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Apt more-than-one-10


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Slides for presentation at APT 2015, Greenwich, 7th July 2015

The flipped classroom is at the confluence of multiple digital technologies. These include technologies for: (i) the creation and sharing of reusable, and possibly open educational resources; (ii) the delivery and consumption of those resources on multiple platforms, possibly adapted for or augmented by learners; and (iii) the monitoring and analysis of usage, progress and achievement. However, unlike online learning, the flipped classroom is set within a matrix of face-to-face contact and personal engagement.

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Apt more-than-one-10

  1. 1. More than one way to flip a class: learning analytics for mixed models of learning Alan Dix University of Birmingham and Talis @alanjohndix
  2. 2. why flip? R&D reuse MOOC materials Talis lighthouse trial
  3. 3. online HCI course (2013) basic video … but loads of it! course now hosted at OER site Human–Computer Interaction
  4. 4. lighthouse pilot universal player micro-analytics … individual course resource student
  5. 5. why flip? pedagogy Pros better use of face-to-face time greater student autonomy more flexible learning etc., etc., etc., … Cons lots more work  visibiity & control will they do it? panic!!!!!!
  6. 6. autonomous learning? Programm#/media/File:Erasmus_party.JPG
  7. 7. different mixes basics + integration preparatory videos on ‘basics’ followed by integrative lecture (chalk & talk!) 2 fully flipped videos followed by discoursive F2F videos followed by group discussions 2 part & part all material on video, some also taught in class N.B. noticable attendance fall-off when told in advance! 70 students 20 students
  8. 8. analytics – who read/viewed what typically about 1/3 watch everything, 1/3 some, 1/3 none at all! used stats to ‘encourage’ students in class N.B. did not look at individual student analytics students did not seem phased by this level of analytics
  9. 9. analytics – how much journal paper PDF recommended reading most students just read beginning in class explained structure of paper
  10. 10. P.S. … fun to watch at exam time ;-)