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Improving engagement through collaboration


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Presentation on driving engagement by applying IBM Collaboration Solutions.

Published in: Technology
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Improving engagement through collaboration

  1. 1. Improving Engagement through Collaboration with IBM’s Collaboration Framework
  2. 2. “A feeling of commitment, passion and energy that translates into high levels of persistence with even the most difficult tasks, exceeding expectations and taking the initiative.”
  3. 3. “…to succeed in today’s more knowledge- or service-based economies, it’s not enough to have flexible business models, structures and processes.”
  4. 4. “Engagement matters because people matter – they are your only competitive edge. It is people, not machines that will make the difference and drive the business.”
  5. 5. IBM’s Collaboration Framework puts your staff in the center. It provides methods to drive engagement and collaboration, not just a toolbox of software.
  6. 6. Source: “Smart Collaboration”, Heidi K Gardner, 2017 Collaboration Drives Business Benefits: Increased revenues & profits Better customer loyalty and retention Improved innovation Better transparency and lower risk in operations
  7. 7. Core Capabilities are approaches to encouraging collaboration and engagement.
  8. 8. Secure File Sharing & Production • File synchronisation & sharing on public cloud, private cloud or on-premises. • Tight integration with desktop productivity tools, like Microsoft Office. • Browser- and mobile- document editing and creation tools with simultaneous editing. • Version management, download counting, external sharing. • Single version of the truth file sharing - one copy, multiple locations. • Close integration with email tools like IBM Verse, Microsoft Outlook. • Mac, Windows, iOS and Android support. • Improves transparency, reduces risks, increases productivity.
  9. 9. Document Sharing, Editing and Management in 
 IBM Connections, Connections Cloud
  10. 10. Document Sharing, Editing and Management in 
 IBM Connections, Connections Cloud
  11. 11. File Synchronization & Sharing in 
 IBM Connections, Connections Cloud
  12. 12. Document Sharing, Editing and Management in 
 Box Enterprise File Synchronization & Sharing
  13. 13. File Synchronization & Sharing in 
 Box Enterprise File Sync and Sharing
  14. 14. Improved Communications • Use Blogs to publish news and information to those in a community, or company-wide. • Users can follow a blog to receive updates, or updates can be pushed. • Status updates permit micro-blogging to provide short information bursts. • Commenting permits discussions on any object, including files and wikis. • Conversations can be maintained in synchronously (IBM Watson Workspace) or asynchronously (IBM Connections). • Use video and white boarding in web meetings to work simultaneously. • Improves transparency, reduces risks, increases productivity. • Improves innovation.
  15. 15. Blogging and Company Newsletters
  16. 16. Synchronous & Asynchronous Conversations IBM Watson Workspace cognitive, synchronous conversations Ideal for quick resolutions & discussion. IBM Connections Forums Ideal as a long term reference.
  17. 17. Video and Audio Web Conferencing IBM Connections Cloud Meetings Cisco WebEx
  18. 18. Knowledge Capture and Management • Forums and comments act as great ways to collect knowledge by asking questions. • Question and answer pairs are fully searchable. • Answers can be “accepted” to highlight agreed outcomes. • All content contributed is fully searchable. • Real-time knowledge capture with IBM Watson Workspace. • Personal knowledge capture and management with personal wiki or Box Notes. • Improves transparency, reduces risks, improves productivity.
