on various Types of contract (d and b and traditional )– have been recently experimenting with 3 dimensional tendering . On site – Running projects on site either for contractors or developers – meeting Minutes-Or acting as clients representative.
  5. 5. Projects – The Early Days - 1980s
  6. 6. My very first design out of university – In at the deep end! - 1985
  7. 7. First Supermarket design ( the first one in the UK to have Barcode readers !!1986/7 and taken onto site.
  8. 8. Prototype supermarket for Safeway 1988 Full design exercise
  9. 9. Projects – The Days of the Big Projects- 1990s
  10. 10. National Indoor Arena Birmngham – Lead Architect – 1990/1
  11. 11. Merry Hill Waterfront – domestic construction of large office development – Detailed Design in office and involved with building on site 1992 – Tarmac design/build
  12. 12. Merry Hill Waterfront – Point North Office Building – June 1993 I was key part of the design team and took the project onto site.- Tarmac design build.
  13. 13. Sandwell – psychiatric education unit with class , community and lecture facilities I helped develop the brief and design concept in preparation for a PFI pathfinder bid. 1995.
  14. 14. I was involved in the lead design for this Railway station for PTP when working in Hong Kong 1998-99
  15. 15. Projects – The Clever Projects – 2000-
  16. 16. Director in charge of team that delivered one of the fastest warehouses ever built in 2002 – normal time on site to that time was 20 weeks on site and that was fast!
  17. 17. My original thumbnail sketch for the EGG workspace in Derby in 2003 It all starts with a sketch !!
  18. 18. Sketching becoming reality – EGG 2003
  19. 19. Lots of design ideas and sketches carried out by me to guide the team I was working with ( although not the 3D work then in 2003)
  20. 20. The real thing delivered on site over 9 months
  21. 21. In 2004 I was the lead architect and designer for this shopping centre conversion in Sandwell All graphics and diagrams by myself
  22. 23. Sandwell 2005 – The tollgate centre refurbishment transformed the area and won an award
  23. 24. Third project carried out for EGG 2004 – refurbishment of their main entrance and core areas All graphics sketches, drawings and specifications/graphics by myself
  24. 25. Before and after shots of EGG refurbishment 2005 – main atrium Design ideas / specification and site management by myself
  25. 26. Some Selected Recent Awards
  26. 27. I am capable of doing whole design feasibilities in 3D very quickly on quite complicated schemes.
  27. 28. I am capable of doing whole design feasibilities in 3D very quickly on some Very simple schemes .
  28. 29. Within a team I have carried out a lot of research into green building techniques particularly for The industrial sector between 2002 and 2005 – I have a good knowledge of environmental sustainability technologies and strategies
  29. 30. Examples of 3Dimensional modelling work that I carried out myself when developing the design ideas for Vodafone in Stoke on Trent .
  30. 31. I use the 3D modelling tool for interiors as well as exteriors and render these with various Proprietary render engines some of which are free – ( I always start with a real sketch !!)
  31. 32. Exterior view of the new Vodafone Building in Stoke on Trent – October 2009 This building used my combined experience of sheds and workspace – done between 2007 and 2009
  32. 33. Detailed interior view in the halls of the new Vodafone Building in Stoke on Trent – November 2009
  33. 34. Detailed interior view of the new Vodafone Building in Stoke on Trent – November 2009 I was not responsible for the furniture but had a say in the design of most of the rest of it
  34. 35. Branded interior views of the new Vodafone Building in Stoke on Trent – January 2010 Staff reaction to the building so far has been excellent and has been generally described as ….. ‘cool’
  35. 36. Just for FUN !! Jan 2010
  36. 37. Embedded video There is an option to make any 3D model into fly through – it saves me a fortune in time and everybody becomes clear on the way forward . 2009