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2009 Food Finders Capabilities Presentation


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2009 Food Finders Capabilities Presentation

  1. 1. FoodFinders ™ CUSTOM PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT • PRODUCT SOURCING "A Value-Added Service for Chain Restaurant Customers"  Credentials of Alan S. Marmulstein, Founder of FoodFinders™  Services Offered To Chain Restaurant Customers  Client Companies  Client Product Platforms & Custom Product Development Capabilities  Contact Information
  2. 2. FoodFinders ™ CUSTOM PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT • PRODUCT SOURCING  FoodFinders™ is led by Alan S. Marmulstein, a seasoned National Accounts Manager with over 20 years of experience in the foodservice industry.  Built over $50MM in new business with many of the nation's “Top 200" restaurant chains.  Developed custom product solutions for major national accounts with companies including: Eagle Family Foods, Inc., Sara Lee Corporation, Saputo Cheese, USA and Schwan’s Food Service, Inc.
  3. 3. Services Offered  Facilitate the development of custom proprietary products designed to meet menu and operational needs of the chain restaurant customer.  Provide a unique Product “Sourcing” Service to help chain restaurant customers find new items for their menu.
  4. 4. CLIENT COMPANIES Great American Appetizers
  5. 5. • Specializing in Sun Dried Tomatoes • Featuring New Toss ‘n Topping 100% Ready-To-Use products • Various Cuts & Sun Dried Tomato Specialties • Custom Packaging Capabilities Halves Julienne Double Diced Triple Diced Finely Diced Powder
  6. 6. • Specializing in Finest Quality Frozen Vegetable • Extra Fine Green Beans • Grilled Vegetables • Specialty Vegetables & Potatoes Grilled Peppers Grilled Eggplant Grilled Mediterranean Blend Grilled Zucchini *Extra Fine Green Beans Potatoes Au Gratin Parisian Carrots *Our Specialty
  7. 7. Wild Veggie How About A Delicious Red Pepper Sauce for Fish or Broccoli/Cauliflower Soup . . . What is Wild Veggie? An innovative vegetable product Whole vegetable, not just juice 100% Natural & high in nutritional value Versatile – Soup, Sauce, Beverage ingredient Fresh tasting due to unique manufacturing process
  8. 8. Fritters, Hushpuppies, Casseroles & Side Dishes                                                                                                                        
  9. 9. • Mayonnaise • Salad Dressings • Barbecue Sauce • Tartar Sauce • Cole Slaw Dressings • Cocktail Sauce • Portion Control Single Servings • Bulk Products • CUSTOM PRODUCT FORMULATION • Co-Pack/Private Label • Caroline’s “Sweet” Specialty Dressings • Sweet Blue Onion Dressing • Sweet Orange Poppy Seed Dressing • Sweet French Onion Dressings • Sweet White Balsamic and Honey • Sweet Lemon Poppy Seed • Sweet Celery • Sweet Greek
  10. 10. • Ravioli • Stuffed Shells • Tortellini • Pasta Sheets • Manicotti • Specialty Pasta • Beef • Pork • Italian Sausage • Meatball
  11. 11. Marshmallows Breadsticks and Confections 2 Pack Breadsticks Marshmallows - Assorted Breadsticks Magic Mini Marshmallows - Sesame Breadsticks Marshmallow Creme Topping - Multi-Flavor Breadsticks Clown Pops™ Lollipops Bulk Sesame Breadsticks Caramel Apple Dip Imported Italian Breadsticks Icing Soybutter Salad Bar Toppings and Snacks and Dried Infused Fruit Tortilla Chips Salad Bar Toppings Snacks - Onion Bits Soybutter - Sesame Dots Dried Infused Fruit - Cranberries - Red Sour Cherries - Blueberries
  12. 12. Great American Appetizers  An Appetizer Company out of Boise, ID, specializing in a complete selection of Appetizer Products, including custom- made products, serving the Appetizer needs of many of our nations finest regional and national restaurant chains.  Battered & Breaded Vegetables  Battered & Breaded Onion Rings  Battered & Breaded Cheese  Stuffed Jalapenos  Specialty Appetizers  Buffalo Battered Mozzarella Sticks  Breaded Foccacia Cheese Sticks/Circles/Triangles/Planks  Stuffed Artichokes w/Garlic & Herbs  Edamame Bites w/Wasabi, Breaded Pickle Chips  Custom Formula Products