  19. 19. IBM Connections Forums IBM Watson Workspace Conversations Knowledge Capture and Management
  20. 20. Knowledge Capture and Management
  21. 21. Improved Task Management • Use follow up actions and “waiting for” in IBM Verse to manage the tasks you need to do for others, and what you are waiting for/ • IBM Connections Activities provides an ideal way of tracking shared tasks with rich text, file attachments and more. • Entire projects can be managed using an IBM Connections community. • Create quick to-do lists for sharing with colleagues with Box Notes. • Run projects from a Connections community using Trilog’s ProjExec • Manage tasks in Kanban-style with ISW’s Kudos Boards for IBM Connections Partner Ecosystem
  22. 22. Improved Task Management • Go from communication to action with IBM Verse and IBM Connections. IBM Verse & IBM Connections
  23. 23. Improved Task Management IBM Connections Activities
  24. 24. Improved Task Management ISW’s Kudos Boards for IBM Connections Partner Ecosystem
  25. 25. Improved Task Management Partner Ecosystem Trilog ProjExec for IBM Connections
  26. 26. Improved Task Management Box Notes
  27. 27. Working with People Outside the Organisation • Create communities for key customers and suppliers to share knowledge, documents and progress. • Establish new-hires communities to orient them faster into your organization. • Create alumni communities for people who leave to keep in touch with them. • Share files with password-protected or completely public links. • Involve customers in conversational support with cognitive functions. • Increase transparency, increase loyalty and customer retention.
  28. 28. Working with People Outside the Organisation
  29. 29. Working with People Outside the Organisation
  30. 30. Working with People Outside the Organisation Sharing files externally with Box
  31. 31. Social Learning • Present learning materials in a logical order through community wikis. • Utilise video streaming capabilities of Box to present compelling instruction videos. • Make the most of community surveys to capture learning outcome checks. • Integrate forums or conversations to connect the learner with the presenter for further engagement.
  32. 32. Social Learning
  33. 33. Social Learning
  34. 34. Driving Innovation Partner Ecosystem • Innovation can be an ongoing process, rather than a point-in-time activity. • Ideas can be created and developed through comments and revised. • Users can vote for the ideas they like to indicate the popularity of an idea. • Ideas can “graduate” from the ideation blog into an activity in order to become a project.
  35. 35. Driving Innovation
  36. 36. Driving Innovation
  37. 37. Improving Quality • Documentation can be moved from files to wiki pages to ease re- use, revision and publishing. • Users can subscribe to individual sections to always be up to date with the latest documentation. • Activities can be used to define processes and then saved as templates for quick re-use and standardization. • Automate workflows for document routing with Box Relay.
  38. 38. Improving Quality
  39. 39. Improving Quality
  40. 40. The Core Capabilities form the core of a comprehensive framework for engagement and collaboration…
  41. 41. Public Cloud Private Cloud On Premises Watson Work Services Office Integration IBM Cloud Services Iterative Implementation Individual Productivity Team Working Department Efficiency Enterprise Transformation Line of Business Solution Industry Solutions IBM Connections Engagement Center IBM Connections Box & Box Relay IBM Domino Watson Workspace Actiance Vantage Partner Ecosystem 3rd Party Integration Core Capabilities IBM’s Collaboration Framework
  42. 42. Individual Productivity What files do your colleagues ask you for? Share them via your cloud drive. Use status updates or a Watson Workspace to share progress on your projects and tasks. Contribute what you know in open Q&A forums, or help people publicly so that others gain from your knowledge. Use Activities, Box Notes, public Wiki pages to manage your work - let others see the progress. Better transparency and lower risk in operations
  43. 43. Team Working With everyone in your team sharing their files, you can easily find and stay up to date, without asking. Use Watson Workspace as a team communication and tracking solution. Use a Community wiki to act as your team notebook, or use Box Notes. Use Activities to track and assign actions to move projects and issues forward. Improved Innovation; Increased Revenue & Profits
  44. 44. Department Efficiency Create shared communities with your customers and supply chain. Reduce errors, time to respond. Establish a department community with a news blog. Encourage regular participation and engagement. Use a Community wiki to act as your department handbook, or use Box Notes. Use WebEx to record webinars. Store them in Box and embed them in a training community in Connections. Better Customer and Loyalty ; Increased Revenue & Profits
  45. 45. Enterprise Transformation Create shared communities with your customers and supply chain. Reduce errors, time to respond. Use ideation blogs to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas - wider audience, better ideas. Establish standards in wiki documents, and procedures in Activites. Reduce errors, increase predictability. Use WebEx to record webinars. Store them in Box and embed them in a training community in Connections. Increased Innovation; Increased Revenue & Profits
  46. 46. Some customer examples
  47. 47. Bengt Dahlgren implemented IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse - enabling 430 people across twelve offices and six companies to share ideas, capture best practices and work together more effectively. Six companies connected via a shared collaboration platform. Cut costs by migrating to the cloud. Enabling more effective collaboration Founded in 1952, Bengt Dahlgren provides civil engineering consultancy services through a network of six companies in Sweden. The group specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), fire safety, energy and environmental construction as well as building automation.
