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  1. 1. ServicesWe are a Leadership Development and Employee Engagement Firm and we areON A MISSION TO MAKE WORK A GREAT PLACE TO SPEND HALF YOUR LIFE!
  2. 2. Hello!We are a small firm with a big mission : To make work a great place to spend half your life!We offer a compelling, unique and contemporary range of Leadership Training, Team Development, Executive Coaching and Employee Engagement Initiatives.From Fortune 500‘s to boutique outfits and Not-For-Profit’s, we work with all types of organizations.Their common denominator is that they’re all striving for highly engaged workplace cultures whereautonomy, the pursuit of learning and a clear sense of purpose are central to the employee experience.Words like Excellence, Quality and Service all describe what you can expect from Trampoline, but wealso believe these words to represent a professional price of entry. What sets us apart are our values,so ingrained that they have also become our reputation.Our ValuesPossibilityWe find a way to break deadlocks, bring big ideas and make great things possible.InnovationWe are known for engaging, creative and inspirational delivery that challenges as much as it delights.ActionWe are as accountable for results as we are prolific and pragmatic in our work.EnjoymentWe love what we do and we’ve made that contagious - our clients catch the buzz!We have a client list that includes Nestlé, MediaCom, MTV, Weight Watchers, McGraw Hill, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Accenture and W Hotels to name a few. But we’re more interested inthe size of the difference we can make than the size of the organization you represent.For us it’s all about having a blast, doing inspirational, transformational work that we simply love to do.Our promise is that you will love it too.On a mission to make work a great place to spend half your life!
  3. 3. MenuChangeology three Engaging your employees through a period of changeAbsolutely Not a Blindfold Trust Game four Team events and off-sites.Stop Managing, Start Leading five A suite of workshops for current and aspiring leaders.One six Executive CoachingEmotional Intelligence workshops seven A range of workshops addressing all the fundamentals of EQ, aimed primarily at Leadership and Executive Level. Founder Bio Alan Ibbotson eight 2
  4. 4. ChangeologyEmployee Engagement Initiatives: win hearts and minds in times of change “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change” - Giuseppe De LampedusaThe opportunity to create organizational cultures that roar is what led us into this work in thefirst place. So even though we’re highly experienced as trainers and facilitators of change, weunderstand that the emotional contract between employees and employers is constantly up forrenegotiation, and the only way companies can stay ahead of the engagement (and retention!)game is to win employee hearts and minds as a matter of consistent, daily leadershipmessaging.So this is where we draw on our HR and OD experience, but think and act like an Ad Agency to design provocative employer branding and communication campaigns that create a greater feelingof community, a higher sense of purpose and an unquestionable level of personal commitment.We have a kick-ass group of designers, marketers and communications professionals on our teamand we’ve become famous for collaborating with our clients on innovative, groundbreaking employee engagement initiatives that break down the barriers between Communications andHuman Resources to strengthen and simplify a company’s proposition so that it lifts off the pagesof the mission statement to become a palpable, authentic representation of the experience ofeveryone in your organization from the C Suite to the entry level.We develop surround strategies that stay in step with employee expectations and social media, incorporating online and in-person initiatives - intranet portals, engagement “Apps”, task teams,affinity groups, training initiatives, competitions, sweepstakes and multi-platform media messagingall work in concert to engage employees in a way that makes work a great place to be every day.We will always be respectful of what makes your company tick, but you can also rely onus to respectfully challenge organizational practices that are holding you back from living intoyour own possibility. Then we work with you to design initiatives and campaigns that truly brandyour company from the inside out.There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions for this work, just experience and expertise delivered by aband of people who absolutely love what they do.On a mission to make work a great place to spend half your life! 3
