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  1. 1. portfolioalanmanley skype:alanmanley tel: 07712183451
  2. 2. portfolio My work fromalan university and personalmanley projects including 2D and 3D skype:alanmanley tel: 07712183451
  3. 3. Model making from undergraduate Industrial Design atSheffield Hallam; an exploration in form A concept radio (left) and form exploration done on Foundation course in Art and Design at Bourneville College of Art and Design
  4. 4. Final year design for expanding plant pot, called POTT for Undergraduate degree. Also someiteration work on the same project.
  5. 5. Second final year undergraduate project; Drum-Box, whichassisted drummers in practicing their skills.
  6. 6. Two examples of furniture made outside of work, bothmanufactured by hand and out of recycled oak.
  7. 7. Rapid prototyping of a amp designed on Pro-Engineer and made by 3D printed, CNC and laser cutter. This was completed for my teaching qualification.
  8. 8. Graphic design work done for a wedding. Place names are reclaimed oak shingles.
  9. 9. CAD work; top left is Sketch-up, top right is Pro-Engineer and bottom middle and right is Rhino.
  10. 10. A selection of sketch and rendering work completed duringmy undergraduate degree.
  11. 11. portfolio student workalan from a range of projects atmanley Srishti skype:alanmanley tel: 07712183451
  12. 12. think with