  48. 48. Canal Barge Company migrated to IBM Connections Cloud, enabling seamless collaboration for all employees wherever and whenever they work, via wikis, communities, video conferencing and more. Unites a distributed workforce on a central collaboration platform. Enables faster, better-informed decision- making. Helps improve processes and competitiveness. Founded in 1933, Canal Barge Company (CBC) is a family-owned, independent marine transportation company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the most diverse marine transportation companies in the United States, Canal Barge moves valuable cargo to virtually every part of the world for multiple Fortune 500 integrated oil companies, chemical and oil companies, as well as refineries, construction companies, fabricators, public utilities, engineering companies, and the United States Government.
  49. 49. Constance Hotels and Resorts implemented a social business network based on IBM® Connections Cloud™, enabling it to create compelling training and mentoring programs for customer-facing employees. Unite geographically distant employees on a central communication platform Enables more effective knowledge- sharing, training and collaboration Empowers employees to deliver consistent, high-quality services to guests Established in 1975, Constance Hotels and Resorts is a group of luxury five-star hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean. Headquartered in Mauritius, the group also operates in the Seychelles, Maldives and Madagascar, with sales offices in in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and sales representatives across numerous countries.
  50. 50. Line of Business Patterns
  51. 51. Line of Business Patterns A series of repeatable applications of the core capabilities Suitable for different lines of business Deliver the benefits of increased engagement and collaboration Utilizing a variety of components of the Collaboration Framework
  52. 52. Management Board & Finance Documents Management Communities Meeting Notes & Q&A Structure and Program Change Management Non-Executive Director Outreach Management Development New Initiative Planning Improved Organizational Reputation Sales Proposal Library Recent Wins News Opportunity Knowledge Sharing Proposal Process Compliance Customer Portals Sales Techniques Development Opportunity Identification Higher Revenue Per Sale Customer Service Product Documentation Service Outages Q&A & Experience Capture Fault Diagnosis Customer Support Product Training Service Quality Improvements Net Promoter Score Improvement Information Technology System Documentation Team Updates & Department News Fault Finding and Diagnosis Change Implementation Supplier Integration System Training System Improvements Fewer Support Calls Product Development Product Specifications Release & Revision Dates Product Knowledge Exchange Project Management Product Testing Groups Technology Education New Product Brainstorming Less Re- working
  53. 53. Human Resources Policy Documents Employee Recognition Employee Surveys HR Process Management Alumni & Recruitment Continuous Professional Development New Initiative Planning Improved Staff Morale Finance Spreadsheets and Reports Procedure & Regulation Changes Regulation Q&A Audit Compliance Account & Legal Counsel Outreach New Procedure Training Efficiency Drives Cost Cutting Measures More Accurate Information Operations Operations Manuals Service Bulletins Safety Improvement & Exchange Operations Procedure Management Supplier Integration Safety Compliance Training Operational Safety Improvements Fewer Defects or Accidents Marketing Asset Management Campaign & Product News Campaign Strategy Development Campaign Execution Focus Groups Outreach Campaign Testing Strategy Improvements More Effective Campaigns Higher Yield Internal Comms Asset Management Company News Employee Voice Opinion Capture Process Automation Employee Voice Continuous Professional Development Continuous Organizational Development Culture of Quality & Transparency
  54. 54. Industry Patterns
  55. 55. Industry Patterns A series of repeatable applications of the core capabilities Suitable for different industries Deliver the benefits of increased engagement and collaboration Utilizing a variety of components of the Collaboration Framework