  5. 5. Absolutely Not a Blindfold Trust GameTeam Events and Off-sites“It’s amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit” - Robert YatesMost work teams need to spend time away from the office now and again to focus theirenergies on their relationships with each other. and their collective relationship to the work.Daily priorities, resource challenges and shifting circumstances can lead the most determined andeffective team to abandon an original plan and tap-dance their way through the year. The inevitable issues that result - communication breakdowns, strained working relationships andinefficient work practices, can simply be less of a priority when urgent deadlines constantly lurkaround the corner.With all that going on, it’s not unusual to have trepidation and/or “built in tension” at the beginning of a team offsite, so we quickly convert that energy back to its original source: passion and the pursuit of excellence. It doesn’t have to be painful when team members disagreewith each other as long as it’s managed well.That’s our job.So we don’t just make your team offsite effective - we make it a collaborative, enjoyable and inspirational experience centered around a collective benefit of the doubt and a sense of possibility. Once we’ve harnessed the team energy and got it all moving in the same direction, wefocus on practical application, accountability, process, team behavior, values, deadlines and measurable goals and clear success criteria.Stylistically, that means we avoid metaphorical trust games and anything with blindfolds, ropes orgrids on the floor, to focus on what matters : honest conversation and practical problem solving. We crank it up a notch by bringing intellectual rigor and stimulating ideas that appeal toeven the most senior, sophisticated thinkers in your organization. Our Emotional Intelligencecontent often plays a role in these events.Whatever you’re trying to accomplish: build the team, unite around a common purpose, build avision/mission, develop strategy or plan for change, we make it our mission to help you accomplish breakthrough thinking in record time.And our promise is that you’ll have a heck of a great time getting there!On a mission to make work a great place to spend half your life! 4
  6. 6. Stop Managing, Start LeadingLeadership and Management Skills Training “Leaders should act less like mechanics and more like gardeners” — Peter SengeWhich is all well and good, but what if you don’t know a garden fork from a trowel?It’s easy to dismiss management training as a luxury, but the research says people don’t leavecompanies — they leave managers. Talented employees who know how to play well with otherswill always be in demand, regardless of the economy, so if you want to hold onto them you haveto lead them, not manage them. Many organizations promote their best individual contributors,then find that they struggle with the thorny issues of leading others.In response to this, Trampoline have developed “Stop Managing, Start Leading” - a modular management skills program that takes the mystery out of what it means to build a reputation as agreat manager and effective influencer. • The role of the manager. • Setting People Up For Success: • Giving great performance feedback. • Handling performance issues. • Building teamwork and resolving team conflict. • Presentation and Group Influencing SkillsThese workshops are often combined with Emotional intelligence, and the content interwovento make for a seamless, EI focused management experience. This works particularly well formore senior levels (VP/Above).The focus of SMSL is as much on helping managers understand what their people need fromthem as it is about how to be a better manager. The result is that they walk away seeing it fromboth sides, with a clearer understanding of how they can be on their best day as a manager moreconsistently and more often.SMSL is consistently rated as “inspirational but practical and engaging” due to an upbeat deliverystyle and relentless focus on practical exercises, real life examples, case studies and group discussion about how to be the best manager possible within the context of any given companyculture. We welcome participation and involvement from HR generalists where appropriate or possible.For groups of up to 15 people, always tailored to skill levels or organizational levels, even seniorexecutives needing a refresher.On a mission to make work a great place to spend half your life! 5
  7. 7. One Executive Coaching “The brighter you are, the more you have to learn” — Don Herold Many executives achieve enormous success through a combination of raw talent, technical competence and good business instincts. But it’s rare to find those same folks are naturally strong leaders. So for those who you define as “high value”, “flight risk” or simply “indispensable” we offer comprehensive, tailored coaching programs designed in various different ways to fit in with even the most demanding of schedules. Our clients in this space are generally high level, often C-Suite and occasionally in the public eye. We coach around communication and influencing skills, leadership and inspiration, delegation and empowerment, with strong focus on the inner self : Emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in our coaching work. All of our coaching starts with one premise: Everyone we work with is worth the