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Social Media Portfolio

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Social Media Portfolio

  1. 1. Social Media PortfolioVanessa Bedard
  2. 2. Facebook Tab✤ Built custom Free Download tab (FanBridge) to promote Jason Reeves’ EP release and set as default landing tab to increase visibility & inspire Likes ✤ Required to Like page & submit email to receive free download (1,065 downloads/emails) ✤ Fans were able to preview all new tracks (5,417 plays) Jason gained 91 new fans the day off the Free Download tab launch!
  3. 3. FacebookEngagement✤ Monitor Facebook posts to recommend content to inspire engagement among fans✤ Encourage artists to post personal replies to notable wall posts
  4. 4. Foursquare✤ Established official Foursquare pages for Jason Reeves, Joe Brooks & Gabrielle Bernstein enabling fans to follow them to discover fun Tips✤ Curated location-based Tips (favorite places, tour dates, fun facts, etc.). Each includes a photo and/or an outbound link to drive traffic to a relevant social asset (YouTube video, Facebook event, etc.)✤ Curated Tips into categorized Lists increasing visibility and making content easier to discover and follow
  5. 5. Instagram✤ Introduced & set up Instagram accounts for Jason Reeves (1,971 followers), Joe Brooks (3,844 followers), Daniel Bedingfield (471 followers) & Gabrielle Bernstein (758 followers)✤ Implemented Instagram contest to encourage photo sharing during Jason’s summer tour with the tag #TheLovesickTour ✤ This resulted in a follower growth of over 40%! On Joe’s birthday this photo made Instagram’s Popular page and this tweet became a Top Tweet!
  6. 6. Twitter Parties✤ Organized live Twitter chats for the release of Jason’s #TheLovesick album (8/16/11) & #CagedBirdsSetFree EP (11/15/11)✤ Planned & organized the #OceanViews Twitter party to celebrate the release of two short films shot on board Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship✤ Went to Miami to live-tweet from the red carpet premiere & host the #OceanViews Twitter party on behalf of @RoyalCaribbean along with celebrity cast members As a result of the Twitter party, @RoyalCaribbean gained 200 new followers & the films had over 14K combined views on YouTube that day.
  7. 7. VideoPromotion✤ To promote Jason’s new video ‘No Lies’ with Colbie Caillat, behind-the-scenes photos were revealed each day leading up to the release AOL Music & Colbie Caillat’s Facebook pages were tagged to help✤ ‘No Lies’ video has over 100K views on YouTube expand the reach!✤ Organized videos into categorized YouTube Playlists to make content easy to discover
  8. 8. AlbumPromotion✤ Handwritten Lyric Leak photos were shared to promote Jason’s Caged Birds Set Free EP ✤ This exclusive photos inspired fans to share the content & spread the word virally✤ A RT to Win contest on Twitter was executed to spread awareness about Jason’s EP release
  9. 9. Street TeamManagement✤ Personally manage online street teams (@JoeBrooksTeam, @JReevesTeam) to connect & engage with fans✤ Run Twitter promotions to grow street team & inspire participation✤ Administer Jason’s FanRising Street Team platform to manage projects & reward distributions✤ Coordinate Fan of the Month (based on street team participation) to be acknowledged with a personalized note
  10. 10. Other SocialPromotions✤ Used to promote the launch of Jason’s latest EP, Caged Birds Set Free ✤ Created a "toast" that was used to drive traffic to his EP on iTunes✤ Created ShareSquare QR code for Jason’s live shows ✤ Encouraged fans to connect, share and receive a 20% discount off of merchandise