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GeoHCI 2103 - wonky maps


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Slides form GeoHCI workshop in Paris (part of CHI 2013), Sat 27th April 2013

About different kinds of maps, mobile heritage project on Tiree and Alan Walks Wales, local maps and local identity, linear maps and liminal communities

Published in: Technology, Sports, Travel
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GeoHCI 2103 - wonky maps

  1. 1. Mental Geography, Wonky Mapsand a Long Way AheadAlan DixTalis and University of Birmingham
  2. 2. about me
  3. 3. University ofBirmingham
  4. 4. Tiree
  5. 5. About Tiree750 residents20,000 summer visitors
  6. 6. Tireeat the edges ...750 people, 20 square miles, 4 hour ferryTiree Tech Wavefor the attendee and for the communitymaking a differenceTiree Mobile Heritage App.Tiree Connect
  7. 7. mapsreclaiming the local map within technological spacemapping never easier ... so long as it is ‘standard’“Post-Renaissance maps cover the surface of the worldwith an homogeneous Cartesian grip”Barbara Benderlocal maps – local concerns
  8. 8. maps – issuescoordinate transforms – rubber sheetingtransitions – morph or discontinuousauthoring and data
  9. 9. walking Wales
  10. 10. Welsh Coast Pathopened May 2012linking existing pathsa single way marked routewith Offa’s Dyke encircles Walesthree full traversals in 2012 (one running)
  11. 11. Alan Walks Wales – Visionpersonalencircling, encompassing, pilgrimage, homecoming,practicalIT for the walker & IT for local communitiesphilosophicalreflections on walking and space, locality and identityresearchpersonal agenda and living lab
  12. 12. linear maps too
  13. 13. linear maps too
  14. 14. linear maps – issuespersonal narrative and stories of placecurves and bends ... the high-pass filterlinking trails and localitiesoff the track
  15. 15. marginality
  16. 16. monmouth and the bordersconflict and boundaries:Offa’s Dyke, Norman Castles, Caerleoncontested territoryhow many counties in Wales?divided yet joined
  17. 17. an interstitial community