  13. 13. Breakfast Products Sandwiches   Cinnabon Bun Sticks Pretzel Rolls/Buns    Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzels   Funnel Cakes Appetizer Products Desserts Pretzelfils® Churros                                             Italian Ices Soups/Salads                                                                               Minute Maid® Frozen Juice Bars Bavarians Funnel Cakes
  14. 14. Breakfast Sausages . . . Lunch/Dinner/Appetizer Sausages . . • Apple Maple • Buffalo Style, Sweet Italian • Wild Blueberry – Great for kids! • Teriyaki Ginger, Roasted Garlic   • Country Style    • Spicy Jalapeño, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil                                                                                                                             Healthy All Natural, Gourmet Chicken Sausages • No nitrites, artificial flavors or preservatives •75% less fat than traditional pork •Made from lean, skinless, boneless chicken meat •No mechanically separated chicken •Fully Cooked - Just Brown ‘n Serve
  15. 15. Apple Sauce – In a variety of varieties, flavors and packages Sliced Apples – Great for Breakfast, Salads, Side Dishes and Desserts Apple Butter – Great for Breakfast, or as Side w/Sweet Potatoes or Sweet Potato Fries! Fruit Toppings & Pie Fillings – Great for Pizzas and Desserts Whole Baked Apples Zero Trans Fat Cheese Sauces & Puddings “Fresh Pressed” Apple Cider & Apple Juice
  16. 16. Flavors for Kids - We now offer three varieties of Musselman’s® Totally Fruit 4 oz. Apple Sauce cups. They are naturally sweetened with fruit juice concentrate; contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Musselman’s® Totally Fruit   Apple  Apple Sauce Sweetened with Apple Juice Concentrate Musselman’s® Totally Fruit Strawberry  Apple Sauce plus Strawberry Puree, Sweetened with Apple Juice Concentrate Musselman’s® Totally Fruit Peach Apple Sauce plus Peach Puree, Sweetened with Apple Juice Concentrate   Only 90 – 100 Calories per 4 oz. cup (depending on the flavor)
  17. 17. BonDolce Desserts Traditional Tiramisu . . . European Desserts In Glass . . . Individual Tiramisu Cups , “Stella Bianca” Chocolate Mousse Cups & Tartufo (w/Cream on the Inside) . . . Profiteroles . . . Custom Logo Promotional Mousse Cups . . .
  18. 18.  Blintzes – Sweet & Savory. Apple Raisin, Cherry, Blueberry, Sweet Cheese, Potato, Broccoli Spinach.  Potato Pancakes (Latkes) - Plain, Vegetable, Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Spinach.  Fritters - Vegetable, Baja, Texas Corn. Great as Appetizers. Larger size makes great Veggie Burger!  Pierogies  Crêpes – Mango, Strawberries & Crème, Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon Raisin.  Crêpe Shells – “Lacy” Plain & Chocolate.  Individually Wrapped Double Chocolate Chip Crêpe  Products for a Variety of Dayparts & Menu Applications:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack  Appetizers, Side Dishes, Sandwiches, Entrées, Desserts . . . CUSTOM PRODUCT CAPABILITIES . . .
  19. 19. “All OILS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL”! We are the only company using 100% High Monounsaturated Canola Oil in our Chips, which means more of the Taste Promise “Good Fats” and less of the “Bad Fats” “We’re the best. than any other Chip on the market today! Try us and taste Lowest in Saturated Fat the difference”! Zero grams Trans Fat Cholesterol-Free
  20. 20. Contact Information Alan S. Marmulstein Director of Product Development FoodFinders™ 4928 Village Terrace Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338 770-393-2152 Office 770-335-0473 Cell