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Ansible + WordPress


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Presentation for WordCamp Hamilton on how to use Ansible to provision a new CentOS machine with WordPress

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Ansible + WordPress

  2. 2. BECAUSE YOU NEED THEM GOALS • Simple* and repeatable installs • Automate your tasks *Simple ≠ Easy Sorry, everything takes effort
 BUILDER? ARE YOU A CC, Source: Flickr/VGB.Studios
  4. 4. A TOOL FOR ALL OF US ANSIBLE • Automate machine provisioning and deployments • Agentless • Configuration management • Idempotent
  5. 5. (TELL ME THE MAGIC) HOW DOES ANSIBLE FIT IN? • An orchestration machine with a usable shell prompt (*NIX) • Server(s) accessible by SSH to orchestrate changes SSH
  6. 6. HOW TO INSTALL ANSIBLE • CentOS/RH/Amazon Linux:
 sudo yum install ansible • Debian:
 sudo apt-get install ansible • OS X:
 sudo easy_install pip; sudo pip install ansible • Windows: sorry :(
  8. 8. THE THING YOU DO TASK AND HANDLER • A task is the most granular “thing” you do. For example: • Copy a file • Start a process • Create a file using Jinja2 syntax • Tasks are linear, whereas handlers are invoked by task completion (similar to WordPress hooks) • Tasks can loop, and may contain conditional evaluation
  9. 9. A CONTAINER FOR TASKS AND HANDLERS ROLES • Roles are sets of tasks and handlers that Ansible executes • Think shell script, but better organized and easier to read • Roles can have default variables, and be overridden by a play
  10. 10. HOW ANSIBLE STITCHES IT TOGETHER PLAYBOOK • A playbook is a collection of plays • A play is a collection of roles • One can assign plays to a host or host group
  11. 11. CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT’S BEST FRIEND VARIABLES • Variables can be specified at 3 levels • Global (config / env / command line) • Play • Host • Don’t hard code configuration, leverage variables and set defaults for overriding {x}
  12. 12. DEFINING WHO WE ARE HOSTS • A play can target a host or a group of hosts • Inventory may be static or dynamic (eg. AWS) • Specific host-related information to access server • User must have sudo privileges to perform system tasks
  14. 14. CONFIGURE A HOST 1.Make a SSH key pair
 ssh-keygen -t ecdsa -f deploy 2.Copy your key file to the host ( and
 append the file contents to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 3.Ensure the host user has sudo access (or else “become” parameter won’t work) 4.Ensure the python module python-httplib2 is installed 5.Disable selinux
  15. 15. CREATE YOUR HOST FILE [wordpress] ansible_user=alan ansible_ssh_private_key_file=deploy Host Group IP or FQDN Ansible options
  16. 16. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WRITE EVERY ROLE DOWNLOAD SOME ROLES ansible-galaxy install sbaerlocher.wp-cli geerlingguy.php geerlingguy.apache geerlingguy.mysql
  17. 17. BECAUSE NOT ALL ROLES WORK OUT OF THE BOX MODIFING GALAXY ROLES • Let’s check out 2 roles I modified • Modified from ansible-galaxy author darthwade’s roles • Made more variables available for customization • Made roles RedHat/CentOS/Amazon Linux friendly • You can write your own roles too!
  18. 18. FILES IN YOUR STRUCTURE CREATING YOUR OWN PLAYBOOK •group_vars •wordpress •config •roles •ansible-role-wordpress •ansible-role-wordpress-apache •hosts •wordpress-simple.yml YAML file containing your
 host group’s variables Your custom roles
 in the roles directory Which hosts should Ansible act on Your playbook
  19. 19. SECRET SAUCE TO MAKE IT UNIQUE THE GROUP VARIABLES --- apache_user: "apache" apache_group: "apache" wp_version: 4.5 wp_site_name: 'site1' wp_install_dir: '/var/www/html/{{ wp_site_name }}' wp_db_name: '{{ wp_site_name }}' wp_db_user: '{{ wp_site_name }}_user' wp_db_password: 'password' wp_db_host: 'localhost' wp_apache_hostname: '{{ wp_site_name }}.vm' Yup, how else can I give a demo! This is not pretty.
 See “vault” for more details.
  20. 20. DONEC QUIS NUNC THE PLAYBOOK - hosts: wordpress become: yes roles: - geerlingguy.apache - geerlingguy.php - geerlingguy.mysql - geerlingguy.firewall - geerlingguy.php-mysql - ansible-role-wordpress - ansible-role-wordpress-apache - sbaerlocher.wp-cli
  21. 21. LET’S RUN THIS… ansible-playbook -i hosts wordpress-simple.yml
  23. 23. THE REAL VOODOO LET’S RUN SOME AD-HOC COMMANDS • Configure WordPress for the first time
 ansible -i hosts wordpress --become -a "sudo -u apache wp core install --url=site1.vm --title="Yet another demo" --admin_user =alan --admin_password=alan --admin_email="" --path =/var/www/html/site1" • Update WordPress
 ansible -i hosts wordpress --become -a "sudo -u apache wp core update —path=/var/www/html/site1" • Update server:
 ansible -i hosts wordpress --become -a "yum update -y" • Reboot server:
 ansible -i hosts wordpress --become -a "reboot"
  24. 24. ” “ — The LEGO® Movie EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!
  25. 25. THANKS @alan_lok