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Walking (a long way)


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Position paper presented at CHI Outside - Interactive Computing in Outdoor Recreation @CHI 2017, May 7, 2017, Denver, USA

Published in: Technology
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Walking (a long way)

  1. 1. walking (a long way) CHI 2017 outdoors SIG Alan Dix University of Birmingham
  2. 2. Welsh Coast Path opened May 2012 linking existing paths a single way marked route with Offa’s Dyke encircles Wales three full traversals in 2012 (one running)
  3. 3. vision personal encircling, encompassing, pilgrimage, homecoming, practical IT for the walker & IT for local communities philosophical reflections on walking and space, locality and identity research personal agenda and living lab
  4. 4. no hard boundaries research – practice personal – philosophical 19th century science or Mediaeval?
  5. 5. data location GPX ... batteries ... sporadic signals .... bio-sensing ECG (heart), EDA (skin) and accelerometers audio and images in the moment text after the event implicit explicit
  6. 6. health and economics barriers physical – for the less intrepid financial – real and perceived … but also opportunities economic – tourism crucial at margins social – talking with rehab and ex-con
  7. 7. Tiree Tech Wave 26-30 Oct 2017