  56. 56. Travel & Transportation Standard Document Storage & Creation Notification of Schedule Changes Procedure Revisions Disruption Management Supply Chain Integration Safety Bulletins & Procedures New Routes & Services Product Improvement Banking & Finance Maintenance of Accurate Records Publicize new Products & Services Customer FAQ & Regulatory Advice Product Launch Tracking Regulator & High Net Worth Outreach Product & Service Training Product Development & Improvement Service Improvements Industrial & Manufacturing Standard Document Storage & Creation Service Interruptions & News Safety Improvements New Process Implementation Supply Chain Integration Safety Bulletins & Procedures Safety Improvements Safer Working Environment Healthcare & Pharma Maintenance of Accurate Records Pharma & Practice News Procedure Revisions & Feedback Follow Up and Procedure Compliance Clinical Trials and Pharma Communities New Procedure Training New Drugs / Procedure Development Procedure Success Rate Improvement Aerospace & Defense Standard Document Storage & Creation Contract Awards and News System Experience Capture Change Management Supply Chain Integration New Procedure Training New Technology Innovation Fewer Defects Greater Reliability
  57. 57. Retail & Consumer Standard Document Storage & Creation Product News Customer & Store Feedback Returns Handling Customer Support New Product Training Focus Group Research Fewer Returns Government & Public Sector Standard Document Storage & Creation Management Comms Process Efficiency & Speed Process Efficiency & Speed Citizen Access Elected Officials Outreach Continuous Professional Development Process Improvement and Efficiency More Efficiency Happier Citizens Energy & Utilities Standard Document Storage & Creation Outages & Services News Safety Improvements Change Control Customer Support Procedure Training Safety & Efficiency Improvement Fewer Outages Education Standardize creation & storage of coursework Course & Schedule updates Student FAQs, Educator Q&A Managing Learning Outcomes Student & Alumni Outreach Course Delivery Research Projects & Discovery Reputation Enhancement Chemicals & Petroleum Standard Document Storage & Creation Safety News Safety Improvements Process Implementation Supply Chain Integration Procedure Training Safety & Efficiency Improvements Better Reliability Higher Output
  58. 58. Next Steps
  59. 59. 1. Decide on your business priorities 2. For each priority, what is the timescale? 3. For each priority, who should receive the new solution? 4. Who will sponsor the implementation in each business area? 5. How will you measure success? Getting Started on your journey to Engagement & Collaboration
  60. 60. Which Benefits are your top Priority? Increased Revenue & Profits Improved Innovation Better Loyalty & Retention Improved Transparency Secure File Sharing & Production Working with People Outside the Organisation Driving Innovation Improving Quality Improved Task, Issue and Project Management Knowledge Capture & Management Improved Communications Social Learning
  61. 61. Prioritize (example) Short Term Medium Term Long Term For an organisation in the banking & finance sectors Improve transparency in the sales & marketing departments Increase Loyalty & Retention of Customers & Staff Increase Revenues & Profits
  62. 62. Improve transparency in the sales & marketing departments Secure File Sharing & Production Improved Task, Issue and Project Management Knowledge Capture & Management Increase Loyalty & Retention of Customers and Staff Working with People Outside the Organisation Knowledge Capture & Management Improved Communications Increase Revenues & Profits Improving Quality Improved Task, Issue and Project Management Social Learning Knowledge Capture & Management 1 2 3
  63. 63. 1. Find sponsors in each business area who have the authority and time to act. 2. Demonstrate the business benefits and what the solution looks like. 3. Ask them to be vocal and visible in the project to ensure uptake. 4. Ask for their commitment to make the project a success. Who will Sponsor your Project?
  64. 64. 1. To drive the implementation across your organization, how will you know if you are successful? 2. What measurements will you make before and after each iteration? How will you measure success?
  65. 65. Let’s Get Started
  66. 66. 1. Do you have areas of your business which would benefit from increased engagement and collaboration? 2. What steps do we need to take to help demonstrate the business value? 3. Who else should we meet to discuss the requirements and approach? 4. What would the architecture look like? Public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, hybrid? 5. What timescale would you envisage the implementation taking? Implementation Checklist
  67. 67. What Questions do you have?