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Culture and the City (talk to 'My City's Still Breathing' November 7 2010, Winnipeg


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Presented to Winnipeg's "My City's Still Breathing" conference on November 7 2010
NOTE I've used Slideshare's Webinar facility to synchronise the slides with the audio, but unfortunately, when you view the presentation, you just see the slides divided equally in time.

Watch this space, and any suggestions about how to fix this are of course welcome

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Culture and the City (talk to 'My City's Still Breathing' November 7 2010, Winnipeg

  1. 1. Alan Freeman GLA Economics
  2. 2.     This was presented to the Cultural Capital conference entitled ‘My City’s still breathing’ in Winnipeg on November 7 2010 Thanks to Mary Reid, Pat Bovey, Dominic Lloyd, KerriLynne Reeves, and all the great folks in the Winnipeg Art scene who set up the conference and got me there. A more up to date version was presented in Chicago, June 2011; though that would never have happened were it not for the Winnipeg conference and its organisrs, this presentation is provided for the record because the later one is more developed. Winnipeggers may notice some extra detail that might escape your average Chicagoan…
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  5. 5. 206,000 172,000
  6. 6. Most of the authors are not British Most of the readers are not British So what’s going on?
  7. 7. Australia English language South Asia writers Africa Canada UK UK US US Canada Africa English Language readers South Asia Australia
  8. 8. It connects the parts of the region to each other It connects the region to other regions
  9. 9. Copyright James O. Jenkins M:07876341910 email
  10. 10. The populations of the region mingle in each city Business, government, and ideas come from other cities to exchange
  11. 11. The successful modern city provides the facilities for interchange. It cannot do this as an empty shell; it has to be culturally alive Because culture is the vehicle of exchange.
  12. 12. UK spending on music (Performing Rights Society)
  13. 13. UK Household spending 260 £bn at current prices 240 Creative products Food products 220 200 180 160 140 120 19 92 19 93 19 94 19 95 19 96 19 97 19 98 19 99 20 00 20 01 20 02 20 03 20 04 100 Source: Family expenditure survey