investment. So we work only with those who have the ability to improve and are being given the chance to do so. We also believe that people get better at what they do only if they have confidence in their existing strengths. So we start from there, using this as a springboard into the critical areas for growth and development. A typical coaching assignment will always involve: • Emotional Intelligence Assessment (incl 360 feedback) • Involvement and participation from the sponsors (the boss). • Goal setting and milestone planning. • One-to-One training in relevant skills. • Weekly face-to-face / phone meetings. • Ongoing assessment and feedback. • Coaching paced over a period of between 2 and 6 months. • Progress reports and final assessment. We are flexible and will weave in any number of other ways — conventional or creative, to ensure maximum impact and to keep the process engaging, motivating and inspirational. The vast majority of our coaching clients are so successful in achieving their goals, they subsequently become our evangelists and hire us repeatedly for organizational change related projects. We’re immensely proud of our reputation in the coaching space.On a mission to make work a great place to spend half your life! 6
  8. 8. Emotional Intelligence To know yourself is the highest wisdom. “The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.” - Daniel Goleman Research shows that while IQ generally accounts for 7-25% of success on the job, EQ has been proven to impact 27-45% of success. And while IQ is fairly “set” by the time we reach our teens, EQ is more of a muscle, which with guided and concentrated effort can be developed over time. If you’ve ever witnessed or experienced the shortcomings of leaders and teams in skills such as Empathy, Emotional Self Awareness, Impulse Control, Flexibility and Stress Tolerance, you already know that developing Emotional Intelligence is a critical lever for employee engagement and leadership growth. Our EQ workshops are often combined with team off-sites and incorporated into our management training sessions, with unique vertical offerings for Executive Teams, Human Resources, Sales Teams, Technical/IT and Creative Leaders. Using individual, confidential EQ as- sessments as a foundation, we explore the impact of Emotional Intelligence on leadership, communication, rapport, trust, collaboration, organizational problem solving, change management and personal/departmental reputation management. These are highly engaging, fast paced workshops that garner rave reviews!On a mission to make work a great place to spend half your life! 7
  9. 9. bioAlan Ibbotson is a Changeologist and the Founder of The Trampoline Group.Alan founded Trampoline after spotting a gap in the market for consulting and training organizations that were more inspirational, creative and entrepreneurial in spirit. He knewthere was room for a boutique firm that brought all of this plus pragmatism and a sense of accountability for results.Alan’s experience as a trainer and consultant spans over 20 years and has taken him aroundthe world, beginning in London in 1989 when he became the youngest ever Training consultantat British Airways. He spent five years there, delivering sales, customer service andmanagement skills training to a global network of staff.He was lured away by The Hearst Corporation in 1994 to head up a newly formedTraining and Development unit at The National Magazine Company in London. Whilethere, he implemented a vast number of programs in Selling Skills, Branding, Recruitment andEditorial skills. His innovative approach won him the attention of several media companies andin 1997 he accepted an offer with MTV Networks Europe in London.He headed up training and development for a few months at MTVNE before he waspromoted to Director of Training and Organizational Development for MTV Networksin New York. His vast portfolio of work there included significant Diversity program implementation, change management, leadership skills training and employee relations / conflictresolution.Alan is an engaging, motivated trainer and facilitator with bags of organizational savvy andboundless energy for making things happen. He’s an experienced and talented coach,with proven experience in helping individuals overcome significant workplace and professionalobstacles. He balances his quick thinking with practical advice so that even the biggest challenges become suddenly and wonderfully surmountable. He’s a straight talker who keeps asense of humor handy at all times. His no–nonsense Yorkshire upbringing means he is notashamed to snap any individual or group out of a funk by giving them a reality check - or tickling their funny-bone.Alan is married to his partner of many years, Steve. They are proud Dads to two adopted children, Isaac and Jesiah and live in Ridgefield CT with their three dogs. ALAN IBBOTSON “I am an optimist. It doesn’t seem too much use being anything else” — Winston Churchill 8
  10. 10. 360 Lexington Ave, Suite 201, New York, NY 10017 Tel: (646) 247 5337