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Annas Slide Show


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Annas Slide Show

  1. 1. A Little Bit About Anna My BioSlide CornerStone: IDS Urban Legends
  2. 2. My Family and I I was born in St. Louis and grew up in University City with my 4 other siblings. I have two older brothers and two older sisters, all who were recently married in the last 4 years. Yes, I am the baby! I am now happily the Aunt of three nieces and nephews. My siblings live all over the US and I enjoy visiting them every so often; Manhattan Beach, CA, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, and Branson, MO. And yes I still reside at home with my loving parents!
  3. 3. My Love for Animals As of right now, I am the proud parent of two cats, Lily and Beau! I grew up with many pets around the house, when I was little. I love animals and I hope to go into Biology to research and study animals for the hope of the future!
  4. 4. My Interests I really enjoy outdoor activities especially in the warmer climate. Someday I would love to pursue my career for animals in California and live on the beach. I love to swim and bike, occasionally participate in sporting activities. I also love reading and writing in my spare time. I really love experimenting with new things, such as traveling. I would love to travel all over the world and experience different customs and cultures! I also love spending time at my grandmothers lake house in Northport, Michigan every summer! It’s a great experience I can’t miss out on. I love playing golf and tennis there, as well as sailing and swimming in the biter cold waters! Also in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, while visiting them at school or taking short trips to nearby lakes. That about wraps things up for now!
  5. 5. The End Hope you all Enjoyed!